Google suspends Huawei's Android license following a Trump order

20 May 2019
Chip companies, including Intel and Qualcomm, also begin to cut supply to the Chinese maker.

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  • Gandalfdenvite

Google... must move their headquarters, head office, from USA to avoid the consequences of a mad Republican President! Google is now legally forbidden to provide Android updates and even legally forbidden to provide their Google Play store to users who bought any phone made by Huawei!
Nobody can any longer trust deals they made with any US company!

  • Ram

The-Artist, 20 May 2019This was bound to happen. The US perceives China as a threat on ... moreThey can't use Google's Play Services - baked in Android, but they can use AOSP

So they can do a fork , a compatible system like Amazon's Fire OS

Of all the companies worldwide, maybe they are the only one that can do it and be successful at. Already it's a huge volume of sales, both in China and worldwide. If there's a way to leverage in the volume of sales, and with compatible OS that won't need much $ in development, but only developers to apply for another store with the same product, they will manage it.

rolandudv, 20 May 2019I agree, I think it'll last a few weeks - don't think it'd last ... moreTrue. Huawei might have to pay a lot of money and China and US could possible make a deal

Jun1250, 20 May 2019As harsh as this news seems, I'm actually pretty interested in a... moreI don't know, this could lead to a more surveiled population in China, as China then controls everything in the OD. This could lead to an imbalance of power, and an OS unique to only China

Boeing 747-400, 20 May 2019I think this is Google and Trump cheating strategy to prevent Hu... moreVery unlikely. This isn't based on mobile phones. That's a small thing compared to what's really going on. This is a political power play, trying to prevent Chinese infrastructure to grow past Chinese borders. By checking their power, the US maintains a level of dominance

That's insane. It's an even more drastic move than with ZTE and there's much less of a reason to punish them imo. I hope that Huawei can reach sone kind of deal or find a way to operate without US suppliers, as they've been making a lot of solid options for consumers.

Kiyasuriin, 20 May 2019Oh wow... This is BAAAAAAAAAAD news.... I love their phones. an... moreI don't think this will end Huawei though. This seems similar to the ZTE power play from last year. If not, the US is about to get screwed

  • Djisus

flauschie, 20 May 2019Google - providing services based on freedom of information - ca... moreGoogle never left china, only thing that average joe can see are hidden or dont use google brand, because of google marketing maybe don't know about aurora scandal, before show started, there is speculations that google are not hacked, they give informations like they always did, because that 'secret' is going online(google is not the only one in that show) , aurora show is born, and for average joe google left china, in reality they never do that

  • Mark

Im waiting for the Mate 30 to come out so I can buy the mate 20 at almost half price, and now this. this is really bad, effing americans! dunno how much apple paid trump. I just convinced my bro in law to get p30 pro.

Oh wow... This is BAAAAAAAAAAD news....
I love their phones. and their UI is extremely comfy! I had a huawei P series. (I am not exactly sure which model. either 8, 9 or 10) and It's perfect device. I know I moved to samsung. but I'll be sad to know the future modells WILL NOT come with GPS. (Google Play Services)

  • Boeing 747-400

I think this is Google and Trump cheating strategy to prevent Huawei to be no.1 in smartphone division so that Samsung can stay on top.

As harsh as this news seems, I'm actually pretty interested in a proprietary OS from Huawei. As for hardware, they should and can be independent like Samsung I think, so this should all lead to them properly unleashing their potential overall

  • gr

Great news now time to suspend Google junk

  • Anonymous

Reijail Da, 20 May 2019Huawei will still exist, because the products are more affordabl... moreYeah,samsung makes their own processors,screens and much more.
Also samsung is the one who invented flexible AMOLED used in folding devices.

Walter C. Dornez, 20 May 2019Yeah, this seems bad. However, I think that Huawei will be spare... moreI agree, I think it'll last a few weeks - don't think it'd last for more than 3 months - have a fairly small impact on Huawei's general operations and income.

Nevertheless, I didn't expect this to happen so soon, so who knows, I might be wrong again.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 May 2019This is why your business shouldn't depend heavily on US tech. ... moreIts clear that companies and countries around the world should now not trust USA anymore, as when they don't like something or you are a big competitor and your country don't suck their balls... you can be banned and be spied on by them or invaded. Its time to cut the trade with USA, there are a lot of countries around the world for trade and avoid that one with a bug as president.

  • Mj reviews

We the customers are the only losers from this, back to buying expensive deffective phones..

  • Anonymous

I will still buy Huawei with open source Android.

  • Anonymous

This is why your business shouldn't depend heavily on US tech. They will own you.

  • Anonymous

This is a wake up call for other Android device manufacturers, and generally companies that rely on U.S. software and hardware: the U.S. sees your dependence as a potential for political pressure, which can be levied at any time they decide it's useful to them.

Today it's Huawei, tomorrow it can be another Android device manufacturer.