Exynos Galaxy S10 visits GeekBench, still behind the iPhone XS in single-core test

19 January 2019
Samsung prioritizes single-core over multi-core performance with its in-house chips and it's catching up with Apple.

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  • AnonD-784107

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2019Pixel devices lag in less than 1 year. Check MKBHD channel. Pure... moreYour comments are so funny you clearly have never used a pixel device. I know people running a pixel 1 and it still as fast when was taken out the box from New.

  • Recow

Is it possible to install android OS on an IPhone and then start this test ? or the other way around ?

Does a lighter OS have effect on the benchmarks and if it does how much ?

I remember flashing lighter custom OS on android phone, this would always speed things up in user experience, but I never did a benchmark test.

  • Nghtmare

abigfanoftechs, 21 Jan 2019It's silly to compare scores across different OSes or execution ... moreFinally someone with common sense. iPhone is a basic OS compared to Android

It's silly to compare scores across different OSes or execution environments.

Its only me that dont care about single core or multicore compared Apple A? because its only for iOS that not suitable for me.

  • lek

wow.. I never expected the score will be that close, the exynos one.. hopefully it's true..

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2019Most stup1d comment I've ever seen lol. You said performance can... moreMy S9 exynos throttles like a lumberjack

lol all this work put in yet neither samsung nor qualcomm come close to A12. How much longer do we have to wait for them to step up to the plate?

Vegetaholic, 20 Jan 2019Comoletepe BS what you wrote, your information has nothing to do... moreand here we go again!
i wonder do you even know what happened to threadripper?
all i can say is you are one fella without any info on actual problem!
Also it seems since your little knowledge about threadripper problem and lack of seeing it first hand leads to you not believe what i wrote!
just look into one of those forums that you mentioned earlier!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2019Apples CPU not great? You have you right to dislike iPhones for ... moreIt is indeed more unique to iPhone because they started off with such weak capacities of batteries to begin with that it only lead then to degrading that much quicker and worse

  • Anonymous

The last Oracle, 20 Jan 2019The benchmarking ratings and rankings of iPhones is Solely for b... moreApples CPU not great? You have you right to dislike iPhones for what ever reason but everyone with knowledge about CPUs disagrees with you on that one :)

The shutdown happens on Android phones with bad battery health as well running other manufactures CPU, nothing unique for iPhones running Ax SoC.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2019Until on real life situations that claim of optimizing leaves a ... moreMy general view is that if you like gaming you probably are better off with iphone. I have done tests with many games on iphone and android. Iphone is always a better experience. Asphalt legends loading time on iphone XS max is insanely fast. I'm still curious about the Galaxy 10 and some real world scenarios.

  • Anonymous

LOL, 20 Jan 2019No big surprise, Apple's chips are 1-2 generations ahead of anyt... moreUntil on real life situations that claim of optimizing leaves a lot to be desired

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2019This is brilliant. I wish you guys could see the comment section... moreNope. I've been here all along. You sound like people on sony posts

  • Anonymous

Indrawan, 20 Jan 2019So huawei P30 pro can kill it easyMaybe in camera

  • Anonymous

DD, 20 Jan 2019Samsung have worse battery life. My S4, S6, S8 and now Note 8 ne... moreAnd most others are even worse

  • Anonymous

AnonD-784107, 19 Jan 2019Yes but the fact is it may have shrunk it. But instill remains. ... moreThey are amazingly fast. And have never been really slow in comparison.
If that were true then it would also be true that even stock Android is a slow buggy, laggy, virus ridden mess.

So huawei P30 pro can kill it easy

  • Anonymous

This is brilliant. I wish you guys could see the comment sections from years ago when Apple's chips were not topping the chart. Roles reversed, hypocrisy.

But because it's Apple on top of the charts now, its all 'yeah but this, yeah but that' 'it doesn't matter, whats the real word difference'

The Android biased readers of this website just cannot give Apple any credit for anything, it's hilarious to read

  • DUH

Android in general is far superior than Apple..especially when it come to customization. take that away, Android would be boring just like Apple, no home screen, close OS etc. If Android be just like Apple, I bet the result would be way different.