Estimated Samsung Galaxy F bill of materials shows why it will cost $1,800

16 December 2018
The BOM is around 65% higher than a Galaxy S9+ or an iPhone XS Max. Prices will fall over time, but not too fast.

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C2Tech, 15 Dec 2018Or keep your current phone and buy a surface pro 6 and stil... moreDon't worry Microsoft is working on a folding device too with windows

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Yuri84, 15 Dec 2018Wait, what? Predicted BOM costs around $600, price around $... moreThere Are other costs than just production costs.

  • drake

ProJames, 14 Dec 2018Poco isn't a good brand name.who cares about brand when phone have good features.with much more affordable price

Wait, what? Predicted BOM costs around $600, price around $1800 and they call it 65% profit margin? Did they go to school at all? Profit margin is around 200%.

I call this as weirdo rather than innovation.
Same with Vivo dual screen handset.

Samsung tries to prove itself better than Apple, but then these are weird stuff, which cannot be passed on as an innovation.
People have adjusted their working with screen size 5" to 6" something. That's the reason tablets are loosing popularity. Everything can be done with above mentioned screen size.
And imagine to work on handset, we first have to unfold and then work. I find it really funny.

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2018so does projames....:)Happily, Projames isn't a brand name. I got a better one, don't worry

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2018I mean: Competition with chinese will force samsung to drop... moreIn that wise I agree with your but the foldable isn't something easy when you consider its build material and support when something happens to it, That's why Samsung is better in the quality side.
Samsung and the big companies are strugling with the Chinese because they don't want to lower the price like the Chinese and every year increase the price and most the Chinese phones remains at the same price.
The Chinese have penetrated this market with chaos and broke the order which was the normal phones was increasing their price and step by step will increase the specs but the Chinese broke that order and what happened, happened. It was a smart move from them now the big companies need to break their ego and lower the price like the Chinese companies and you will see the people will forget about the Chinese companies.

Or keep your current phone and buy a surface pro 6 and still have couple hundreds to spare :D

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ProJames, 14 Dec 2018Poco isn't a good brand does projames....:)

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Lyndino, 14 Dec 2018You must be getting some pretty junky phones then.I feel sad because i bought a phone for about 150$ and i am aiming to use it for 4 years before buying it i felt like it's expensive and now people saying that 400$is cheap ( it is as much as my salary and it is considered good in my country i have the most expensive phone in my family)

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KamAbdi, 14 Dec 2018Yes and which stole it some how from Samsung, but the Quest... moreI mean: Competition with chinese will force samsung to drop the price. Only chinese can force samsung to do it.
Samsung is currently in struggle competing with chinese competitors.

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CptPower, 14 Dec 2018Man dont defend them. They are greedy as always. Brand ... moreThe bill of materials for a S9+ is around $400. Samsung is reducing a profit margin for what's already considered to be an old device. That is needed to clear out the stock, in order to prepare for S10 to come in.
$400 bill of materials + 55% profit margin = $890 for the base version. In europe they usually charge the same number as in US, only in euros. So if it is $890 in US, it will be $890 euro in europe. There could also be Slovakia import taxes at play.
Galaxy S9+ in the first month in USA was sold for around $840-$920 base version, depending on a carrier. Today it is sold for $590-$740, depending on a carrier, and has been around this price for a long time. Again, this is in USA, don't know whether the import rules in Slovakia somehow impacted the price.
I also never look at 3rd party resellers to get the understanding of the price. Samsung website is your best bet to find out the real current price for a device. A 3rd party reseller could inflate the price for a brand new device, which is why you saw 1000 euro being charged in the beginning, while now they're trying to clear out the inventory, which is why you see 400 euro being charged.

It is also possible that they're selling a chinese fake. It is pretty easy to build a device that looks like a Samsung, and just install a stock android on it. 90% of population will never know the difference.

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while other people were complaining about the price but not knowing there are a lot of handsets in there already that costs $2000 and please try to read the history of smartphones where some models reach up to almost $2000 too. You people just happened to be used on cheap products that might not even last with you. Better broaden you perspective see diff angles that just one side. just saying thoo...

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naap51d, 14 Dec 2018With the 50% or GREATER mark up, that would equate to a $30... more1800 is not the BOM, it's the final $ after the supposed 65% markup.

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I can't wait to buy this phone

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I personally don’t need these weird stuff. I could buy phones rather than this alien stuff.

Just having a beer, 14 Dec 2018Why? Even last year flagships sale for that price. And they... morePoco isn't a good brand name.

BOM doesn't include R&D unfortunately. Because the margin would go down to 50% or less.

With the 50% or GREATER mark up, that would equate to a $3000.00 retail price LOL

Lyndino, 14 Dec 2018You must be getting some pretty junky phones then.Why? Even last year flagships sale for that price. And they are still pretty good! Btw, I got mine for £300 and it has Snapdragon 845, good brand name