Winners and losers: IFA 2018

09 September 2018
You can't win if you don't show up - and this year there were several conspicuous absences. 

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  • Anonymous

hopefully nokia the last telco company RIP, hard to see siemens and ericson leave early, leaving xiomi etc gain sales just by copy paste and not doing much innovation like motorola.

TheGoldenMellifluous, 09 Sep 2018XA2 Plus fullfilled your request (tho it's not flagship , i... moreThank you but it's a midrange with a lower end hardware.

Wonder what Sony does among the winners same for LG and HTC.
LG is a lot expensive offfering outdated chipsets.
HTC is expensive as a lady on the streets but for its price offers nothing special.
Sony is a very heavy brick. It can have excellent sound display camera etc but tiny battery in a 240 gram phone makes this joke.

  • Kangal

BeObjective, 11 Sep 2018Never said OLED means oversaturated. Just that people corre... moreWell, yes, Oversaturated or "punchy colours" do look better and that's what consumers correlate with. Its why manufacturers still push for it. And remember, I said Samsung's OLEDs are the most accurate out there, and they give you the option of having the most accurate display or a better looking/punchy display. Also they don't come with drawbacks like we've seen on other Chinese/Korean/Japanese OLED displays (eg LG V30).

I myself prefer the way Samsung's OLEDs look, but I do change the display profile on the fly when I'm actually taking a photo. This helps with my camera technique to produce sharper images.

There is still room for displays to improve, we haven't peaked, though Samsung's the closest.
Firstly, the SAMOLED displays are not bright enough to properly support HDR10/Dolby Vision. These are clearly not fads or gimmicks. People want darker blacks, Brighter whites, and more accuracy in between.... and you get that by watching a content that is displayed as close as possible to how it was captured (think Pro Videographers and Movies).
Secondly, is 120Hz. This is also not a gimmick. While 50/60Hz is great for static images, light gaming, and videos... there are tangible benefits to a higher rate. It makes heavy gaming feel more responsive, wether that's something like RealRacing3 or a CyberPunk 2077 streamed to your handset. But more importantly it increases smoothness system wide. Just pull down the notification shade up/down, and you will notice a lag between your finger and the panel. Now this used to be much worse on older Android handsets, and its where Apple has always succeeded. Current good Android handsets, they can now match the likes of the iPhone X. So imagine it getting even better. It would be like the difference in smoothness between the Nexus 4 and the iPhone 5, except on current handsets.
And thirdly is the technology. As I've said, Samsung's OLED are superior in battery life, accuracy, brightness... all because they use a superior technology to SuperLCD-IPS-RGBW. Yet it is not perfect. The "O" in OLED stands for Organic, and these natural diodes actually degrade over time losing their brightness, accuracy, and eventually die. Not to mention burn-in (like the old Plasma TVs). The next step would be to use a Synthetic alternative that would have better properties (accuracy, brightness, battery life) and would not be susceptible to natural degradation.

If you hit all three of those improvements, then we would be closer to peak-ing. As the tangible benefits get smaller and smaller as we push the boulder of technology. However, 3D in displays is dead. It was not properly implemented from the start and consumers saw through the gimmick. Even Nintendo does, they're killing off the 3DS and doubling on the 2D Switch. I would say, rather than trying to shoehorn a broken technology it would be better to focus on haptic technology. If we can integrate the vibration motor inside the screen, that way when you tap something it might feel like you actually touched on glass/metal/wood/cardboard/pillow. That would be more immersive than a clunky 3D system. However, if you really want 3D then forgo displays all together and focus on holograms. If we can get those at parity to accuracy, brightness, and battery life to current displays then they would surely be the winner. However they need 3 Dimensions with touch interactivity. And the first person to miniaturise it, would be able to have two bracelets and interact with it in their palms. That's what would kill the current superphones, a superwatch.

I hope this was an informative and interesting read, and not too long/daunting for you.

