Samsung's upcoming Galaxy A90 to have a pop-up selfie cam

02 February 2019
The handset is likely still months away, though.

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  • Easycom

Orsen, 02 Feb 2019No thanks, that kind of system creates problems with dirt, ... moreYou're right! It's not good at all.

  • great

I wish they had done this with S10. Personally I use selfie camera maybe 10 times at most per year, and I can actually live without e selfie cam at all. Not fan of face/iris unlock either! I get it you. can do video chat and all of that, but hey, I have sticker on my laptop camera and never use it, guess why...

It would have been great if Samsung was offering popup selfie camera option.

Samsung slider is coming too perhaps

Lyndino, 03 Feb 2019Everybody - "Looks like Apple and Samsung are copying chine... moreI for one don't. Samsung could do it the right way compared to the other companies

Mqo , 03 Feb 2019As long as it's not the iPhone type notch I'm happy for Sam... moreExactly. They have more funds for availability

  • Mqo

As long as it's not the iPhone type notch I'm happy for Samsung ,glad the Periscope is coming to Samsung coz vivos are not available in my country

  • Mqo

Samsung has led innovation in so many ways it's ok let them copy also

  • Mqo

[deleted post]How about you come up with something innovative,

  • Mqo

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2019The smartphone evolution since its inception had been influ... moreDo u really think you are the only ones that knows .u actually took time out of your day to type

  • Anonymous

Apple innovates, Chinese innovates, Samsung drink coffee. As I said before, Samsung is copying Apple and Chinese design for 10 years as you can see that S1-S10 doesn't have any original design. All of them are just a boring and uninspiring copycat. Now Samsung will copy Chinese innovation and then claim it as Samsung's. Thank you Apple and Chinese OEMs for working hard by innovating and designing something that makes our mind blow!

Everybody - "Looks like Apple and Samsung are copying chinese phones now"
Samsung - "Hold my beer"
I truly hope this is a stupid false rumor.

Samsung doesn't know what to do. V notches, U notches, O holes, now pop-up cam.... it really does seem like that they throw 💩 to the wall and see what sticks.

  • Anonymous

Now, waiting for Apple to jump into bandwagon

  • Anonymous

Hope note 10 doesn’t have the notch/hole .

  • Anonymous

The smartphone evolution since its inception had been influenced primarily by Apple, feeding on American smartphone ecosystem which was fast-growing and the most vibrant in previous years. This Apple led effort had reached a plateau in recent time partly because the American smartphone ecosystem had matured, slowed down, and was no longer as vibrant.

The next stage of smartphone evolution, at least in the near terms, will be primarily driven by Chinese Tech companies feeding on the Chinese smartphone ecosystem, the most vibrant and the most innovative in the world today. What Apple and Samsung will do in the coming years may influence some details of this general trend. I do hope other companies (LG, SONY, HTC, etc.) stay around. If not for anything else, they can provide alternatives for those people who are easily "injured" by anything Chinese.

This trend already started in 2018. But 2019 will be the Year-UNO when this new reality fully emerge. This new reality is not about the rise of individual Chinese Tech companies or their new technologies, it is more about explosive development of the Chinese smartphone ecosystem, about the creative forces driving such development. It is about those daring Chinese companies that keep inventing and re-inventing new ways smartphones are being used in the modern Chinese society. It is about an ever-extending long list of Chinese Unicorns (128 Chinese Unicorns in total, as of January, 2019). It is about thousands of new companies that are coming into being within such an ecosystem. The rise of Chinese smartphone companies and their technologies are merely a small and a very partial reflection of those powerful driving forces behind. The Chinese smartphone ecosystem will simply march on at its own pace, and along the way it will re-define, in Chinese terms, what smartphone means for a modern society.

  • Anonymous

That is great. With Chinese phone makers setting the direction and leading the way, Samsung follows. (LG and Sony are being dragged along unwillingly.) That is the way for the smartphone world of the future.

Chinese companies setting the direction: Large bezel-free full frontal screen.

Chinese companies leading way with at least 4 unique world's first implementations for bezel-free full front screen:
1) Vivo NEX S (2018): pop-up selfie camera, with in-display fingerprint sensor.
2) Oppo Find X (2018): Motorized slider with both front and back cameras;
3) Xiaomi Mix 3 (2018): Mechanized slider with selfie camera;
4) Vivo NEX 2 (2018): Double screens, with back cameras used for selfie.

New and additional world's first implementation(s) are forth coming. Stay tuned.

As usual they don't create, they adopt, Samsung nowadays is like Chinese brands yesterday.

  • samsung copy paste

samsung everything copied in case xiaomi and vivo nex

  • Orsen

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2019Still tho better than holes on the screen The majority of Samsung fans will refuse to buy a phone without IP 68 rating that which is a differentiating feature and they always advertise. Lose it for a hole for the water, no thanks.

  • Anonymous

Orsen, 02 Feb 2019No thanks, that kind of system creates problems with dirt, ... moreStill tho better than holes on the screen