Samsung remembers its past milestones as Galaxy nears its 10 year anniversary

11 January 2019
The company has been delivering innovative displays and other hardware since before "smartphone" was a thing.

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When people didn't complain about phones.
Samsung I7500 Galaxy Review :

Samsung I7500 Galaxy 360-degree spin

"At 115 x 56 x 11.9 mm this is the slimmest Android phone on the market yet - even if by a whisker. There's no chin this time around, so despite its size it can comfortably slip into a pocket."

Zendroid, 11 Jan 2019And Samsung left behind everything unique, after s5 and not... moreI use more Samsung 'bloatware' apps than I do the built in Android apps.
Not all but mostly. First thing I do is disable facebook and other like apps.

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S4 with cheap build and no flagship cpu sold more than s8, s8+, s9 and s9+ combined...

S10 trinity sales wont be better than latest generations.

And Samsung left behind everything unique, after s5 and note 3. They just became like everyone else, careless like apple and full of useless bloatware. And yes, the new Samsung models still have over 90 bloatware to turn off for beast mode.


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Was a huge fan of Samsung, had S2, Note, Note 8.0 but Galaxy S4 was the best and was my last. I feel Samsung strayed too far from S5 going forward. And I moved on too. But looking forward to see how S10 is.