Huawei Mate 20 series get more video teasers, AnTuTu score pops up

09 October 2018
The AnTuTu benchmark score is measurably better than the current Snapdragon 845-powered flagships.

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  • 13 Oct 2018

This tiny score difference means that, if Qualcomm scales the 845 to 7nm and retains the same TDP, the SD845 will be on par or even slightly faster than the Kirin 980.
Congratulations TSMC.

    Many users on XDA would differ. My Mate 10 Pro vas laggy compared to OP6. Frame drops all over the place. Swiping to google feed was like 2009. throwback in terms of fluidity.

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      • 11 Oct 2018

      EMUI might not be to everyone liking, but it is very efficient, proof? Huawei's phone are very power efficient, it is a proof EMUI is very fluid... However, you have to discount the antutu score as well...

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        • 11 Oct 2018

        Urbexx, 09 Oct 2018 this is the vid... moreIt's look so fake

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          • 10 Oct 2018

          so powerful battery no juice oso no use :)

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            • 10 Oct 2018

            Baykko, 09 Oct 2018Here is Huawei making one of the most powerful chipsets in ... moreThe best comparison of CPU's would be to put each individual CPU on the same motherboards next to each other with the same amount of RAM and components and then run a benchmark or application loading test but unfortunately all these PCB's are different.

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              • 10 Oct 2018

              Vegetaholic, 10 Oct 2018Antutu is absolutely worst and most corrupted benchmark too... moreall crap benchmarks is sht

                Antutu is absolutely worst and most corrupted benchmark tool. I mean how this chip can be even considered faster than, drastically looses to A12 bionic in Single core performance and looses in multicore performance. Antutu is a joke

                  Shadocx, 09 Oct 2018If the next Kirin comes in September 2019, it will be 8 mon... moreWhen has a Samsung S (first phones to usually use the new SD) ever been released in January? More like March-April. October-March Kirin is better and March-October Snapdragon. So 5 months vs 7. My point is still valid: it's dumb to say that the next Snapdragon will put Kirin back to its place, as they always go back and forth.

                    Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018UI fluidity has been excellent with my P20 Pro so far.That's what I'm trying to say, it's not just how fast your SoC is. No matter how fast your SoC is, if your UI is not working together with your OS and hardware, it'll suffer either way.

                    That's why (well for many people), Huawei's phones are still fast, likely because their SoC works with their own UI.

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                      • 10 Oct 2018

                      PeterThePanda, 10 Oct 2018Unfortunately, no matter how good these benchmarks scores a... moreUI fluidity has been excellent with my P20 Pro so far.

                        Unfortunately, no matter how good these benchmarks scores are, Huawei's reputation on benchmarks is already tainted by admission that they "cheat" on benchmarks.

                        Well, all that matters in the end is now not how high the benchmark scores are (because it's pretty much a "my car is faster than your car, therefore it's better" scenario), but how the said SoC performs with the said phone and its UI (fluidity in UI, no lag in day to day use etc).

                          Jesus Poco is getting 290K....if this is Kirin 980 score then it's good LOL @ Huawei. More cheats, more GPU turbo gimmicks, more false promises when new Snapdragon comes out and wipes the floor with it.

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                            • 10 Oct 2018

                            Aspros, 09 Oct 2018Apple's dominion is irrelevant, the OS they are running is ... more-Apples dominion is irrelevant-

                            Uh.. No, its not. A12 Bionic is the best chipset in the world. Period.
                            I own a Note8, I will never purchase an iPhone, but facts are facts.

                              Shen G, 09 Oct 2018Waiting for Apple fans to start denying this... LOL Yes, t... moreAccording to anandtech, the A12 is above everything in the mobile market. By a lot.

                              I think the ones denying Apple's progress are you guys.

                       this is the video, i don't know if is fake or not, but the score in the Video, not in the official Antutu site is 350005.

                                  "And according to the leaked AnTuTu score sheet, it might be true"

                                  lol what?

                                  The A12 scores almost 350k!

                                    Aspros, 09 Oct 2018Thank you captain obvious, like we don't know that kirin 9... moreI do agree apros. But read again your comment from an objective Pov, you'll see what I meant.

                                      Kiyasuriin, 09 Oct 2018The difference between 7mm and 7nm (Milimeter and Nanometer... moreThank you captain obvious, like we don't know that kirin 980 is a CPU at 7nm,
                                      My Samsung keyboard (soon to be replaced) has this auto correction function that causes more problems than it solves...
                                      The point is that this is a massive advantage for this Huawei generation and a guaranteed success if they avoid big mistakes.

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                                        • 09 Oct 2018

                                        Kiyasuriin, 09 Oct 2018The difference between 7mm and 7nm (Milimeter and Nanometer... moreDaymn~ Hahaha ikr. You go, girl!