Samsung announces Omnia W, we go hands-on

26 September, 2011
Samsung has just announced its first WP7 Mango-based smartphone - the Omnia W and we have some live pics.

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  • GreekGeek

I was expecting something like Sgs2 for WP7. Super Amoled is kinda old , it should be the PLUS version. Other than that CPU is enough but 512mb Ram is low. Also camera should be 8mp.
I think we will see better devices from Nokia.

  • AnonD-5197

AnonD-17348, 27 Sep 2011The TouchWiz from then is a world apart from the TouchWiz of now... moreTouchWiz 3.0 icons were very similar to the iOS icons. Other than that they work completely different. As of TouchWiz 4.0, they look and work completely different. Yes, then we do have the drop down notification bar which iOS shamelessly copied Android.

TouchWiz skin over Gingerbread and Bada looks almost exactly alike, but they work differently.

How about you go deeper instead of judging by how it looks?

  • AnonD-1420

Looking good. C'mon Nokia, show us what's up your sleeve!

  • John

What a surprise another Samsung.

  • AnonD-17348

AnonD-5898, 27 Sep 2011Err....what do u mean by Bada is an Android-rip off, does it use... moreThe TouchWiz from then is a world apart from the TouchWiz of now, which is a blatant rip-off of iOS. Then we have the drop-down notification bar. Go deeper, however, and you have a very Android-esque menu, such as contacts, settings, etc.­tacts.jpg/­ntacts.jpg/­tcontact.jpg/­itcontact.jpg/

Didn't go looking for more images, but I'm sure you can see how much they've "borrowed" from Android.

  • Anonymous

Looks like xperia ray

  • noname

Finally Samsung phone got own design(even do it's still look like iPhone-ish). Keep up this great work on SGSIII.

  • Carmel

I like a phone with windows OP but this one has a too small screen for my comfort.

  • Anonymous

a little known fact, u can actually charge it by plugging in a the mini usb cable...

  • Sie

As this is the Omnia W, can we safely assume that Samsung have an Omnia S, R, M and Y in the works?

  • AnonD-5197

[deleted post]Somebody needs a basic economics lesson on supply and demand...

  • AnonD-5898

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2011the sudden surge of new windows phone by htc and samsung is obvi... moreAnticipation of WHAT? HTC and Samsung have been making Windows Mobile Phones since...2005, '06, '07....So they are only continueing to make the Windows Phones quite naturally...and not bcos Nokia is about to make their first....

  • AnonD-5898

AnonD-17348, 26 Sep 2011Leave aside the Galaxy range of phones and tablets for a moment.... moreErr....what do u mean by Bada is an Android-rip off, does it use Android apps or something...if u're referring to the looks...ah....for Godsake it looks like that bcos it's made by Samsung...That "look" is not an "Android look" but a "Samsung look" called Touchwiz and Samsung has been using it all their touchscreen fones since...F480 in 2007 or so...And if it weren't for MS's restrictions....this Omnia thingy u see here would also "look" like that...U know why??...ITS MADE BY SAMSUNG.....So based on these facts what u're infact saying is that "Bada OS is a Samsung Rip-off"...:-| stupid....

  • Anonymous

It looks very similar to the Galaxy S II...

  • AnonD-23699

plz i need to known much about diz omnia phone and am uzing diz time to beg for help on how i we got this phone plz.

  • Anonymous

wp7 is a let down, i had the older - omnia 7 and it was pretty much this same phone.
I now am on a LG 2x running MIUI rom and its great

  • AnonD-7408

I see some similarity to Wave 3

  • Ashura

This looks NOTHING lik the Iphone

  • Anonymous

Oh no. It's black. Get ready for an Apple lawsuit.

  • sneh

those who critisize samsung on design front tell me can samsung make a square or round shape phone to look different from crappy iphone, even before iphone was born there was similard design's of phone's from samsung and every other manufacters !!!!!!!!!!