Pichai responds to EU fine, hints Google might start charging for Android

19 July 2018
Google's CEO thinks the EU is messing with the fine balance of the ecosystem.

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When will this happen?

I'm so waiting since ages for a private, less battery consuming Android...

Carol, 20 Jul 2018Open source does not mean free, and free does not mean open... moreRead
and learn.

Indianicon, 21 Jul 2018Lenovo Shipps UC Browser and that is the default. Where is ... moreNah, EU judges just don't get their pocket filled enough. The clear monopoly is in the other platform, this one is full of freedom.

  • Anonymous

Indianicon, 21 Jul 2018Lenovo Shipps UC Browser and that is the default. Where is ... moreYeah right

  • Indianicon

Lenovo Shipps UC Browser and that is the default. Where is the monopoly?

  • afshin3k3

what about apple?

  • Anonymous

Like Google would charge anything significant for Android; manufacturers only use it because it's free. Samsung would be more than happy to step in with a free variant that defaults to their own app store and services. Or Xiaomi. Amazon would be ecstatic to increase the penetration of Fire OS with willing ODMs pumping out devices with their own capital.

  • Anonymous

EU mad bad politicians disgrace ..

  • Carol

Diggy, 20 Jul 2018Google must stop providing anything free in EU. If they con... moreEh, shut up. Google has to stop their practices and i hope Eu fines them till they take out every single privacy hole in their systems. Also, the big one that sends your data towards their servers no matter what you choose,

  • Carol

Farhan aka Wolverine, 19 Jul 2018This is a tricky situation. First of all Android is open-so... moreOpen source does not mean free, and free does not mean open source. Open source is totally different from free, it means: THE CODE IS OPENED TO BE SEEN and worked on by other companies. Their are opened source software that cost a lot of money, and a lot of closed source software that costs "nothing" (of course, by nothing i do not mean quite nothing, your data is more money then your money). People, learn what opened source means before commenting, and yes, Groogle can charge for it's android whenever it wants. But of course that would mean they will not have access to the huge amount of data they have now cause they will probably loose some OEM's and well, greed does not go along with loosing customers.

  • Diggy

Google must stop providing anything free in EU. If they continue, they will face more Sharia Laws

  • Gaurav

Well I am not in support of EU decision, Google is not forcing us to use any of there app.
We have all the right to modify.
This all is not making any sense, instead this will force google to charge from Samsung, Nokia, Mi and other companies leads to increase in phone price.
Its better if they have any issue, they make some rules instead asking Google to pay.

You need everything for free but you can't generate revenue from your product. Thats so unethical EU. Android doesn't force you use google search. You can use other search engine too.
If EU can fine Google for its Chrome browser then why can't they fine Apple for using Safari as its default browser. Apple should stop preloading Safari browser in iOS too. Basically EU wants google to leave Europe so that Apple can do business easily. Its a conspiracy theory.

  • Hero tech_335

This is really bad news for mobile phone industry, I hope there are mobile phone manufacturers who have good spec and cheap price like Android, EU do that in addition to promotional errors and ads by Google also because the majority of advanced European countries more love Apple products rather than Android.

What about developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America that buy many entry level products instead of expensive smartphones with prices above 100 euros?

Imagine the world's mobile phone market only in Asia, Africa & Latin America, which is more the purchase rate than the developed countries.

Hoping there is a mobile phone product other than Android that can meet the price according to the pockets, like maybe Ubuntu.

  • Anonymous

competition is increasing thats exactly what EU is trying to protect because in the end it will benifts the customers.

  • Tom

Well, if that shows something, is that Android being free was a lie from the start.

EU is being ignorant here, while i do agree preloading google apps and service is not a really good thing, it's is still not as easy as "you can't do that", most people use google search and chrome anyway, and as google said, they never force you to use them in the first place,
If google can't earn money from ther preload services, they bound to be forced earning it with other way(android while open source, still need money to be develop as now), worse case we might see ad on our lockscreen if this continue

AnonD-594740, 19 Jul 20181) 38% marketshare (same as Samsung) 2) They dont license ... moreSo that's why they are superior...

  • Omid46

Pragmatic, 20 Jul 2018The problem was never about Google to customers. You'll hav... moreDearest friends.I just think positively to follow moral guidelines.Thanks for your opinion.

  • Pragmatic

Omid46, 19 Jul 2018Dearest knowledgeable friends.Nowadays more than 5 billion ... moreThe problem was never about Google to customers. You'll have all the tasty convenience and bliss whatever happens.

The problem is with Google's way with OEMs.