Google suspends Huawei's Android license following a Trump order

20 May 2019
Chip companies, including Intel and Qualcomm, also begin to cut supply to the Chinese maker.

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Joe Dickson, 20 May 2019Will old phones be getting updates?Learn to read

Anonymous, 20 May 2019The US is a dirty player. Still no proof of Huawei doing... moreEven if they create new OS will take years to get as popular as Android, here is no choice for Huawei but just to comply

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2019The US is a dirty player. Still no proof of Huawei doing... moreThey are seen as a potential threat by US government and they already have their own os

  • Chee Khuan

Ton, 20 May 2019From consumer perspective, it's bad, but if you are the pre... moreIf the president of all countries around the world are thinking and doing like what you said, the development will move backwards to ten years before.

You can protect and help the companies in your country, but you totally cannot attack the companies from other countries.

Where is the fair trade that always mentioned by the American?

  • Anonymous

The US is a dirty player.

Still no proof of Huawei doing any wrong

Hopefully China bans Apple now as retaliation and Huawei creates a new OS

Game over Huawei, you fought bravely, sorry you lost :D

  • Xavi3r

You see that is why is not good to keep all the eggs in one basket. This is not only about Huawei but it's about every big phone manufacturer (except o pixel phones), because when you become heavily reliant on someone else's software and cloud services this is what might happen . What if Google decides to block access to oppo , xiaomi , Lenovo and to every other Chinese phone manufacturer. What's gonna happen with them. That's why it's better to develop your own software and make your own apps / app store and be prepared for this kind of scenario.

  • Chee Khuan

Anonymous, 20 May 2019They have not even shown the "proof" against Huawei to Euro... moreThat is one of the dirty tricks that always used by America and South Korea in order to beat their competitors.

  • Shayw

This is more troubling from a political/national perspective. Are the two main operating system controlled by America? The need for more OS providers is clear. There is definitely a need for an OS which collects NO information unless you specifically allow I.e. traffic flow.
Yip I miss Symbian.

  • Anonymous

LaBodilsen, 20 May 2019If orhers did the same, it would help. Btw: i also bough... moreWell I would say sorry for your purchase, but it's still a crackin phone.I'm not loyal to any company so I don't care which I use and no matter which company you use none are without their issues and non can be trusted.

I doubt the sanction will last as the Huawei user base is too large for android to lose.

And even though I might have come across as rude before, I was being honest ....Google won't care about a minority of users not using their services.
It would have to be a monumental movement away from Google to get them sweating

  • Daniel

Huawei will find another way of making it to the top. its far better than iphone and thats why Trump wants it down but no worries over that, Huawei will make it to the top by 2021.

  • Anonymous

Baykko, 20 May 2019and where is the truth on what's happening? how many people... moreThey have not even shown the "proof" against Huawei to European governments. They just expect us to believe what they are claiming.

  • LaBodilsen

Anonymous, 20 May 2019Wow way to show Google, they'll miss you I'm sure If orhers did the same, it would help.

Btw: i also bought a mate 20 lite today.

  • Ton

From consumer perspective, it's bad, but if you are the president, of course you will try to protect a company from your own country, nothing wrong to that. I don't really give a shit about all this. I never buy huawei phone anyway, even without all these thing. They still late for any Android update, so kudos to that. Mid range phone like like nova 3i, still stuck with Android 8. While xiaomi note 7 already with Android 9. Huawei just really releasing way too much phone, and didn't bother about update. This time I go with the American! Don't ever locked your bootloader Huawei!

  • AnonD-784107

All a stupid farce thanks to Donald Chump. It's all an plan to help poor iPhone sales. You watch Samsung and other Android device makers will be next. All so they can get Apple up to top. Simple answer make a killer camera phone that people will buy. Yes iphone are beautiful expensive and ok on specs. But no killer camera. If iphobe 11 comes with Hauwei p20 or P30 camera I will buy one tomoz. Go on Apple do it. iPhone X with triple Camera.

  • The objective Guy

LaBodilsen, 20 May 2019My reaction to this is to uninstall/deactivate most google ... moreYou can also install Lineage OS without the embedded Google Play Services

Anonymous, 20 May 2019Life is so much *simpler* with smartphones today: no newspa... moreTrue at some point but still the phones controls you. Life is just not about technology at the palm of your hands. It's about the simplicity of life with minimal use of technology involved. Let's say imagine the entire grid collapse. You be back the in middle ages.

  • The objective Guy

sm4rt4ss, 20 May 2019Samsung is South Korean. Not only that, Samsung employs thousands of people in the US, has R&D and poduction facilities as well as their North American headquarters. That measure would be as non sense as banning Toyota or Honda which have also invested heavily in the US

  • sasa

Huawei, xaomi, zte, vivo ... have to develop new operating system and play service like .

  • sm4rt4ss

The last Oracle, 20 May 2019I won't be surprised if Android blacklists Samsung, Xiaomi,... moreSamsung is South Korean.