Samsung's upcoming Galaxy A90 to have a pop-up selfie cam

02 February 2019
The handset is likely still months away, though.

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  • Note9 User

Maybe it would've been best to have this in the S10 series, especially if it was as close to IP68 as possible.

This is great n

  • Orsen

No thanks, that kind of system creates problems with dirt, dust, water, and in addition that combination can scratch the glass when the camera goes up or down. Apart from being able to get stuck or fail the mechanism over time due to the ammount of use or due to a fall on the ground even if the phone has a good case.

For me it's perfect too!! Pup-up selfie camera is much better than dual ugly holes of s10+ which is like a notch but on the right side !

If they do it right, make it's availability worldwide, and price it correctly, then they got a winner on their hands.

  • ash

oh yeah yeah

  • Anonymous

In Italy "A90" sounds like "bent over". Just wanted to share

  • Anonymous

So screen to body ratio is what makes a phone perfect?
I don't really care if I have large bezels I want better specs and more fluent software