Weekly poll: will you buy a 5G phone this year?

28 April 2019
5G networks are launching all over the world and there's a quickly growing number of 5G-capable flagships. But is it too early?

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"5G" Like a premature Baby Now. Till (2024-25)

  • Alex

No, i will not. I'm tired of $1000 flagships full of bugs. This year, i will buy a cheap up to $200 phone, and will replace my trusty old Sony mirrorless camera with a new one. Maybe i'll even go "full-frame" this time.

  • Anonymous

No, it would be years for my area got 5G coverage

Why would I need 5G?
Right now, as far as network is in good condition 4G is sufficient even for intense online gaming where ping is important. Or its perfect for downloading big files, even 2k videos(because why I would need 4k on phone....)
Only real downside from user perspective in 4G is its really bad power optimization... but 5G as far as I see from all those talk about it... is the same... wo why would we need it? For some fancy security that probably have more backdoors now thanks to our bellowed govs and unions?
No thanks.

Right now problem is to ACTUALLY USE 4G because its not used in even 40%
They show 5G when 4G is barely standing!

So message to operators:
Fix 4G coverage before you shout that you have 5G

I'm not buying a 5G phone any time soon. Currently not even 4G is fully saturated. Also, why would I care about higher speeds while carriers still have the concept of severely limited data plans (traffic amount) ?
I will consider it the moment I would be allowed to transfer 1TB or more monthly for free.
Until then, the 70-100 Mbps I can get with 4G is more than enough for anything I could possibly do on a mobile.

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2019too expensive, too gimmicky for nowSame thing you say about 4G. Probably we'll be using 5G as a standard by 2022.

  • Anonymous

Why 5g?
I can just use a few gigs of data. Im not interested even in 4g

  • Shaun

Are you kidding me? My country will probably only start using 5G in 2025.

  • Anonymous

too expensive, too gimmicky for now

  • Canadian Dude

Well, who wants free cancer once 5g rolls around? Not me!

  • wac

geordie81, 28 Apr 2019how is 5g a gimmick???, talk about a daft comment, yes it i... moreIt won't be a gimmick in a few years. But now - it is.

  • M

Waiting for Note 10 4G, not 5G...

AnonD-797904, 28 Apr 20195G-capable device is just a gimmick these days because 5G n... morehow is 5g a gimmick???, talk about a daft comment, yes it isnt widespread and for many people there is no point buying a 5g handset for at least the next 12-18 months (Where I live it will be about 3-4 years), but if you live in a 5g area and are willing to pay the premium to have those rediculous speeds then it makes it totally relevent and worth it

No. I just got iPhone XS Max in January

  • Anonymous

I like how so many mobile carriers are hyping this 5G up for no reason, as it has still not been implemented by them and there are also no phones who support it available. It's all just a dream for now. One thing they should hype are 4K HDR displays/content as it has a lot more potential at the moment and it's also more and more affordable.

  • AnonD-797904

5G-capable device is just a gimmick these days because 5G network hasn't completely gone widespread yet.
It would take several years before it will fully become relevant to switch.

I don't even use mobile data that often

It might take a few years for 5G to become relevant, so no reason to pay more for a phone right now.
I'd say in 3 years 5G will be good enough to spend the money on it, but in 3 years there will be no special 5G variants, new tech will be a standard for a flagship then.