HMD releases an infographic to mark the launch of Nokia 105 (2019)

08 August 2019
The €13 phone can withstand the weight of a panda and multiple drops from over 1.5 meters.

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  • Anonymous

Kumar, 12 Mar 2020With a poor 2 mega pixel cameraSorry sir, we don't do that here. Here's a phone with no camera.

  • Kumar

AnonD-819322, 16 Aug 2019The 8110 4G is basically a smartphone.With a poor 2 mega pixel camera

  • AnonD-819322

Why are manufacturers not making slide phones any more? These dumbphones are a little boring now. I bought a Nokia 6288, great screen with a spring-assisted slide mechanism, feels satisfying.

  • AnonD-819322

sonic99id, 14 Aug 2019why nokia not make smart phone on candy bar form i think it... moreThe 8110 4G is basically a smartphone.

  • Gigi Yang

how to buy it?

  • sonic99id

why nokia not make smart phone on candy bar form i think it will become best seller.
just my opinion. Cause i normal use 1 smart and 1 feature phone

  • D.

Sidewinder, 12 Aug 20191. You misinterpreted my question about asking you what cou... moreWell, I admit. Here where I live Nokia used to mean a name for world's best phones and at the same time I see phones like this all the time laying in stores so one more or less means nothing. It might be different from other point of view (other part of world). I also didn't agree with that guy's picture of old people at all so yes I got carried away. (those posts were also about that so not only to you). So next time I must take it easy a bit more. :) Have a nice day.

  • Sidewinder

D., 09 Aug 20191. Europe and no it's not Switzerland or Scandinavia (if yo... more1. You misinterpreted my question about asking you what country you are in, which directly affect your last statement that I am looking down on those 2rd World Countries. I never saw any country as incapable of things that has been done by other countries, my point was more than half of the world is using feature phones as 2ndary phones, their main phones are smartphones but the main reason why these features phones still exists is again because of the network availability. India even has feature-type phones with smartphone capabilities. You should search about how and why these type of phones are still existing in today's world of advanced tech so you'll understand my point.

2. Nokia will never be #1 again, as much as I hate to admit that, they might not even beat Vivo and Oppo in the lower ranking. HMD's goal is to preserve Nokia's legacy that has been tarnished by Microsoft, it's pretty obvious that HMD is still competing with the best, in camera, design and build quality. But, people nowadays prefer trend over brand which I understand specially on Nokia's case which is not the original handlers now.

I am from a 3rd world country to answer your question that's why I value anything I get and being given. Africa has good network coverage but not that much compared to other big countries.

  • Anonymous

This device is For Veteran (oldies) who made it purpose for Call and text to communicate, But for young bloods this One is Dead SACKS! most of the reason for them to have a Smart Phone (High end) Phone is for Pornographic, Games and to Socialize (FB,twitter and many) and to especially to Bash and bully...and for them to have most latest device is more advance and secure there information what they Did not know that all activities that they Do online is being stored and analyze and sold to other's Such Google paly example is Free FB

  • Jgvjgv

I haw lost job opornitiys becouse of broken phones and expensive sim card. My life is ruined.

  • Ulok

How cute :D

  • Anonymous

Still own the 105's great grandfather, the 101.
Light use can get me through the week on one charge. Durable, has an SD slot for music, FM radio and LED light as well.

I've always said that the 100 line has the 3310 genes inside it.

  • Anonymous

toastyman, 08 Aug 2019You'll be surpised of how many people wants a phone just to... moreeven in low-income countries, anyone can buy better second-hand phones for that price, a lot of Asian countries even discontinuing 2g bands and replacing with 3g bands,,,,, NOKIA already launched a lot of these kinds of phones, were they successful, NO.... so as always this thing gonna suck as well..

  • AnonD-819322

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019Yeah maybe 3310 4g or second-hand Nokia N97 (3g is kinda st... moreN97 is quite rare, only 2 available here in the UK for an acceptable price.

  • D.

