Sunday debate: Do we really need gaming phones?

09 September 2018
Are gaming phones needed or should we stick to regular flagships instead?

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  • 30 Jun 2022

ask this question again in 2022 and more people will see why gaming phones are the best for gaming they have built in fans now and ssds and more ram even any flagship phone

i think smart people understand why the gaming phone for gaming is the best at gaming a gaming phone is built from the ground up just for gaming it also has gaming buttons and higher hz screen with less input delay

    From owning the Razer Phone and currently owning an iPhone X ( for the talk of this ill be referring to PUBG Mobile )

    Razer Phone : With the Performance Enchantments on the battery disappears essentially, I found the phone got extremely hot around the back of the phone, which lead me into getting a thick case for the phone as it was extremely uncomfortable, However the actual in-game visuals were nice, The Display with the higher refresh rate was very nice for the game HOWEVER. PUBG only allowed HDR settings in game, As the HDR+ wasn't available which felt like driving a car with a flat tire, its there but its holding back from the true experience. With the combination of the limited graphics, battery draining and the extreme heat coming from the back of the phone ( aswell as numerous other problems with the Razer Phone ) I decided to ditch it for the iPhone X.

    iPhone X : Playing PUBG immediately looked better and felt smoother, the only downside was that the bottom bar on the iPhone X was still there in-game which made it extremely awkward at times to play the game, however (I love this word) The graphic settings were better than the Razer Phone and as mentioned previously ran smoother.

    Personally based on my experiences I think Gaming phones are gimmicks until developers can release some proper games for these devices, Id say give it a year or two and the good games will come through. Yeah its neat to play Tekken with he graphic settings they have but its nothing different than playing on another device.

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      • 14 Sep 2018


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        • 13 Sep 2018

        No, we need REAL gaming phones, like the Xperia Play or the Nvidia Shield.

        I still wish the Xperia Play will have a successor.
        It was so good.
        Because now PSP and PS2 emulation is possible on Android, imagine Sony selling PSP and PS2 games on their own emulator on Xperia Play 2, but upscaled and with better textures, just like on the PS4.

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          • 12 Sep 2018

          gaming computer set is far above from office computer set... the gaming phone do really have a higher specs?

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            • 11 Sep 2018

            pl2rts, 10 Sep 2018What games need 8GB vram ? As you say gamess while there a... moreyou've got the RAM idea all wrong. More videoram means that there can be more or bigger textures held in memory, whereas if the ram is minimal you will either have lower res textures or horrible performance as the chip attempts to swap textures and needs to read them from the (much slower) storage.

              Anonymous, 10 Sep 2018Umm no.... In two years phones will still be phones and the... morePhones don't have any Vrams. Like console it has one unified RAM pool, for everything. It is up to developers to use that RAM for video memory or for regular RAM one, which makes things even worse considering gaming. Mobile gaming is so far behind, that I would not even dare to compare PC or Consoles to Android or iOS platform, you can't even port any older game to Play or Apple store just because of storage limitations too. So you right, PC or Consoles gaming is miles ahead and mobile gaming can only cover casual space

                Ro is absolutely right. At this current state gaming phone it's just a regular flagship phone with nothing really to older. Gaming phone as I mentioned hundreds of time must have proprietary chip well above of anything in regular phone like Switch, optimised specifically for that device and have specifically optimised games and exclusive for it. If it does not have anything like that and can't offer anything exclusive over basic smarthpone it just a smarthpone marketed as gaming phone with higher price tag, and definitely we should say NO, for that

                  FromChinaWithLove, 10 Sep 2018So, you do see the problem of the handheld console? You k... moreyes, ps vita memory card is a fiasco, but the nintendo 3ds region locking is just as frustrating, yes, ps vita memory card for 64gb is expensive in UK and USA (but not as expensive in asia) , i live in Hong Kong, 3ds/2ds official games for Hong Kong 3ds there is only 50 games since 2011 , compared to 650 US 3ds/2ds in USA, 550 3ds/2ds in Europe or even 900 3ds/2ds in japan, yet with region coding, HK 3ds/2ds is literally a dead console as there is only 50 games and you can not play games from other regions.

                    Anonymous, 10 Sep 2018Sony could give away the Vita but it will still flop becaus... moreactually psp was popular as there was no mobile gaming then 04-11, smart phone will apps only really was popular from 2011 onwards, times were different then, games will simple like snakes on nokia or simple puzzle games, but mobile gaming surpass psp, 3ds, ps vita from 2015 graphic wise, but still limited by touch screen, no tactile feedback and precision controls, play spiderman on ps4, uncharted on ps vita, dragon quest 8 on 3ds, the experience is surpass any mobile gaming

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                      • 11 Sep 2018

                      that statement- "gaming phones must put performance first and looks second", is very true. i am not a gamer, but i recently chose to buy the razer phone instead of note 9. i know it is a year old, but i just despise the curved screens on samsung flagships these recent years, especially that i use my previous note devices for sketching on the go as a hobby. i really am not a gamer, but the first time i saw the razer phone and started trying it i thought it just made sense. there are only a few games optimized for its 120Hz refresh rate, i know, but the game booster app allows you to upscale the refresh rate of games or even apps and it works- things are buttery smooth compared to just having it at 60Hz. aside from that, the independently amplified front-firing stereo speakers are nothing that i have heard of in any phone i have used and tried before (i have mostly only used galaxy note series and have tried only flagships in stores). given these, i would still say these gaming phones (or at least the razer that i own) offer better gaming experience than regular flagships. plus they also make for a great media consumption device. so, yes, gaming phones do make sense but i guess not call them just gaming phones because they are more than that.

