HMD releases an infographic to mark the launch of Nokia 105 (2019)

08 August 2019
The €13 phone can withstand the weight of a panda and multiple drops from over 1.5 meters.

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  • FreedaBees

1000 internet points to the first reviewer who tests that claim, using a panda.

  • Anonymous

An infographic for... a emerging-market featurephone? I missing something here?

  • toastyman

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019stop doing these craps (it's OK to do some show-offs someti... moreYou'll be surpised of how many people wants a phone just to make calls

  • Anonymous

stop doing these craps (it's OK to do some show-offs sometimes with retro mobiles, but...) and Mr.NOKIA, please focus on smartphones in various ranges...sorry to say, but with the huge hype NOKIA returned is no longer there... market doesn't work with emotions, everyone will appreciate your projects but no one will buy these phones, instead launch some budget smartphones with good specs (not like "oh yah we launched a $ 100 smartphone, but with SD425 or with MTKx23...)..come on buddy we are missing that old NOKIA of our childhood

  • Anonymous

I think having a option for SD slots is needed. At least you should be able to listen songs of your choice

It even has a headphone jack...