HTC Wildfire S gets to Android 2.3.5 as well, no Sense 3.0 though

13 December, 2011
Much like the HTC ChaCha, though, the Wildfire S won't be getting to taste Sense UI 3.0.

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  • kirca

Today I updated Android Market to Google Play Store v3.4.7

More info:

Google has ditched the Android Market moniker and announced a new all-in-one portal for apps, music, books and movies called Google Play.
The shock decision to abandon the Android Market name, which has been part of the Android ecosystem since day one, comes as Google laments the performance of some digital media properties.
From today, the Android Market will now be known as Play Store, while Books, Music and Movies have been renamed Play Books, Play Music and Play Movies.
Your Android Market application on your phone or tablet will be updated with a Google Play Store icon within the next few days (for those on Android 2.2 and above), while the web portals are already live.

All under one roof

Google director of digital content Jamie Rosenberg said in a blog post: "Starting today, Android Market, Google Music and the Google eBookstore will become part of Google Play.
"On your Android phone or tablet, we'll be upgrading the Android Market app to the Google Play Store app over the coming days. Your videos, books and music apps (in countries where they are available) will also be upgraded to Google Play Movies, Google Play Books and Google Play Music apps.
"The music, movies, books and apps you've purchased will continue to be available to you through Google Play - simply log in with your Google account like always."
Google hopes that the re-branded store will help boost revenues and challenge Apple's iTunes which boasts the App Store, Music, Movies, iBooks and more, largely under the same banner.
However, the death of the Android Market, such a staple of our daily experience with Android, is certainly the end of an era and a bold move from Google, proving it is not afraid to shake things up.

  • Anonymous

it's available in Egypt

  • AnonD-45196

AnonD-27670, 13 Dec 2011Yah my HTC Wildfire S gets the update n I'm in Pakistan...W... more"Yah my HTC Wildfire S gets the update n I'm in Pakistan...Woo thats awesome speed up n bugs fix.."

how did you get it i am from Pakistan nothing yet, is it cause my phone is from Telstra?!?

  • mayank

updated in india, after updating proxymity sensor problem occurs...
plz help...

  • encoderX

Updated on 3-UK to 2.3.5 :-)

  • zy

Got in Singapore finally... Haven experienced any problems though

  • Edan

Update wrecked my Wildfire S! Notifications screen blinking, internet pass-through and Wi-Fi broke. Trying to fix it now

  • Anonymous

Finally! The update is available here in the Philippines! Currently downloading the update.

  • abdullah

got the update in singapore the lockscreen has a lag in starting any fix

  • abdullah

no update for singapore

  • ism

available in Malaysia now

  • Sam

Updates are available in singapore. Try now just updated my phone

  • Anonymous

jenz, 02 Feb 2012still no update in the Philippines? Hi there, update for wildfire s in the Philippines are now available just now, I'd try it now.

  • Jord (india)

I received the android 2.3.5 update for my HTC wildfire S smart phone and i'm loving it, the UI look for the screen lock has changed to a ring thingy, pretty cool. you can also access apps directly on the lock screen by dragging them into the ring thingy. the scroll between screens in so much smoother now, even with low internal memory (25mb) as compared to the earlier version. gmail has a new look and feel. works faster. that's about all that i have noticed for now. cheers!

  • Anonymous

cj, 10 Feb 2012Philippines has the update. Htc update notified me last wk.... moreHow did u get ur update?

  • cj

Philippines has the update. Htc update notified me last wk. But did not dwnld cuz of d' size, but now i know it gets stored in the storage crd. I will xurely update.

  • shiva

i hope the htc wildfire S can upgrade to 3.0.0 :( and fix internal memory storage plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • egyptian

I hope the htc wildfire S can upgrade to 3.0.0 :( and fix internal memory storage plsssssssssssssssssssss

  • kirca

Sajawal, 07 Feb 2012Hi friends plz tell me how i upgrade my htc plzzzzzzzzzzzzz... moreHTC Wildfire S software updates
From time to time, software updates for HTC Wildfire S may be available. HTC Wildfire S can check and then notify you if there’s a new update. You can then download and install the software update using the Wi-Fi or data connection. You can also manually check if there's an available software update.

Checking for updates manually

1.From the Home screen, press MENY, and then tap Settings.
2.Tap About phone > Software updates > Check now.

Installing an update

Make sure HTC Wildfire S has a storage card inserted. The update will be downloaded to the storage card.
1.Do any of the following after HTC Wildfire S receives a software update:
-If the display is on and you're not using any application, the Install system software update dialog box appears on screen. Select Install now, and then tap OK.
-If you're in a call, the update notification icon appears in the status bar. After the call, slide open the Notifications panel, and then tap the update notification.
2.Wait for the update to download and install on HTC Wildfire S. When the update is finished, HTC Wildfire S will automatically restart.

  • AnonD-41434

I hope the htc wildfire S can upgrade to 3.0.0 or more..........