                        Nope, not need it. Psvita and switch are only the way to go. Besides app base games is just an app. So basically no need for gaming phones.

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                          • 11 Sep 2018

                          pl2rts, 10 Sep 2018What games need 8GB vram ? As you say gamess while there a... moreThank goodness for consoles. Otherwise PC gamers would be no different from 2-year contract smartphone users. Always having to upgrade when AAA games target the highest specs.

                            Not everyone needs a gaming phone. Well i do because i so game/play much more than browsing on my phone. But we need to change how we look at this kind of product, and manufacturers should also innovate how a gaming phone should be. Yes, i agree we need a custom processor, more heat pipes or whatever to cool the phone in general, bigger battery, one-touch button for game mode, and the likes. Add to this, what i want or need for a gaming phone are:
                            -modular - able to upgrade processor and ram
                            -removable battery - able to change when needed
                            -peripherals - removable gamepads with batteries that adds more game time, and the likes
                            -audio - great audio to experience the game
                            Camera is not important to me as i always carry two phones since 10 years ago. I can have a gaming phone and a daily driver phone. Size to me does not really matter that is for a gaming phone as long as it serves its purpose. Screen quality and power consumption should be balanced.
                            I say these things given the games available today.

                              There isn't a lot of custom hardware for a phone and so a flagship handset can perform and could possibly be better in some cases.

                              I wouldn't think that heating will be a major problem unless you charge and play at the same time for prolonged periods but that would be an extreme event.

                              Gaming on a mobile platform has come a long way although still in its infancy it has a long way to go.
                              In saying that the main bit of hardware that cripples a device is the battery, you would need a seriously large battery to run a decent amount of time or the games have to be designed for quick gameplay.

                                Anonymous, 10 Sep 2018Umm no.... In two years phones will still be phones and the... moreWhat games need 8GB vram ?
                                As you say gamess while there are maybe one or two that actually needs it.
                                Games will eat as much everything you have to feed. Either you have 8/16/32GB DDR4 RAM does snot matter much in games. Do you have a 3GB video card or 6-8 doess not really matter too. Like GTX 1060 3GB v 6GB there is no much more performance with the 6GB version and isnt really worth the extra cash for it. If your videocard have 4GB ram then game takes as much as it can and same with 8GB ram.

                                And dont worry. With 1000 euro PC that dont include mouse/keyboard/monitor will last you 4-5 for sure before you need to make upgrades to it. Games are hold back thanks to console and no game today is made twice so it will run on console specs and second game is optimized for PC. They do games first to run on console and then convert it over to PC while PC gets updates on hardware every year, consoles get updates only after 5+ years. When new generation consol is out they still make the games on older console to run and then tweak it to run on newer generation and then PC.

                                  Thesis86, 10 Sep 2018Then why even waste your time responding if you don't care ... moreSorry but is this news directed towards US market ?
                                  While this site reports news about phones that mostly dont go to USA

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                                    • 10 Sep 2018

                                    Alien , 10 Sep 2018I'm not saying I want a gaming smartphone, but I definitely... moreUmm no.... In two years phones will still be phones and the pc will be on an entirely different level. Mobile games are still nowhere near the full fledged pc games that require 8gb of vram to run, last time I checked phones barely have 1gb of vram

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                                      • 10 Sep 2018

                                      Its a simple matter of not having good enough games on android/iOS than PC/consoles.

                                      Plus ARM has made it its business to optimize for "thumbs" and touchscreens. Ask any gamer who also owns a gaming laptop: does he uses his touchpad for CS:GO or Battlefield or CoD?

                                      The solution here, to me, is simple: bring back Xperia Play like designs with triggers and slide out controls and actually have games,that are really interesting. Hack ports of older games too wpuld work (but that'd lead the debate ultimately to emulation,so i'm not going there)

                                      Ideally if with proper,in built hardware,we could have somewhat optimized games that are running on current gen (or last gen) other gaming platforms. Then i think,gaming phones could actually have some relavance.

                                        pl2rts, 10 Sep 2018There is no way to understand where you from in this site w... moreThen why even waste your time responding if you don't care about the U.S. market? Poco doesn't work here. Even if it did, I would not purchase it because I hate notches.