Sony's Q2 2018 results are in - smartphone sales drop to 2 million

31 July 2018
Sony sees more than a 41% decline in total sales in Q2 2018 compared to last year's Q2.

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Yeah, expected.
Jacking the jack was the greatest mistake, along with design changes (fp displacement) no fanbase ever asked for...
They lost the fanbase interest right there ( me included). Sales cut almost half, just as I predicted.
And XZ2 Premium wont help due to extreme price...
Return the damn jack, and side fp scanner, you fools.

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    • tene
    • TpV
    • 31 Jul 2018

    That's their design changes bringing fruits, no? The last Sony smartphone model that I like is already from last year... Bu then again - their previous design was in today world quite unique. Now it's just another tree in a forest - can you really tell a difference between all these lookalike phones from few meters?

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      • Anonymous
      • gWk
      • 31 Jul 2018

      Sony's financial report is starting to look like HTC's.

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        • Shui8
        • KZ8
        • 31 Jul 2018

        Phones are great, sadly the price is not....and that XZ2 design really take a hit. Some loves it, most dont...

          Sony Xperia FOREVER, 31 Jul 2018unfortunately! sony has a bad marketing strategyYes, they announce the price for their phones.
          Outdated design, very expensive price, no proper OS updates.
          The only thing that is good in Sony is that they actually provide mini versions of their devices with actually small footprint. But after seeing the price all good intentions are going out of the window.

            unfortunately! sony has a bad marketing strategy

              They should just sell one with each PS4...

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                • Anonymous
                • PA7
                • 31 Jul 2018

                Great engineering but bad marketing, i am pleased by sony flagship more than samsung but samsung better marketing

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                  • Dave
                  • pHT
                  • 31 Jul 2018

                  Understable when you can buy a variety of phones with good quality and plenty of features and/or good spefications like the the Zenfone 5z, Mi 8 Explorer, OP6, etc, for half of the price or less of a XZ2 Premium. The difference in price between $355-$455 depending of the model vs $999 of the XZ2 Premium can't be justified in any way. So join the HTC club and good luck with only a minority of fans as customers. Another sink of money with poor management and forecast.

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                    • Danny
                    • 64G
                    • 31 Jul 2018

                    what a tech tragedy.
                    a great firm with great products.
                    just fails time after time to understand its customers and the market it plays in.

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                      • nickname
                      • YTF
                      • 31 Jul 2018

                      hey need to work on having an innovative and trendy design + better cameras, even though they are pioneers of sorts + better loudspeaker + COMPETITIVE PRICING for their offerings

                      they already have a great brand name, but thats not all nowadays..