Google suspends Huawei's Android license following a Trump order

20 May 2019
Chip companies, including Intel and Qualcomm, also begin to cut supply to the Chinese maker.

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  • Anonymous

Supposedly Google are giving Huawei temporary license access, obviously weighing up the repercussions will be if they cut ties permanently, I mean love or hate Huawei, you must admit they have brought innovation and competition to the market again. Their flagships are getting pricey just like the others but you don't get bells and whistles in features as well as a highly polished look and feel on the cheap.

Yes there are cheap phones with good spec internals but they usually lack in other areas, I have iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and for my sins HMD

  • bom

The last Oracle, 20 May 2019I won't be surprised if Android blacklists Samsung, Xiaomi, Redm... moreSamsung is an south Korean company , a US ally

  • Anonymous

Makes America great again indeed

  • Anonymous

If Google Play Store is banned, Huawei can install APKpure instead which is more or less the same as Google Play Store. Other things like Google calendars, message, maps, photos can be replaced by the Huawei default apps as before, or other third party app from the APKpure.
So I don't it is a problem at all.

  • Anonymous

This is a wake up call to the world not to rely heavily on US tech. If they want to survive, they need to develop an operating system outside the US. US showed that they can easily destroy any tech company it wants. They can bring down billion dollar tech company to their knees. Think about it, can Lenovo survive without Android and Windows?

  • bot!

Auroman, 20 May 2019I'll never Buy a Chinese Phone. so it doesn't matter to me. ... morewhat makes a phone "Chinese"? Chinese components? Place of manufacture? Brand name written on the back?

  • bot!

Anonymous, 20 May 2019They have not even shown the "proof" against Huawei to European ... morehave they ever shown any proof of anything?

  • foreek

"services like Google Play & security from Google Play Protect will keep functioning on your existing Huawei device..."
but why is they are spying on me? ;) think about this people.. its a charade

Donald Trump really is a m0r 0n!!

He has no idea and is simply trying to push division and bad policy to get re-elected.
Hopefully Americans get a better choice from the democrats next time round.

  • qq

I'm not really fond of Chinese politics, but The USA has been bullying everyone a lot lately( more with the current administration). For a country that manufactures virtually nothing ( USA) and only holds software licenses, it has a disproportionate share of power of how the world runs. I guess it is somewhat fare considering Google is banned in China.
But, Asian manufacturers need to realize that they are at the mercy of the US laws, unless they develop their own software and tech. This takes time but can be done.

By the way,The ban on Huawei does not just stop with google. It also affects all US entities , including software companies like Facebook ( Instagram) , twitter, Microsoft, Adobe, etc.

  • Anonymous

So much for Republicans being pro-Capitalist and anti big government interference. Clearly they're only for that if it benefits their side.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-784107, 20 May 2019All a stupid farce thanks to Donald Chump. It's all an plan to h... moreIf you honestly believe this decision is to help Apple, you're delusional. This trade war is much bigger than the smartphone market

Daniel, 20 May 2019Huawei will find another way of making it to the top. its far be... morelmao

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2019So, you are not trapped by Huwaei when they do not allow you to ... moreOnly reason I didn't get a Huawei p30 pro after my p20 pro was the fact I was given a Samsung galaxy s10e for free from my brother...I couldn't give a rats bottom which company I use

  • Chee Khuan

Trump Fan 1980, 20 May 2019 Go Trump go ! ^_^ ! This crazy Trump sure will lose in the election next year.

I'll never Buy a Chinese Phone.
so it doesn't matter to me.

I want to See Samsung/Sony/LG/Asus in Top Positions...

Go Trump go ! ^_^ !

  • Adam

Vegetaholic, 20 May 2019Even if they create new OS will take years to get as popular as ... moreComply with? Huawei is not going to put backdoors on its mobiles so that the NSA and the American government spy on their phones. And its telecommunications equipment will be in more than half the world, no matter how much Trump wants to boycott them.

Even his old allies are buying it. Only a few have banned Huawei for being strongly linked to the USA and its espionage. And few others to make the gesture will only buy from other manufacturers the few key units of their network, the rest for price and performance will be from Huawei, so it will continue to sell a lot of equipment 5G networks. Only Ericsson is above them in market share for the next generation.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2019Stop lying, not all phones are able to run lineage. Beside no on... moreYes they are. It's only a matter of developers and effort. And it's great!
And the fact that the bootloader cannot be unlocked, is Huwaei's and ONLY Huwaei's fault.

  • Anonymous

LaBodilsen, 20 May 2019My reaction to this is to uninstall/deactivate most google servi... moreSo, you are not trapped by Huwaei when they do not allow you to unlock the bootloader? The only reason I did not buy a P30Pro... Because I don't like to be trapped, exactly that!!!