Korean phone companies encounter worst export in last 16 years

21 January 2019
Samsung and LG shipments are 23% down YoY due to slow sales in China.

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Alien , 23 Jan 2019Not everything is about money.. It's sad to see you litera... moreMan also expensive doesnt means better.
Samsung and Sony lost its credit long time ago and you sponsoring company which is nothing else just a bunch of thieves.
If xiaomi can make a cheap phone with awesome specs and can last several year like Samsung or Sony then there is no reason to pay twice more for Sony or Samsung with equal quality.
In past i had your thinking as well.
Until i bought Sony for 500 which was in 2 years more times serviced than i was sick in my life.
Then i give up on expensive brands and bought Huawei and then lenovo. Now i have Moto X4 for 15 months and just today got Pie. Phone is working very well.

I dont know like you but i rather pay 200 bucks for xiaomi and give rest to the poor or homeless than having equal in specs phone from Sony or Samsung for 400 bucks.

  • Alien

CptPower, 23 Jan 2019Finaly Samsung can go nuts with their poor quality and expe... moreNot everything is about money..
It's sad to see you literally cannot get past that. Cheaper doesn't necessarily mean better in 99% of the cases.
Cheap china phones are for grandparents and teenagers who can't afford yet a high end device.
I would never use one of those, not to mention pay for it.
Only Samsung or Sony for me.

I still use my LG G3 from 2015, because it has a removable battery, why should I buy a phone that dies after an year and should be thrown in the garbage?

Finaly Samsung can go nuts with their poor quality and expensive pricing.
There is nothing worth to buy amsung compared to chinese companies like Xiaomi Huawei Vio Oppo or Lenovo

  • Anonymous

What make they slow revenue because they focus just make phone think like Xiaomi and samsung and lg Sony. Not just make phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2019Quality and Samsung aren't friends. Any Samsung won't last long.honestly I don't care if you hate Samsung but for me I love using my s9 satisfied no issue no problem. have a Good life !

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2019yeah in real life am a Samsung user using this phone since ... moreQuality and Samsung aren't friends. Any Samsung won't last long.

  • Anonymous

5G breakthrough technology?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-826051, 21 Jan 2019Didn't know that, thanks. It is so unusual for Samsung phon... moreHave used Samsung phones since they were underdogs 13 years ago. Their cameras have always been one of the best among other phones in the same price range.

  • Fglenfiddich

The so called leading phone makers such as samsung and apple keeps lowering down their sales because of their belief that they are still the number one company and so they are not really being "generous" in giving incremental upgrade on their phones that these new Chinese phone makers are doing now. And these chinese phone makers are being quick in releasing the best and latest features that buyers want and now the biggest names like apple and samsung seems to be holding back or slow in giving what people want and now they are starting to look they are copying the chinese phone makers that sells it cheaper by the way. Samsung and apple, you will keep losing if you still think you are the number 1 in the market and you need to wake up from the reality that there are many phone makers now that offers not as smooth experience like yours probably but generous and latest features that seem to be improving. Apple and samsung i believe in your products but stop acting like pre-madona and be generous with yearly update on your phones cos you guys are not just 2 leading on the market now, and hey samsung, theres someone who started releasing foldable phones now that youve been flaunting few years ago.

dude111, 21 Jan 2019Right.... it was not an Apple article, otherwise it will be... moreIf it is Apple article the title would be, "Apple will not disclosed their sales number". Yet, people still know they are doomed. Burnt.

Luxor, 21 Jan 2019The best answer in the article is, "Phone companies all acr... moreRight.... it was not an Apple article, otherwise it will be

"Apple'z doooooomeeeed!!!11 hahaalolz"

  • Anonymous

Syuser, 21 Jan 2019Samsung is quality?! Then you are a Samsung worker! In real... moreyeah in real life am a Samsung user using this phone since Samsung galaxy core prime till now using Samsung s9. don't tell me you cannot afford buying Samsung phone ??? for sure your just only using crap china phones Lol xD

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2019well said! its the quality not the quantity. Samsung known ... moreSamsung is quality?! Then you are a Samsung worker! In real life proof: Not in a million years!

  • Anonymous

The only major smartphone company not struggling is Huawei, and thats after all the so called bans that the US has put on them to stop their dominance lmao

  • Finophile

For at least 10 years every country in Asia attempting to pull itself out of poverty with manufacturing has been complaining that the ascendant China has been devastating them. So it a no surprise that China has caught up with higher technology and now Korea is next.

This is typed in an Oppo phone which many complain is of poor quality yet is in its third year of operation and the best phone I've had.

Great and frightening changes for the world

  • AnonD-784107

The reason why the market is saturated Samsung have a tendency to release new mobiles it seems every week.

Im no fanboy. But I think Apple have nailed it. Bring 2 or 3 models each year. The world and its wife queues for the latest model. Then bingo big sales. But 2018 was poor for all companies.

We need new innovations. New designs.

  • Anonymous

Alien , 21 Jan 2019I got an S8+ this year and will upgrade to S10+ or Sony XZ4... morewell said! its the quality not the quantity. Samsung known for the quality and awesome display. while china phones are worst. phones on the market people are just only attracted by that huge specs battery and MP but. when it comes to the quality just only last for a year. if Samsung will riff off on the market much better to go for an iPhone and or OnePlus

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2019My Samsung mobile is quick drain battery after OTA update. ... moreHave you factory reseted your phone? That is normal behaviour with phones after OTA upgrade. You have to make factory reset. It the battery drain is bad even after factory reset, then you may bleim the company.

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 21 Jan 2019Korean Phone Companies? U mean Samsung? LG already has t... moreI know right? Seems like they don't wanna throw their beloved brand under the bus alone. LG's been failing for years already