Italy fines Samsung and Apple due to firmware updates that slow performance

24 October 2018
Apple got into additional trouble because it didn't give clear information on when phone batteries should be replaced and how.

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Hello Life, 28 Oct 2018No man, My iphone 6s plus feels faster on ios12, than it did on ... moreMy mom have 6s and she cant say that after last update the phone is sluggish slime rolling up the hill.
Even George Stevenson Rocket the very first train invented for public were a lot faster.

CptPower, 26 Oct 2018Man with every update release they slowing all older devices. Ip... moreNo man, My iphone 6s plus feels faster on ios12, than it did on both ios 10 and 11. If my 6s plus got faster, 7 and 7 plus should do as well.. If not, then there might be another lingering problem that you should get repaired... coz my 6s plus feels like a new phone till date

well let me say something to apple and Samsung you are big companies because of the people and you slow down the performance of the phone you made them by updates from you ? shame on both of you

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CptPower, 26 Oct 2018Man if they bypass Italy from updates they should fine them even... moreThat's why you are not the leader of any country kid.

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Samsung and Apple should stop selling their latest phones there since they like to slap fines on everybody. Frankly speaking, you don't like their products, don't buy them. Such protectionist BS.

Nicknam, 27 Oct 2018I heard a lot of complaints from other people. They all have S, ... moreThe fine was because apparently the Marshmallow update for the Note4 was meant for the Note7 and thus caused issues and failures (such as eMMC failure, which isn't related but Italy just wanted quick $). It doesn't hurt to read news articles thoroughly

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Some people are always blindly bashing Samsung without even understanding the situation.
It's regarding the 2014 Galaxy Note 4, an Italian court are claiming that an Android operating system update released in 2016 was not optimized for the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung said in statement that it was disappointed with the decision and would appeal.

“Samsung did not issue any software update that reduced the Galaxy Note 4’s performance,” the statement said. “In contrast, Samsung has always released software updates enabling our customers to have the best experience possible.”­-italy-antitrust/italian-watchdog-fines-apple-sa­msung-over-software-updates-idUSKCN1MY1CN

I still get Software/ Security updates on this S6 from March 2015.
The latest one is September 2018-09-04 G920FXXU6ERG1 & before that I got June G920FXXU6ERF5, so yeah it's been quarterly so far.

It's still running like new (except for the battery, which I replaced earlier this year).

Regarding the Note 4, users have been really happy with it.

ProJames, 27 Oct 2018Slowly degrading the device via software? Now that's quality non... moreI heard a lot of complaints from other people. They all have S, J, A and Note series, and usually say that phone becomes slow.

I have Galaxy Ace and Ace+. I don't use them, but obsolescence is quite noticeable. I did a hard reset on Ace, but it is still works slowly. Then, system update option disappeared, and I can't upgrade any phone any more. Planned obsolescence probably doesn't appear with update for Android. It will have issues even after hard reset, so it is waiting for random date to be activated.

If there is no planned obsolescence in Samsung's software, why they had to pay 5.000.000$ fine.

Nicknam, 27 Oct 2018 Planned obsolescence will not affect all Samsung phones at the... moreSlowly degrading the device via software? Now that's quality nonsense!
1- All devices run the same firmware, save for carrier modifications.
2- If it was the case, there would be millions of reports about this, not a select handful of persons that can be seen bashing the company on the internet on a regular basis.
3- There would be code evidence. A lot of code evidence. For starters the updates would be much bigger than 20-100MB (the standard size for a security patch only) after the device received it's last major update (oreo for S7 i.e.).

I have not experienced any kind of planned obsolescence on my Tab A 2015 or my old A5 2015. Same performance as before.

ProJames, 26 Oct 2018Man you know nothing and you are nothing more than a hater. Your... more Planned obsolescence will not affect all Samsung phones at the same time. Someone will be affected earlier, someone later. On the internet, one person say that Oreo on Galaxy S7 works perfectly, while other say that it lags a lot.

(This is my theory) They designed software, that will randomly start messing up your phone. It will slowly start affecting %1 of devices and increase over 90% as time pass. They are doing this to avoid people complaining about issues. That is also hard to notice.

Samsung is trying to fool people, who will think that bad third party application installed is causing problems. Users with no tech knowledge will think that phone is too old, and wont complain about issues.

I had Sony Ericsson (Xperia X8), Lg L70, Huawei Ascend. I never experienced any planned obsolescence on them. Huawei Ascend from 2014 still works perfectly today.

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Now that's a sum to fine these companies: 5 Millions. That's like fining me with 0.0005 euros.

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Never buy any iPhone or Samsung again. Even Xiaomi's flagship is faster.

CptPower, 26 Oct 2018Man after 2 years even Note 9 will lagg with last update which g... moreMan you know nothing and you are nothing more than a hater. Your presence on the Internet is seriously unwanted. What are your contributions online? Misinformation. Does anyone want that? Absolutely not.

As a side note, after the last Oreo update, my S7 is completely lag-free. And it's still getting monthly updates and it just recently got the October patch, and it got the past months on time too. So your comment is based on either no Experience or a severely outdated experience from 2009.

Very good step--taken. Every govt should investigate and take strong measures like this. Big smartphone companies have mastered in fooling and looting consumers.

ProJames, 26 Oct 2018Get something a tad better than a J1 Mini Prime and you'll see t... moreMan after 2 years even Note 9 will lagg with last update which gets by end of 2020 or 2021.
Apple is joke. Samsung learned tricks from apple and can be called a student :-)

Hello Life, 25 Oct 2018When did Apple confirm to planned obsolescence? They only slowed... moreMan with every update release they slowing all older devices. Iphone 7 or 7 plus are slow as well. I can confirm that from many of my custoemers.
We can expect next year Apple 8 and 8 plus will be slowed down.
Apple = Bourglars.

Domestoboto, 25 Oct 2018All the more incentive for Samsung to just bypass Italy with pho... moreMan if they bypass Italy from updates they should fine them even more.
If i were leader of Italy i would raise this fine by million%.
Dont protect them these companies are guilty but fact is they have so much money they dont care.
These people never understands money wont feed you. Money wont warm you on cold days money wont save your health when you get cancer or anything iother which cant be cured.

nik.007, 25 Oct 2018What should Google be fined then, considering they are providing... moreMan all its about optimization.
You cant blame google for this.
Any other brands works fine.

Nicknam, 24 Oct 2018 There is obviously a planned obsolescence on Samsung devices. ... moreWell they both were fakes disguised as a good quality brand.

Well if i am President of Italy or head or parliament i would increse this fine by at least
10 000%. These two companies anyway have enough money to pay even 1000 times more than 5 million times 10 000%.