The way you guys describe purpose of this phone does make sense -so fine, get that phone if needed (or anybody else). Still, I don't need my drawer space be occupied by such phone. My experience is different. I've never been to more than about 3 day festival. (nine festivals no charging?) Phone needed for taking photos and other just now and there, most time switched off or flight mode, sometimes charging available -so fine, no need to keep one more phone in a drawer. (And no I'm not that kind starin' at a screen whole day, not by chance. Currently practically not using any social network.)
Just to make it complete here, I had nothing to do and got carried away a little writing those comments LOL. Peace and out!!

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019LOL to those who don't get the purpose of this phone.. Apar... moreYup. It's for those days you know you won't be coming home for days, you won't be able to charge your phone for days either. And carrying around a powerbank is out of question. Your smartphone would also probs just get smashed there. You just need a phone to call or text your crew to ask them where they are and to save numbers of people you met there.
Definitley a festival phone.

  • D.

Sidewinder, 09 Aug 20191. What country are you in? and please fix your statement. ... more"I know many
using smartphone actually none
who does not." means 70 and above people who I know.
"70y are doing well today they're not dead" means nowadays such people are in good mental and physical condition (many of them I know) and should NOT be considered poor, weak, not capable of doing anything (like they were close to death) but contrary. They are normal full-valued people therefore they are able to learn work with smartphone like anybody else.
I hope now it's clear. No offence to anybody by any means. Contrawise.
2. Wish Nokia good luck. If it can make it where it used to be, means do phones which can compete with others by both features and price, I'll consider buying. For now, I'm buying other brands.

I hope this is enough, actually too much writing right now. I'm out.

  • Anonymous

Mohit, 08 Aug 2019Then go for Nokia 220 4G. Or any other 4G feature available... moreYeah maybe 3310 4g or second-hand Nokia N97 (3g is kinda still acceptable) would be a better choice than this. If I can have time and patience to invest then N97 would be ultimate jackpot for a backup phone :D Thanks to everyone guys for advices I will tell when I get something

  • D.

Sidewinder, 09 Aug 20191. What country are you in? and please fix your statement. ... more1. Europe and no it's not Switzerland or Scandinavia (if you mean this by chance), average E.U. I just don't agree with that picture of old people that was described. U.S. president is that age, do you believe he's not able to use a smartphone? (talkin about age, no politics) More importantly my family members. There's no way to think of them this way! It's a nonsense. Old people usually get older phone from younger and can handle it -I mean basics no expert usage, it's pretty easy to click few icons. On festivals people use smartphones as well. They need to take photos or use festival's app for example. That's my experience, anybody feel free to choose this kind of phone if preferred. And personally don't prefer one phone for this, other for that and third for something else (they are all 2-SIM anyway). So that's why I find such phone minor. However that doesn't mean it can't be useful
in some situations, conditions etc. (for me as well) or very useful for somebody else. There are lotsa people, countries etc. in the world and they're not all same, right? So okay, then buy it if you need it I'm not saying a single word. I have 10y old SE Cedar for such purposes (which are quite rare), no need for more cheap phones. It's working great including battery which is still pretty good, surprisingly.

2. I will not discuss this much since I'm not a business expert. Just say they messed it up once and hopefully they'll do better this time. I'd never think of this phone as something that will help a lot their business and I still doubt that it will make them No.1 LOL. Therefore I just said I understood what that guy meant. If that's wrong, at least I learn something (still doubt that).

BTW what country are you in? I've seen few times on GSMArena people looking down at those from Asian countries, calling them poor or worse (even though it's against rules). They have great phones there in general (as we all know), prices fit their standards and we who live more to west wait for those phones. I hope you didn't mean these when talking about how much this phone is needed. Let's agree such countries do exist (Africa), but no idea if this sells there -do you know that? As for other non-poor countries (overall) where this phone could be popular, I already
wrote my opinion above.

Now it's fixed as much as possible.
(addressed not to you only)

  • Anonymous

LOL to those who don't get the purpose of this phone.. Apart from targetting the elderly this phone also serves as a Festival phone(battery lasting 9 festivals hint).. If you don't know what a festival phone is means you've never been to a Festival before.. What a miss.. You should go out more often and experience the earth and its people first hand rather than through a screen