Realme 5's 64MP camera samples arrive and they look impressive

08 August 2019
The dynamic range and contrast look great.

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  • sp808
  • nab
  • 31 Aug 2019

Looks like shit.
808 is a real king of res.
not those tiny sized pseudo sensors.

    This 64 mp tech should come to Realme 5 and 5 pro. Camera is basic criteria for upgradation from earlier phones. So this 64 mp is must for Realme 5.

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      • Panos
      • gLr
      • 11 Aug 2019

      Bad bad quality....finally no one beats pureview technology....that was the revolution of mobile photography....Iam a huawei fan but in the android platform the results are not the same as nokia 808 thats the truth....consider the 2012 year....

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        • 0Ib
        • 10 Aug 2019

        Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019This is what I need.. A camera sensor with moar pixels than... moreYou have no idea what are you talking about. Downsampling is SOFTWARE. Those sensors are using pixel binning. 64MP sensors at 16MP mode won't take a 64MP image then downscale it to 16MP. At HARDWARE level, 4 pixel will act like a single pixel and it will produce a 16MP image. Pixel size and light sensitivity will quadruple. People mostly will use them at that mode. Pixel size will effectively be larger at 1.6 micron than largest 12MP sensor which is 1.55 micron. Most of flagship 12MP has employing even smaller 1.4 micron pixels.

        Stop spreading disinformation.

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          • 09 Aug 2019

          Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019How bigger companies like Sony, Apple, Samsung and Huawei d... moreBecause they need to slim down there phones

            When zoomed in at the 64MP image, it looks like it's drawn with wet paint. Is that the processing that the camera does? because it looks weird to me... it kinda looks like the watercolor filter in Photoshop was applied to the pictures.

              Ultra clarity is better even at 48mp. Stacking can make difference.

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                • Jki
                • 09 Aug 2019

                How bigger companies like Sony, Apple, Samsung and Huawei do not use this already or announced they will be using soon?

                  First we had RAM wars and now we have smartphones with over 10GB of RAM, then we had camera quantity wars and now it's a norm to have 3 rear cameras, then there's bezels wars and now we have different types of notches, cut-outs and punch-outs... even motorized cameras. Now camera MP wars which are only accomplishing that the photo takes more storage.
                  Bigger camera sensors/modules are welcome. But with current ones there is no need for 64MP. Also, lots of people unfortunatley think that more MP automatically means better camera... which is wrong.

                    Kuririn, 08 Aug 2019Hello Mr. OIS hahamr oiso :d !!!!

                      Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019No it is not ... 64MP Tetracell/Quadbayer will give same... morethe more the details the bigger the file size, in binning four pixels combines to one contributing all of their details into one pixel. please google it

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                        • r31ya
                        • Ki0
                        • 09 Aug 2019

                        Look nice in the thumbnails, looks like watercolor painting at 100%.
                        Calling it have way to many noise processing is understatement. Not sure this pic is "usable" other than for downscaled social media sharing.
                        It need to improve its processing, if they couldn't then it may the fault of the flawed "64mp" sensor.

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                          • 61c
                          • 09 Aug 2019

                          AnonD-706668, 08 Aug 2019Huh ! what about night photography ? i know lack of OIS mea... moreDid you go straight to comment section after just reading the title or what

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                            • IV8
                            • 09 Aug 2019

                            This is what I need.. A camera sensor with moar pixels than the 41MP pureview.. Software-wise is not a problem as Android has loads of Camera2API apps for manual control of the camera.. 64MP gives a lot of details to work with post processing.. For those who just zoom the picture and comment about water painting and blurry details LOL it's not about detail at 64MP level.. It is used to downsample at 16MP.. Try downloading the pic and downsample it to 16MP.. You will puke going back the old 12MP sensors

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                              • 08B
                              • 08 Aug 2019

                              Kuririn, 08 Aug 2019Hello Mr. OIS hahaHave a look at Oppo Reno Z night shot without OIS

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                                • 08 Aug 2019

                                AnonD-706668, 08 Aug 2019Huh ! what about night photography ? i know lack of OIS mea... moreHello Mr. OIS haha

                                  Nice looking pictures, but needs better processing.

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                                    • 08 Aug 2019

                                    yogivansh, 08 Aug 2019in any case binning is always superior to down sampling. to... moreNo it is not ...

                                    64MP Tetracell/Quadbayer will give same amount of details of a 16MP native sensor.
                                    64MP native sensor that downsamples to 16MP will give 64MP equivalent details but file has size of 16MP photo.

                                    That is why companies should do on auto mode, also downsample 1080p videos from 4K because they look way better than native 1080p.

                                      Wow!! 64 Mpix watercolor painting camera.... Impressive.

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                                        • AnonD-706668
                                        • KAe
                                        • 08 Aug 2019

                                        Huh ! what about night photography ? i know lack of OIS mean no low light photo...hahaha !