Steve Jobs passes away at the age of 56

05 October, 2011
The genius behind Apple's success passed away after a long struggle with cancer.

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  • Erwandy

Thank You Steve. You will be always remembered.

  • AnonD-24744

a retweet, if i may...
3 apples influenced the world:
first, the apple that seduced eve
second, the apple that fell on Newton,and
third, the half-bitten apple given by Steve Jobs to the world. RIP Steve. Respect.

  • herland

His life was very productive, and as sudamerican i can say that Steve was a good example as human being and his technology allowed us to touch some of the first wold advantages and this permitted to reduce differences in many ways among people from anywhere... RIP

  • Nana

RIP Steve, You did a great job on earth. may the Good Lord grant u eternal rest and give your family the strength to go through this challenging period. RIP

  • Anonymous


Only the good die young, Bill Gates seem to live forever.

  • Anonymous

x3-02 fanatic, 06 Oct 2011well said mate, as i would like to barrow a qoute from you "... moreApp was a word prior.

  • kul

miss you steve god give you great plkace to heaven

  • Nana

RIP Steve, You did a great job on earth. may the Good Lord grant u eternal rest and give your family the strength to go through this challenging period. RIP

  • AnonD-24646

This is really sad
He was a great man who really changed the equation and behind Nokia death
I give him this credit otherwise you would see most people still on Nokia

  • Dipayan Bhattacharya

The pioneer of true architecture is sleeping in peace. May God bless his soul and may Steve leaves in our heart for ever.
Warm regards,

  • AnonD-6327

Steve Jobs had no formal schooling in engineering, yet he's listed as the inventor or co-inventor on more than 300 U.S. patents. These are some of the significant products that were created under his direction:

1. Apple I (1976) - Apple's first product was a computer for hobbyists and engineers, made in small numbers. Steve Wozniak designed it, while Jobs orchestrated the funding and handled the marketing.

2. Apple II (1977) - One of the first successful personal computers, the Apple II was designed as a mass-market product rather than something for engineers or enthusiasts. It was still largely Wozniak's design. Several upgrades for the model followed, and the product line continued until 1993.

3. Lisa (1983) - Jobs' visit to Xerox Corp.'s research center in Palo Alto inspired him to start work on the first commercial computer with a graphical user interface, with icons, windows and a cursor controlled by a mouse. It was the foundation for today's computer interfaces, but the Lisa was too expensive to be a commercial success.

4. Macintosh (1984) - Like the Lisa, the Macintosh had a graphical user interface. It was also cheaper and faster and had the backing of a large advertising campaign behind it. People soon realized how useful the graphical interface was for design. That led "desktop publishing," accomplished with a Mac coupled to a laser printer, to soon become a sales driver.

5. NeXT computer (1989) - After being forced out of Apple, Jobs started a company that built a powerful workstation computer. The company was never able to sell large numbers, but the computer was influential: The world's first Web browser was created on one. Its software also lives on as the basis for today's Macintosh and iPhone operating system.

6. iMac (1998) - When Jobs returned to Apple in 1996, the company was foundering, with an ever shrinking share of the PC market. The radical iMac was the first step in reversing the slide. It was strikingly designed as a bubble of blue plastic that enclosed both the monitor and the computer. Easy to set up, it captured the imagination just as people across the world were having their eyes opened to the benefits of the Internet and considering getting their first home computer.

7. iPod (2001) - It wasn't the first digital music player with a hard drive, but it was the first successful one. Apple's expansion into portable electronics has had vast ramifications. The iPod's success prepared the way for the iTunes music store and the iPhone.

8. iTunes store (2003) - Before the iTunes store, buying digital music was a hassle, making piracy the more popular option. The store simplified the process and brought together tracks from all the major labels. The store became the largest music retailer in the U.S. in 2008.

9. iPhone (2007) - The iPhone did for the phone experience what the Macintosh did for personal computing - it made the power of a smartphone easy to harness. Apple is now the world's most profitable maker of phones, and the influence of the iPhone is evident in all smartphones.

10. iPad (2010) - Dozens of companies, including Apple, had created tablet computers before the iPad, but none caught on. The iPad finally cracked the code, creating a whole new category of computer practically by itself.

  • punisher
he knew

  • Anonymous

you are not forgotten the wise one...your works are here with us.RIP Steve


R.I.P Steve... is all i can say... the world will definately miss you... Heartiest sympathies to the apple world...

  • GYA

rest in peace

  • hazelnuts23

iPhone4S = iPhone for Steve

  • achal

biggest Sorrow of the year!!!
he was unmatched n impeccable n incredible!
personally, i'm shattered :(

  • bongbong

Rest in peace.

Apple will never be the same withouth him.

  • x3-02 fanatic

AnonD-20221, 06 Oct 2011Well some people just dont give up... Many are disappointed abou... moregood job mate! its not the place to bash. I'am so glad that i see people here commending for steves works, i know people always bash apple so em' i , i know their names, but you know what? all those people are united for now to commend his JOBS

  • Kur

It's hard to believe...but this is the real life... you were back to the al-mighty..who create you and this universe...who don't want@accept anythings from what you've done for today's world unless your worship and done in accordance with the will of God..!