Kangal, 11 Sep 2018OLED doesn't mean Oversaturated. In fact, the recent SAMOL... moreNever said OLED means oversaturated. Just that people correlate oversaturated colors and higher quality. And more often than not, manufacturers calibrate OLED screens to boost saturation. People just need to stop acting like OLED is "the only" option for flagship device. Good screen is good screen, no matter is it OLED or IPS. People just somehow got opsessed with that, and I think it is more placebo effect as it is with special snowflakes which claim they can see individual pixels on high resolution screens. All flagships have excellent screens, yes sometimes there are some unfortunate accidents like with Pixel 2 XL screen but it is rare thing. And I really feel like we peaked on display technology for smartphones, maybe soon we can see some technology for 3D screens (something like screen on nintendo 3DS) so we can percieve depth. It would be cool for interface and watching perhaps movies in 3D, but otherwise even that would be gimmick. There is no need to hate any brand like I often see on tech sites, lets just all together enjoy in tech evolution and pick devices which are suiting our needs.

  • Kangal

Sorry, I also wanted to add that the best phones (in-terms of squeezing large batteries into small bodies) are these:

7,000mAh / 156 x 78 x 7.4 mm = 77.74 Score: Gionee m2017

6,000mAh / 152 x 76 x 8.6 mm = 60.39 Score: Gionee Marathon M5

5,000mAh / 147 x 71 x 8.5 mm = 56.36 Score: ZTE Blade A6

4,100mAh / 139 x 69 x 8.5 mm = 50.29 Score: Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro

3,300mAh / 131 x 69 x 9.0 mm = 40.56 Score: Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX

3,000mAh / 130 x 65 x 8.9 mm = 39.89 Score: BLU Life Pure Mini

As a reference, for the Density Score the higher the better. And anything above 51 is Perfect and anything below 39 is Poor. That means a Score of 50 is Excellent, a Score of 45 is Good, and a Score of 39 is Average. comparison to these current phones/very poor performers:
4,000mAh / 162 x 77 x 8.8 mm = Density Score 36.44: Samsung Galaxy Note9
3,520mAh / 158 x 77 x 7.9 mm = Density Score 36.62: Google Pixel 2 XL
4,000mAh / 156 x 75 x 8.8 mm = Density Score 38.85: Xiaomi Pocophone F1
2,716mAh / 144 x 71 x 7.7 mm = Density Score 34.49: Apple iPhone X

In 2019 I would rather hope the industry go towards this:
5.7inch - 4,000mAh / 150 x 75 x 7.9 mm = 45.00 Density Score
5.2inch - 3,500mAh / 135 x 70 x 7.9 mm = 46.88 Density Score
4.7inch - 3,000mAh / 125 x 60 x 7.9 mm = 50.63 Density Score
....but I have a better chance of winning the lottery!

  • Kangal

BeObjective, 09 Sep 2018I dont judge displays by resolution or technology and my ar... moreOLED doesn't mean Oversaturated.
In fact, the recent SAMOLED panels (S7->iPhone X) are actually the most accurate displays, and not most accurate in terms of OLED, no they're more accurate than LCD displays. Obviously, oversaturation makes the image less realistic but it actually makes the object look better. I don't mean this in the subjective way, its an optical illusion of sorts, and yes they look better and more appealing to human brains.

Now, I agree with your 1080p sentiment. In fact, I would take it a step further and say 1920 x 1080... instead of something like 2160 x 1080 or, 2560 x 1080. There's no use for Super-Wide displays in a mobile form-factor.

However, you should remember that Samsung uses a new Diamond-Pentile technique with their displays. Its less straightforward, and more complicated than a RGB setup. It allows Samsung to "share" subpixels, where they can generate TWO pixels out of the ingredients to make ONE pixel. The trade-off is that BOTH pixels will be of sub-par quality, and that you would have slightly increased battery life. But the benefit is that potentially a higher resolution, which is what Samsung has gone for. But another benefit is that it could also mean lower battery life.

When you use these newer panels, they're advertised as 1440p resolution. However they have subpixels that are slightly above 1080p resolution. So they are in essence 1080p displays. When you go into the TouchWizz settings you even have the option to enable 1440p (default is 1080p). And at "1440p resolution" these displays are crisp (despite using less subpixels). So a better solution would be to have 1.3 Million subpixels using this Advanced Diamond structure to create a faux-1080p resolution (where the real resolution would actually be 1,520x855).

