Nokia Q3 results are out: phone sales declining, operating loss

20 October, 2011
The Phones & Services division posted a profit, but the other divisions squandered it, resulting in €73M loss.

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  • Sjliriano
  • PaG
  • 20 Oct 2011

Their phones are Great!!! the problem is that they dont have a competitive OS, Symbian isnt that bad but lets be honest... not even close 2 Android.

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    • Tizen Takeover
    • jxx
    • 20 Oct 2011

    Sad to hear but we'll see what happens.

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      • Anonymous
      • svW
      • 20 Oct 2011

      I like nokia phones but as a twitter user i want a decent app to use, ovi store is outdated in comparison to apples app store and androids market. with no new features the phones have become boring and outdated.

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        • AnonD-4697
        • Pr@
        • 20 Oct 2011

        yce, 20 Oct 2011now this one is doomed...not sony-e...Also Sony has enormous losses and they are in problems too....

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          • AnonD-4697
          • Pr@
          • 20 Oct 2011

          Symbian is Killing Nokia :(

          Hope WP7 can do something about it since people don't longer want Symbian OS Phones

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            • yce
            • 0Cb
            • 20 Oct 2011

            now this one is doomed...not sony-e...

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              • calz
              • fsV
              • 20 Oct 2011

              i so expected this, jst hope they can up their game next quarter, but hey its not my business, make a good phone and i'll buy, simple.

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                • RUTA_ALIN
                • mAR
                • 20 Oct 2011

                hope that it remains in top 3 because its my first love and will remain now a have a SG2 and a X7

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                  • IamSimon
                  • mJr
                  • 20 Oct 2011

                  It was bound to happen. They need a good OS to keep up, and they are so far behind now it may never happen. Could be goodbye Nokia?