Counterclockwise: periscope cameras are old news, optical zoom dates back to 2004

17 March 2019
And back then phones could zoom in with just a single camera - no need for 2, 3, 4, 5 cameras!

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Anonymous, 18 Mar 2019I just can't see the source where this information is coming fro... moreWell i cant i did not found any comparison.
But when some arises i will tel you.
I can only score from photos i see comparing to photos to other brands.

NoteEdgeUser, 17 Mar 2019Nokia 9 doesn't dominate anything and according to XDA the camer... moreDid you tryed it???
No then whats your problem.
Many people via youtube or simmilar can prove you are wrong.

  • Anonymous

There was a time when Nokia produced more innovations than all other companies combined.
Even when some Sony phones delivered great quality photos, Nokia still could do better video and thus better overall experience. Add to that the wide range of phones they offered back then... A phone for every need.

good old days... sigh!

  • ack68

The n93 was the best camera phone out there when it first came out. Except for the sound of the zoom, it was better than everything else for quite a while.

Nokia Pureview was great during its time. If you were to use it in this time of 2019 its not that great. Pixel still the king in camera department. Optical zoom is not really an important feature these day. Telephoto lens itself not even gaining much trend as more people are gravitated towards wide angle lens.


I don't even use my phone camera

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 17 Mar 2019The camera phone market. Its a best camera phone for a bokeh e... moreI just can't see the source where this information is coming from. Care to share it? Rather than just assuming it just because it says the "Best Camera Phone".

  • Anonymous

I need a bigger sensor

CptPower, 17 Mar 2019Nokia 808 pureview was best camera phone ever made now Nokia 9 p... moreNokia 9 doesn't dominate anything and according to XDA the camera is laggy and not very user friendly.

  • Greekguy

Most of them are not periscope cameras, are just zoom lenses. In periscope camera arrangement, the sensor is perpendicular to the lens.

I found UMTS still too underrated back in 2004 (in my opinion)

Nokia was way ahead of the time
they already had features which Samsung advertises today
failure of Nokia was failure of technology
Just imagine nokia not been bought by Microsoft
Nokia transitioned to Android

  • Alex

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2019No .... You are ignoring the crop factor. Why do Sony has ... more1. The crop factor doesn't affect the aperture of the lens.
2. Because they are smaller and cheaper to make. (Almost) every lens maker have them, for those who doesn't need larger image circle.
3. Yes, the FOV and DOF are different because of the sensor, not because of the lens. The exposure is the same.
4. Yes, 25mm f2 for M4/3 = 50 mm f4 Full Frame, but only when it comes to FOV and DOF, due to the difference in the sensors. The exposure is still the same. 25 mm f/2 is still a 25 mm f/2, mount it on a micro 4/3, or full frame.
6. You have f/22 (and smaller) on Full frame lenses, because on bigger sensors diffraction kicks in at smaller apertures than on smaller sensors.
5. Both you and Tony Northrup should learn what is "exposure" and what is "gathered light".
6. f/2 on larger sensors can blur the background because of the sensor size, not because of the aperture.
7. A 25 mm f/2 lens won't magically turn to to 50 mm f/4, if you put it on a smaller sensor. It's just that the sensor will record different things. Which leads as back to my original statement. An f/2 lens is ALWAYS an f/2 lens, no matter on what sensor is.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players"...
Shakespeare's poet which was quoted by Gary Oldman on N93i ads.

The mobile industry needs to go back in time and offer consumers more diversity. Offer us more form factors and not just slabs. Offer us materials and don't force us to buy phones with glass backs. Give us removable battery and headphone jack back. Bring back more compact phones.

I hate how nowadays we really don't have a choice. The irony is my 2nd favorite phone ever is the Essential Phone which doesn't have headphone jack and was released in 2017. I felt 2017 & 2018 were terrible years with smartphone. I rarely batted an eye for most of them except for the OPPO Find X.

Today's flagship era -
Mostly slabs although foldables can change things.
Large, unwieldy surfboard phones.
Glass backs.
No headphone jack.
No removable battery.

We need to return to a more diversified era.

m20, 17 Mar 2019Lol, what market does the Nokia 9 dominate exactly? The camera phone market.
Its a best camera phone for a bokeh effects and is on the par with other flagships for other camera photos.

  • 3p

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2019For me a combo RGB + mono is enough. Both 1/1.8", 27mm, f2.0 a... moreThis is simply not true.

  • Anonymous

Alex, 17 Mar 2019For those who does not know: the aperture is a characteristic ... moreNo .... You are ignoring the crop factor.

Why do Sony has apsc lenses if they use same mount of full frame? Because a FF lens used on APSC will give different FOV and exposure compared to FF.

Check the video of Tony Northrup, he explains that. Same lens was tested on FF, APSC and Micro 4/3.

25mm f2 for M4/3 = 50 mm f4 Full Frame

Mid format = 0.65
Full Frame = 1
Apsc = 1.50
Micro 4/3 = 2.0
1/2.55 = about 7

Many Full frame lenses can go f22. What would be the point of having bigger sensor if aperture was smaller as for phones? You would need much slower shutter.

F2.0 is more than enough to blur the background on cameras, not on phones.

  • Anonymous

talha5007, 17 Mar 2019only of Nokia have adopted android in time.Nothing would have changed. Android became useful with GB and it lost the lag with JB. Nokia was doomed to fall and it did. RIP.