So in conclusion, I would love for Samsung to use their latest technology to make a super accurate display that is 1,520 x 855 resolution, and scale that up to 1920 x 1080 on a phone. This would ensure a very sharp image quality (though not sharpest), but the best battery life on a SMALL smartphone when fitted with a large battery (eg ZTE Blade A6), running an Optimised Stock Android software (eg Pixel2) and a finely tuned processor (eg OnePlus 6).

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2018Don't forget about Sony's superb optimized performance whic... moreI totally agree with you.

  • Anonymous

Predictive memorys, 10 Sep 2018What you can see is only one-sided , you said the XZ3 front... moreYes Yes Yes

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2018the back is a copy of htc u11, and the front is a copy of ... moreWhat you can see is only one-sided , you said the XZ3 front copy Samsung S8 but you never see the dual FRONT stereo speakers and 13MP FRONT camera that can capture bokeh and beauty effects and more the side sense is intelligence. Think again Samsung never come close to Sony!

And then you say the back cover is similar like HTC U11. You wrong again because XZ3 are unique, it has aluminium 7000 series composition for it frame and the notch at bottom back cover of the phone and Motions-eye sensor for Perdictive Capture. Plus the wireless charging feature and NFC all at the back cover.

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2018the back is a copy of htc u11, and the front is a copy of ... moreFor the back design , Xperia Neo (V) wants to talk to you about it , and then explain this picture if you can tho ....

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Dientesdesierra, 10 Sep 2018I do not think that the presentation of note 9 and the next... moreDon't forget about Sony's superb optimized performance which Samsung can't do right.

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". . . IFA 2018 was boring."

but you haven't got time for ASUS
and to cover Zenfone Max Pro M1 . . .
just started (apart Russia) and first presented in Europe.
Yes without that big marketing efforts, but . . .

You think, it's fine not to mention, one of todays most interesting and affordable midranger,
with elsewhere so hyped big battery and a nearly unbeatable package.
. . . and with pure Android as well.

But wait . . . you doesn't even listed the global model ZB602KL,
(despite some nice tipps).

ROG Phone was also first time showed in Europe,
just before start . . .
Why don't you tried to get some information about that?!
. . . or made a hands on?

One of todays top smartphone technics isn't interesting enough for you . . .

Maybe IFA was a little bit boring, but your biased coverage even most.
I'm very disappointed!

  • Anonymous

BeObjective, 09 Sep 2018I dont judge displays by resolution or technology and my ar... moretotallly agree

sony is winner in really

Romie Lee, 09 Sep 2018No Apple and no Samsung means useless and boring event! Jus... moreI do not think that the presentation of note 9 and the next one of the iPhone are more fun, they are quite boring phones, the Xperia have more fun features and more Tools

  • Anonymous

Predictive memorys, 10 Sep 2018Actually the competitors development slower this time, slig... morethe back is a copy of htc u11,
and the front is a copy of samsung s8.
50% copy + 50% copy = 100% copy.
so sony is a real copycat

I'm just waiting for Apple to reveal their new iPhones.

Apple and Samsung reveals are usually most exciting ones to be honest.

BeObjective, 09 Sep 2018I dont judge displays by resolution or technology and my ar... moreI couldn't agree more with this!

Shanti Dope, 09 Sep 2018All that Sony ever did is to unveil the XZ3. Showing off t... moreActually the competitors development slower this time, slightly improvement.

On the other hand Sony improve too much on XZ3, the volume segment are now 30 steps compared previous 15 steps which help user control the volume more precision. The smart launch camera help user taking photo when they pull the phone out from the pocket and predictive capture 4 photos before press the shutter. The AI side sense help user to press the back key by swipe the side screen downward which is a great idea and convenience, plus can double tap side screen as a camera shutter, the AI side sense can show up the apps usually use according time place and frequency of used. The front camera has 13MP can do bokeh and beauty features. It launch with android Pie etc...