Estimated Samsung Galaxy F bill of materials shows why it will cost $1,800

16 December 2018
The BOM is around 65% higher than a Galaxy S9+ or an iPhone XS Max. Prices will fall over time, but not too fast.

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Kiyasuriin, 15 Dec 2018Profit margin is the remaining price the user pays comparin... moreThanks for pointing that out!

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Its high but I think its fair as fock

If we buy iPhone for above 1000 dollars This is an easy peasy good buy!! %!

And now the iPhone xs and x max.
Are woow a lot same with a new chipset than the precious phones
Look at mate 10 and mate 20 that's just woooow
And remember this will have a very much r & d cost
And also the profitability is very low so you have to give it a high price cuz not a lot of demand so many costs for 1 product is hard to catch a profit if you don't increase your price.

Example the iPhone x they could sell it for way lower and have a great profit.
Cuz they got a hell of a demand.

anon, 17 Dec 2018Research cost money, also greed is good. Greed made my com... moreWell i dont agree.
Money rule the world but imagine a world without money.
When you look at StarTrek TV series or moves there are no money at all and they live as a humanity.
They live because all they want and all they care is the prosperity of whole.
This is where i am a huge fan.
Believing once money ccomes to an end.
Because now we have rich and poor.
And many people who can slaughter others just for a penny.
This is not the world i want. This is doom.
To live without doom to live in eden its on us to create such a place.

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CptPower, 17 Dec 2018Yes and yes. And i was right. Its a greedy company. I... moreResearch cost money, also greed is good.
Greed made my computer, greed made your computer, greed made television, greed made phones, greed made smartphones, and greed will make a fold-able phone.
Without greed there would be no research, without greed there would be no innovation, and without greed there would be little to humanity.

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gargi, 16 Dec 2018BOM doesn't tell the whole story and therefore the % profi... moreBOM doesnt tell the whole story for any phone. The 65% margin for this phone and other phone is after counting BOM cost and other costs too. Look at the table in the article. If they are planning to sell very few phones of this then... 1800 price will be fine, but i doubt they are planning that. They might not be aiming at matching sales of flagship numbers, but i doubt they are planning to sell very few of these phones.

As for development and manufacturing costs, the next decade will be all about phones like this. Flagship bar phones will more or less be done from 2021/2022. From then on it will be phones like. They wiil be easily recover the costs. Companies dont usually try to recover all development and manufacturing costs using just one iteration.

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this price forgets the price of all the engineers that works on its development. not so easy to add all the prices of the differents elements
i am working on aircraft development and there is a lot of people to pay :-)

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Flop on impact , to big for pockets , pointless out in public , and no way to protect from damage.. unless they make special case and tempered glass

Stan, 14 Dec 2018The bill of materials for a S9+ is around $400. Samsung is ... moreYes and yes.
And i was right.
Its a greedy company.
Imagine a Pocophone with 55% profit.
I wonder if 700 000 phones will sell in year or two not in just 3 months.
Samsung greed is endless no wonder chinese brands sells a lot more.

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Look at how f***ing cheap all components are basically. Display is most expensive.

Keep in mind that the phone will come with old-gen internals, it could be nothing more than just a little lack of performance, but we're talking about NO 5G and NO 7NM.
So you must REALLY like the foldable design.

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BOM doesn't tell the whole story and therefore the % profit is much much lower. you need to include all the costs of research and developments, for years, and then divide it by the number of phones that they plan to sell. I bet the first model will come at a loss. Then what about all the dean ends, projects that got canceled over the years? to get to this point, Samsung must have had a few dead ends...

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iphone X max costs 1100, so apple can afford to price it with a profit margin of 65%. But this costs a lot more. I think they should price it not more than 200 dollars higher than the most expensive S10 version or iphone version. How much will this cost then...1600-1649? As this a new kind of design and people are not used to using yet, and after buying it if they do not like it or find it not as useful/convenient as expected... for 1800, it could lead to bad word of mouth publicity.

But pricing it with a margin of 30% could affect the sales of top S10 versions.

xXENDER FREAKXx, 16 Dec 2018Sometimes I feel like the profit margin is a little too muc... moreFairly plausible point. I agree.
I would have a profit margin of 30% if I were to be a Smartphone OEM. I never get why prife has to be thrice of the BOM...

Kiyasuriin, 15 Dec 2018Profit margin is the remaining price the user pays comparin... moreSometimes I feel like the profit margin is a little too much, but I guess it's because they're not expecting many to buy it. Most will still go the route of having a normal smartphone with some accessories from the money they have, including a cute case xD. I really wonder who will buy it? Those living in New York? Because I've heard Jaime Rivera from PocketNow previously saying that you'll see a lot of people using tablets more than laptops and ultrabooks if I'm not mistaken, which may be SAMSUNG's target audience for their foldable smartphone

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Vic4BBM, 15 Dec 2018I call this as weirdo rather than innovation. Same with Vi... more*Facepalm*

If this and the full screen phones with sliders or with the rear screen acting as a screen for rear cameras to be selfie cameras, then what is innovation?

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Yuri84, 15 Dec 2018Wait, what? Predicted BOM costs around $600, price around $... moreThe BOM does not include other manufacturing, operational and shipping cost etc. The only person that has not been to school is clearly you.

drake, 15 Dec 2018who cares about brand when phone have good features.with mu... moreHe said Poco is a good brand name. Not that a good brand name is important.

Though a good brand name IS important for compliance with consumer protection laws.

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C2Tech, 15 Dec 2018Or keep your current phone and buy a surface pro 6 and stil... moreSurface build quality makes Apple geniuses look like good samaritans.

Forget repairing that thing that has more glue than screws.

Yuri84, 15 Dec 2018Wait, what? Predicted BOM costs around $600, price around $... moreProfit margin is the remaining price the user pays comparing to it's total price. 636$ is about 35% of 1800$. The rest remaining of 1800 is the profit margin. Which works around to be 1164$. With that price margin you can buy an iPhone XS 256, Quick charger, a cute case, lightning-to-3.5mm jack AND STILL have money.
Or just add about 50$ to the margin and get a 512 GB Galaxy note 9