Sony's Q2 2018 results are in - smartphone sales drop to 2 million

31 July 2018
Sony sees more than a 41% decline in total sales in Q2 2018 compared to last year's Q2.

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It's easy why. (And I have used sony phones. They are great) REMOVAL of the 3.5mm jack, MASSIVE weight gain, way too low located FPS, and curvy back that yields a WAY too thick in the center phone. Keep the XZ1's back with 18:9 ratio, bring back 3.5mm jack and you'll save yourself from bankrupcy like you did 6 years ago.

    What do you expect? The XZ2 is priced at $1065 here in India. I wouldn't be surprised if the XZ2 premium sells for $1500. At that price, XZ2 is commanding a premium of almost $150 over the S9+.

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      • 31 Jul 2018

      Ray, 31 Jul 2018Less... Samsung claimed for eons working on the under disp... moreThe examples you've given, none of the technology behind those examples belong to the companies implementing them, they just license them. Samsung's trying to do too much by itself.

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        • 31 Jul 2018

        Nobody want to buy an xpensive thick fat lcd phone with poor aftersale-support.

          [deleted post]Stop this nonsense trashtalk and let's respect Sony for being unique. Okay?

          This phone isn't for you. It's for real smartphone users who want to explore more on features rather than whining on that eye soring price.

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            • 31 Jul 2018

            Anonymous, 31 Jul 2018Samsung CEO said a couple of years ago that they were more ... moreLess... Samsung claimed for eons working on the under display fingerprint sensor that others did reliable before, idem with 3D face scanning, and now Huawei seems that will release the again a foldable phone sooner than them... so now, they aren't anymore at the front of the latest technology. Or they wake up soon, or they will continue to be overcome more and more over time.

            Sony with its current strategy ... better to be dedicated to selling camera sensors and other products. Yes, if anything, sell some limited series of mobile phones for the few fans with enough money for their unjustifiable prices. They, for more RIP, have been three steps lower than the rest in many areas for a while.

              And i'm here waiting for the XZ2 Premium review to came up soon here :P

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                • 31 Jul 2018

                Sony mobile can beat many mobile company
                If they changed strategy
                1:- less price
                2:-adapt new design according to market
                3:- no use new processor and no new invention for mid range phone.
                4:- mobile come in 3-4 months after launched
                5:- terrible customers services
                6:- increase storage and battery.

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                  • 31 Jul 2018


                    [deleted post]If only those fanboys translate into SALES, Sony would beat Samsung today.

                    Digital fans without real money, they're bunch of useless voices.

                    HTC never had that many fans of Sony, it's understandable that they're in trouble.
                    But Sony? Their fans always praising like they really gonna buy...not.
                    Poor Sony.

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                      • 31 Jul 2018

                      I believe Sony has suffered from the typical mismanagement with an army of swindler managers who doesn't care about company future, but only care about immediate bonuses from superprofit.

                        Rip Sony :v

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                          • 31 Jul 2018

                          Dear Sony, please keep XZ1 design language, keep 3,5 mm jack, keep Your software update politics, but release only 1 flagship every year. Since XZ2 I'm really bored with Your products. Soo sad, I had XZ1 and it is really nice phone, without stupidities like "notch", no jack, rounded display and other...

                            Here comes the professional analysts in the comment section
                            I remember they were also the people who forced Sony to do this strategy
                            Well, I really doubt anything will change even if Sony decides to do what these grASSH*L*S asked
                            Nonetheless, Xperia phones are great in their own way
                            Don't really care what others say, as long as the phone works and has no notch :-)

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                              • 31 Jul 2018

                              Anonymous, 31 Jul 2018Great engineering but bad marketing, i am pleased by sony ... moreSamsung CEO said a couple of years ago that they were more concerned with staying up with technology than maximum sales.

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                                • 31 Jul 2018

                                Main reasons are the phones themselves. Both XZ2 Compact and XZ2 were complete flop in nearly everything - cheap design, poor camera, lack of wireless charging in Compact, lack of proper IP67 or IP68, lack of 3.5 mm jack, price etc etc.

                                Looking on XZ3 rumors it's going to be same flop. Looks like company is intentionally withdrawing from the phone market.

                                Also total lack of presence on midrange market to compete with Redmi devices and their alternatives. And on high-midrange to compete with P20 lite, Galaxy A6-A8, Honor 10, Nokia 6-8 etc etc.

                                  Sony mobiles are affected by poor quality and design that makes everything look ugly and adding insult to injury the exaggerated pricing wonder they are losing market share...the end is coming

                                    Poor grainy camera even in daylight... corner softness... poor loudspeaker, ... big bezels... all these flaws in flagships... leave alone mid rangers... this comapny never gonna learn its smartphone lesson !!! Fools sitting at top... look at the koreans

                                      Yeah, expected.
                                      Jacking the jack was the greatest mistake, along with design changes (fp displacement) no fanbase ever asked for...
                                      They lost the fanbase interest right there ( me included). Sales cut almost half, just as I predicted.
                                      And XZ2 Premium wont help due to extreme price...
                                      Return the damn jack, and side fp scanner, you "geniouses".

                                        "If only you bundled those expensive phones with PS4 Pros or "TVs, I'll buy it now no matter what the price is asked."

                                        That's my statement for a long time and now...
                                        I lost interest on Sony these days due to their stubborn personality. Seems like HTC and Sony are gonna go down and down until they will realize what was wrong with their "marketing strategy".