Weekly poll: is the Samsung Galaxy Note10 duo a hit or a miss?

11 August 2019
Some of the changes Samsung made remind us of the the Galaxy S6 redesign - taking features away is never a popular decision.

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Anonymous, 11 Aug 2019I forgot about that...Samcuck pulled an Apple on us. No courtesy... moreYeah. I'm eyeing for the Note 9 512 GB version. In coming days it will be more cheap and will forever remain as the note that had it all.. Just like the Note 4 before it.

The only thing I would like from the current 10 series are the bixby routines. As a guy who has over 20 tasker profiles enabled, having such functionality built right into the core OS is really tempting to me. I can have it if I root the Note 9 running One UI but it will trip the Knox and so the Samsung Pay.

Many people criticize this year note series by basically saying that there are better devices for less money, (icluding the s series), in some aspects, that may be true, but, in the end, the galaxy note series is absolutely about THE SPEN, for those who like, value and enjoy the s pen, this is a great device, plain and simple, it is the ONLY device offered all around of its type, it is a class on its own, I have a note 8, for me, upgrading to a note 10+ makes sense, for those owning a note 9 or s10+, maybe not, and for the vast majority having whatever chinese-cheap-tinfoil type, most definely will not have any sense, people complaining about something that in reality will not consider to buy or is out of their reach are just worthless haters, basically one for every chinese cheap device lover-owner

Note 10+ looks amazing! Pricing is normal for today's industry standards. I was considering Note 9 as upgrade from my Note 8. I don't use headphone jack anymore since I got Bose wireless. When 10+ price goes down to 600/700 eur, I might get it instead of Note 9. In the meantime I can't complain about Note 8, except it slows down a bit after real life usage, as they all do no matter the chipset. There's really no huge difference between 8, 9 and 10+.

  • Sam Sung

I'm going to wait for the S11+.

Nick Tagataka, 11 Aug 2019I'm not quite sure where you got that number from, but I'm one o... moreExactly. There's no clear upgrade here. Even buying the Note 10 Plus is iffy, as the price is too high and you can't even get the full feature set without shelling out more money for Galaxy Buds, a fast wireless charger, and 45 W charger on top of the ridiculous 1100 dollar price tag with only two years of updates.

  • Shakur

I currently own Samsung Galaxy s9+
But man huawei is killing it. I rather get the mate 30 pro than the note10

  • Anonymous

Chip, 11 Aug 2019I have an OCD. If the display has anything like a notch, hole, d... moreAgree.

The Note10 is a downgrade from the Note9.

The Note9 had a bigger battery, a higher resolution screen, a headphone jack and a micro SD slot.

A hope the Note 10 series is the massive failure it deserves to be. Consumers have the power, if we don't buy it, they will have to do what we want. That's what happened with the S6.

The reason companies keep releasing terrible phones is because enough people are still buying them. Although sales are dropping, evidently not quite enough for the manufacturers to take the hint

Chip, 11 Aug 2019I have an OCD. If the display has anything like a notch, hole, d... moreSame here, that's why I'll probably stick with my Note 9 until a real all-screen Note comes.. Plus, they should already have a 5x zoom lens too!

  • Mike

Tungtran, 11 Aug 2019Lmao OnePlus 7 Pro has an 855 Plus :) You're having trouble reading. I said that the ROG II has an 855 Plus.

  • Anonymous

Galaxy Note 10 without S-Pen, but with bigger battery and same Resolution as Galaxy S10 would be perfect.

  • Anonymous

G4M3R, 11 Aug 2019They can't even give a USB C to 3.5 mm adapter in the box let al... moreI forgot about that...Samcuck pulled an Apple on us. No courtesy to give us dongle or even the fast charge even after spending £1000+ on them. Forget em. Buy something else and let your wallet do the talking....

DonAKG, 11 Aug 201990% of the people who selected "I'm looking at competing phones"... moreI'm not quite sure where you got that number from, but I'm one of those who're using Samsung phone but still selected the "I'm looking at competing phones" option. While it is undeniable that Samsung has done a great job with S10 series, it feels like they kind of dropped the ball on this one.
For me there's literally nothing interesting about Note 10 series.. It's basically S10 and S-Pen packed inside a P30 Pro's body, and I have S10 and the regular P30, so why would I be interested getting one?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-875092, 11 Aug 2019How no micro SD?No Micro SD on anything lower than highest spec Note 10+

  • Murthuja

Removal of 3.5mm Jack is biggest Mistake of Samsung.. No one prefer 100 Mah battery or Heptic Feed back instead of headphone jack. So withdrawn from buying Note 10

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 11 Aug 2019Samsung has lost their identity this year. Up until now they wer... more+1

Exactly. This is the end for Samsung. Arguably they lost their edge on the Note series on the Note 4 when they stopped providing us with the IR blaster and removable batteries. Literally nobody except for divers and spec heads use IP ratings. Even then S5 gave us removable batteries with IP ratings so Samcuck can't say it can't be done. The excuse for removing headphone jack for extra 100mah and new vibration motor...what an insult to our intelligence...

who at any point criticised Samcuck for poor vibration motors...

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2019Of course I wont know the difference, but it doesn't matter (by ... moreLmao OnePlus 7 Pro has an 855 Plus :)

Samsung has lost their identity this year. Up until now they were the only mainstream brand that offered all features on their flagships with no compromises, but that's no longer applicable to them. They've lost their edge.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2019855 is outdated??? The funniest thing I've read today.. like you... moreOf course I wont know the difference, but it doesn't matter (by that logic they could use a 845 since you would still not know the difference). For the price Samsung is asking for, they should give you the best hardware around. I'm merely indicating that for the first time they didn't. On top of that they removed the headphone jack and heart rate sensor.

Over a $1000? does it really have a $200-$400 dollar advantage over a OnePlus 7 Pro or a ROG II (which has the new 855 Plus)?

  • Nghtmare

I have a Note 9, and had many Samsung devices in the past, along with One Plus, HTC, and LG. I was really looking to get the Note 10 this year, but after what Samsung has done with the Note 10 (expensive phone with shit features, and more expensive than S9+), and Note 10+, Samsung deserves to fail this year. They are the Apple of the Android eco system now, charge a lot for your devices, remove features, and charge for basic shit like a dongle or a decent charger. Not to mention they have been using the same 12MP sensor since the S7 at least. The ROG Phone 2 has probably more features than any other phone out there, an insane battery, decent price, and they "somehow" managed to fit a 3.5mm headphone jack. I know what I am buying this year.