Google suspends Huawei's Android license following a Trump order

20 May 2019
Chip companies, including Intel and Qualcomm, also begin to cut supply to the Chinese maker.

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  • Anonymous

LaBodilsen, 20 May 2019My reaction to this is to uninstall/deactivate most google servi... moreWow way to show Google, they'll miss you I'm sure

Anonymous, 20 May 2019I’m not even American, but I would love someone like Trump to l... moreand where is the truth on what's happening? how many people has demanded USA to forward proof that Huawei is using their tech in an unethical way yet they have showed nothing? how is it that these attacks to Huawei coincidentally happen when USA is in the middle of trade war with China? USA claims the Chinese government and specifically Huawei are playing dirty yet not a single proof is shown.

I won't be surprised if Android blacklists Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, OnePlus next, if they start making more profits than iPhone and other American companies. And soon after that, all Chinese smartphone makers could be targeted, for making great growth and profits.

There should be group action lawsuits against Google in the United States and Huawei should take Google and the US Administration to the International Court of Justice.

I have been hoping for more Operating Systems on smartphones for the longest. Maybe this will help create more Operating Systems.

  • Anonymous

T M, 20 May 2019Or maybe it's a wake up to shady companies like Huawei who have ... moreHypocrites. As if they don't have the NSA.

Pot meet kettle.

  • Memphis

OK, lets go with Tizen

  • aamir

huawei became the 2nd largest phone manufacturer in world after samsung in first spot and bypassed apple......


its a trade war. nothing else. if they start manufacturing phones with snapdragon for the US and pour in money to Qualcomm and other companies that manufacture the modems and other parts etc, eventually giving the US a share, in addition to the already existing software giant GOOGLE, this will be over sooner than anyone can imagine. anyways, after hearing this news, i got rid of my 2 mate 10s and p30 lite right away.

Dorsefrith, 20 May 2019Ok, tomorrow I was suppose to pick up my Oneplus 7 Pro from the ... moreThat's possible if OnePlus started shipping 50 million mobiles with flagship experience at 1/3 of iPhone price

  • sn00p

lol huawei xD

  • Anonymous

deep_thinker, 20 May 2019Current current pixels are LG madeMade by google in china, designed by team bought from HTC for 1.1 billion dorrars.....

  • LaBodilsen

My reaction to this is to uninstall/deactivate most google services on my Android Phone.

Remove Chrome - Install Brave
Remove Maps - Install Here WeGo
Remove Home
Remove Assistant

I will also move away from other google services like Gmail and Drive, and use other services instead.

I do not like to be trapped.

  • Anonymous

SailfishOS is pretty good alternative to Android imo

  • debianxfce

nooe, 20 May 2019Nope only flavours Booting time less than 5 sec ram 300mb wi... moreI've been using debian testing with zfs root partition for more than a year. And finally say byebye to windows and any other linux distributions.

  • nooe

debianxfce, 20 May 2019Opensuse is trash. Unstable bloated linux. Debian xfce is the b... moreNope only flavours

Booting time less than 5 sec ram 300mb with desktop
Only booting on major kernel updates happen 6-8 weeks in between

  • Sahnoun

i still and will still use the huawei smartphone and am waiting for the kirin os and so exciting to use and maybe i will be a kirin os developer as am web and android developer
i hope huawei still strong and many user will keep use your smatphone

  • T M

Anonymous, 20 May 2019This is a wake up call for other Android device manufacturers, a... moreOr maybe it's a wake up to shady companies like Huawei who have been called out on privacy in both phone and signal infurstructure. It's not only the US who is very leary on their practices.

  • debianxfce

nooe, 20 May 2019Internet is build on open source if you format you Windows part... moreOpensuse is trash. Unstable bloated linux.
Debian xfce is the best, stable, and simpler.

  • Jake

Anonymous, 20 May 2019Anti-America comments inboundDon't mix south america with USA. South america doesn't have good relations with USA. EU doesn't too, so taxes and other trades were go down, with cars being the next target now in time pause. And now China together with other countries doesn't have good relations and trade with USA. Coincidence? NO, when you have a politics like Trump is doing you simply earn that other countries turn the face against you, give you the back and leave you lonely. So good luck with that.

In the last G8-G20 a lot of presidents where avoiding talks with Trump and they were avoiding photos with him too. As it's say, what you sow you will reap.

  • nooe

Internet is build on open source if you format you Windows partition today only thing is you end up with all the features you suppose to have no big deal only minutes away

androidbrick, 20 May 2019There are even worse, here ( Turkey ) we can't even buy phones f... moreIt's not dumb, he's protecting American companies (Apple). Because he knows Huawei are only getting more popular. It's not good for consumers, don't get me wrong I'm not saying this is good news. But he's not dumb in what he's doing

  • Anonymous

--VM--, 20 May 2019If they created OWN OS . No problem . Than what about whatsapp... moreI can live without those.
Watsapp --> go back to sms.
Facebook --> trash. Last time i access my fb was in 2015.
Google --> there are many search engine other than google