Google suspends Huawei's Android license following a Trump order

20 May 2019
Chip companies, including Intel and Qualcomm, also begin to cut supply to the Chinese maker.

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Chip makers not dealing with Huawei is a non-issue as Huawei make their own

Could you still sideload Google services like you have to on a China ROM anyway?

  • Dometalican

Galaxy Note 10 Pro, 20 May 2019Good opportunity for non-USA mobile companies come up with a new... moreThey already have. Ever heard of /e/ Foundations? Google search /e/ OS and you'll see a very ambitious yet cool project.

donald t., 20 May 2019we need new alternative to replace ios/lagdroid monopoly. oligopoly*

[deleted post]I thought he had a samsung


those who say's here that we will have 3rd os for phones i can tell its not impossible to come but it won't work there is a lot who tried to fit in this world but they all fails. the only successful os are symbian, android and ios but symbian is discontinued now so only android and ios nothing more followed. Us developer of apps and games we love to develop for android and ios. we are millions so if there would be another os to come then maybe 10,000 developers will try and then if they would be bored and no money making of our apps in there then we will stop.

  • Anonymous

ndck76, 20 May 2019People just can't live with smartphones nowadays. Life is so muc... moreLife is so much *simpler* with smartphones today: no newspapers, no magazines, no going to the movie theatre or waiting for movies to be released on TV, no CDs, no watch, no need to start up your computer in many cases ...etc.

  • Anonymous

nobody will trust google anymore. playstore can be replaced in few months. if huawei do not take 30% from developers like google does, most will publish on its store. see epic games

  • AnonD-794217

Anonymous, 20 May 2019Huawei have nothing to do with Pixels.Ask them who manufacture their Pixel phone

  • Anonymous

Moj, 20 May 2019there are lot's of other apps which can simply take google maps ... moreI use Google maps because it has years of data from me using it all the time, locations, shortcuts and alot more. I don't know of a single map app that has all the features that Google maps offers.

  • Usman

Apple os is the biggest beneficiary.
Microsoft once want to build their offices in India for development purposes but Bill gatea was forcely step off by the government.
Amercan companies are controlled by USA government.

  • eu

symbian go !

Foxfone, 20 May 2019Am 100% sure this is all about protecting darling Apple and noth... more100% this is shity way of protecting an inefficient corporation grown too big and some darling investors bought these stocks at peak, good way to leverage political pressure to reverse fortunes of trillion dollars corporations..

People just can't live without smartphones nowadays. It was so much simpler during the early days. Guess that's how technology revolves around us. Now we are glued and become slaves to our phones. If you really want a phone, just stick to an old symbian phone will do. Just a simple basic functions. No worries with spyware, hacks and viruses. It can probably survive a bomb blast. Lol.

Anonymous, 20 May 2019So you're admitting these companies do spy for the CCP or is Chi... moreEveryone is spying each other, where is the question of benevolence! But USA somehow thinks that they only have the RIGHT spy on others and others only have RESPONSIBILITIES to surrender to USA!! Not going to last long! Glad this has happened, I am sure Google and Apple will be challenged with alternative OS..

Good opportunity for non-USA mobile companies come up with a new OS. We are not here to buy useless ridiculously expensive Apple Boy iPhones so that Apple stocks can go up!! USA behaving like erstwhile USSR and China is becoming more competitive (of course they have their own rule which is restricted to China, never impose on other countries like USA). Not that I like China or USA but USA is becoming anti-competitive far too long!

People just can't live with smartphones nowadays. Life is so much simpler during the early days. Guess that's how technology is. Now we are glued and become slaves to our phones. Just stick with an old symbian phone will do with a simple basic functions. No hack, no spy, no virus and very durable. It might even survive an bomb blast.

  • Anonymous

More money for samsung

  • p20 lite

This means no futher software updates (next ones) ?
Pie update will not be removed right?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2019Wazeowned by google