Sony's smartphone workforce to be reduced by 50% within a year

30 March 2019
Some of the Japanese employees to be transferred to other divisions, voluntary retirement on the table in Europe and China.

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Anonymous, 31 Mar 2019Real Sony users are satisfied for sure. My four years old Z3 is ... moreI have a working z3 and I do love it. But I also know from experience how different it's experience is from what people claim about battery, camera, audio, and speed. And that's from multiple handsets. With some suffering the motherboard and touch issues of that time frame of Sony.

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Nechan, 31 Mar 2019Even Japanese choose iPhone over Sony for smartphone. Sony shoul... moreThat's just not true.

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AnharmA, 31 Mar 2019Why writing alot of text if you just telling lies? The sales num... moreSo in other words the made a factual point in response to your claims. So instead of replying with any form.of logic or maturity you just play side tracking games and claim. They only lie. I don't like your words so therefor you are a liar. Sony is perfect. Sony is God. Anything stated otherwise is all lies.

Luxor, 30 Mar 2019Maybe they should just focus on gaining attention in Japan marke... moreEven Japanese choose iPhone over Sony for smartphone. Sony should really do a big redesign, their phone design was ugly af for today standart, samsung was the leader for smartphone design right now.

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2019Real Sony users are satisfied for sure. My four years old Z3 is ... moreReal Samsung and iPhone user here tell the same.

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Mike, 31 Mar 2019Have you ever used Huawei P series before? Guess not but I did s... moreI don't think they always necessarily make the software slower directly. And it was not to a crawl, but probably just less snappy at times. And this goes to most companies not just Huawei. But as soon as a phone is not their main seller and focus I think it's that most just give less attention and optimizing to the updates. It's more like.... Oh I guess we are obligated to give a number change and make it usable... Fine... And it makes our update catelog look better. And this even I cludes apple.
Its unfortunate to say the least.

Mike, 31 Mar 2019What gives you constant experience? I'm not sure what that means... moreWhy writing alot of text if you just telling lies? The sales number and Sony's bad performance on mobile division tell fact.

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Johnny, 31 Mar 2019Sony has all the technology from Music, Cameras, TV, the brand i... moreExactly. They have the name, tech, money, and power. But what they deliver just doesn't match up to that. And they don't advertise and push it at least make people know them and think they do even. Just idle along with good enough devices.

  • Mike

IpsDisplay, 31 Mar 2019Dude stop with the propganda with miui and emui slow down that i... moreHave you ever used Huawei P series before? Guess not but I did so did my family members and my friends. From the very first P model every EMUI update has slowed down the phones including P9 that made a breakthrough on western markets and positioned itself as a flagship challenger. P9 users will remember upgrade to EMUI 5.0 cause their phones have halted to a crawl. That was obviously part of their business plan in order to move users to by another phone next year. P10 has some lag and speed issues over the time as well. So there you go. It was not until P20 that chip got powerful enough to deal with the issues in real time some times.

Besides the point, the guy I replied to has claimed that Sony is unsustainable in expereince over the time and thus it's the reason of their downfall which is clearly invalid point to claim because Huawei would not exist today if that was true.

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Mike, 31 Mar 2019What gives you constant experience? I'm not sure what that means... moreOh please. It wasn't even until like 2 years ago or 3 max that Sony finally fixed two of their most severe flaws. Ones that persisted untouched or acknowledged for years across many many models.
Random motherboard failures: So many endless pages of people having this issue. Ranging from everyone saying it would eventually come back on or try certain reboots, flashes, or repaires. Even manually opening the back panel to disconnect the battery.
You could spend hours or days and get lucky and it would eventually come back on. And then people had guesses at how to try and prevent it again.
Or to being the unlucky and spending days or weeks trying and hoping just to figure out your time and effort was for nothing. That you were among the half that never came back. Yes it was not a couple users with this issue. Many times it was multiple people in the threads that ended up with a dead one.
And then you call customer care which doesn't even acknowledge it as an existing issue. Even though the net is full of endless pages for years from many different models and users with this issue and reporting talking to customer care.
And if it's not under warranty not only can they not help you because the issue is not acknowledged but you can't even actually pay them to fix it. There is nothing they can do for you. All they can tell you is that you can buy parts online and fix it yourself. And name Amazon and a couple random stores to try and find parts for these devices.... Which half the time they won't have anyway. Especially with it usually being the main logic/mother board needing to be replaced. And you find this out from threads after you even change the battery, power cables, screens, and all.

.... And then every Sony page on GSM or YouTube or the web has users saying Sony is perfect and better than everyone and every other phone sucks. And they sworm every Sony page and endlessly guard them and attack anyone that so much as even peeps that Sony might have a flaw or not be perfect. And issues like the above never happened.

And while that was going on you had the touch dying after any single crack: One tiny hairline and most likely the entire touch is gone. Add that to certain models that were known for cracking so easy at times they were called self cracking. Just like Bendgate. And just like Bendgate it ruined the touch. Also just like Bendgate both apple and Sony denied the issues and blamed the users. However even Apple years later finally admitted it was an issue. Still blamed the user, but admitted its existence and offered cheaper repairs.
To this day Sony never admitted these issues. They don't offer repairs for it unless you have warranty. Not even if you are willing to pay.
And these pages are still full of people denying it.

.... But sonys perfect and these problems don't exist. And even though I still love Sony and my Sony devices I'm just hater and making up crap.
It seems more apparent that most of you defending Sony are not true fans like myself and it doesn't seem like you actually had that many Sony devices.

And apple? Bendgate alone which they knew existed before release and blamed on the users alone is enough to prove they don't always stand the test of time either.
Look. This is reality and all the companies have had some big hardware and software issues. And they have their profits in mind way more than caring for our satisfaction. Not realizing the correlation between the two.
So this whole idea that Apple or Sony are worth this unreasonable extra money cause they have some imaginary quality level is bogus.

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2019In Thailand, Sony, HTC, LG are already extinct. What's left is ... moreI think it's same across South East Asia

  • 60E[z]

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2019Their problem is not cutting jobs. It's the fact that they have ... moreAgree.
Im curious.. did sony lay off those smart ericsson executives? Sony ericsson was my favorite brand back when i was in school. Sony ericsson was teenagers favorite back then, just like iphone in present days.

  • Operation Blitz

Sony Ericsson phones were the phones to have, I never stopped getting them from the T68i onwards, They were way ahead for there time. The last phone I had was the P990 awesome bit of kit!

I made a big error getting the Sony Z5 , It was uninspiring and had a cheap plastic like feel, It was a £600 phone at time of purchase but some 3 months later it was worth £160 , Not even cars depreciate that quickly!. That was my last last dance with Sony Mobile.

I would also like to thanks to the joker on here who said Xbox outsell Playstation.......Dream on ! I had a Xbox One X couldn't wait to get rid of it ! You cant update the xbox without it being on all the time??? Thanks but no thanks .

One area Sony dominates is the Playstation market !

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2019In Thailand, Sony, HTC, LG are already extinct. What's left is ... moresame in my country

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Anonymous, 31 Mar 2019Not popular enough as same as Moto.But new 3310 is still popular among elders.
Youths maybe not even know what Nokia
or Motorola is.

  • Nabil

In Egypt no sony
but i have the plain to return it to the world

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Anonymous, 31 Mar 2019Nokia?Not popular enough as same as Moto.

Mike, 31 Mar 2019What gives you constant experience? I'm not sure what that means... moreDude stop with the propganda with miui and emui slow down that is left for Samsung and Apple

I admire your blind faith in Sony though too bad in the context of smartphones super longevity is not that demanded as say a car

  • Mike

AnharmA, 31 Mar 2019People like us wants a phone that delivers consistent overall us... moreWhat gives you constant experience? I'm not sure what that means but I would assume that during the time of usage experience doesn't fall apart or slows down.

Would love to hear from you what phone manufacturer gives you that because apparently Sony can't. I know right off the bat that it cannot be Huawei or Xiaomi cause they relied on updates to slow your phone down after every EMUI/MIUI upgrade. Samsung is also terribly late on OS upgrades so they are not the best example of constant experience either. If you are talking about hardware build quality or fit and finish that can sustain test of time and be battletested then I'm not sure what beats Sony in that area besides Apple.

  • Mike

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2019Because XZ3 oled screen is made by LG, from South Korea.Sony makes drivers for the panel as well as software portion. Panel as panel could be crap when implemented or could be the best ever. It's not a plug and play game like many think it is.