Samsung Galaxy Note10+ in for review, camera samples inside

18 August 2019
As we start work on the Galaxy Note10+'s review, here are a few key highlights.

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  • Anonymous

The trees on the last image look like an oil painting on the Note. At which point do you just give up and make it that washed out?

I'd love to see some RAW samples, but knowing GSMARENA we'll never get those.

Brazen Beef, 21 Aug 2019I don't look at the halos so much as, what you said, actual deta... moreWell i'm sensitive to the halos edges, very much. For a guy that owns Leica D-Lux, Fujifilm X-E3, the Samsung takes on details hurts my eyes lol.

Theres a reason why i chose Huawei's camera on the first place.

Dazzler, 20 Aug 2019To my eyes, those samples alone looks mess on S10. It look sharp... moreI don't look at the halos so much as, what you said, actual detail, yet the samples clearly show that S10+ renders more detail, actual detail. P30P is harsh on the NR and as a result the stone walls are smeared into a uniform grey while S10+ retains more perceivable blocks, same case for the leaves, P30P smears them into more of a green mush while more individual leaves are retained for the S10+. S10+ performs poorly indoors clearly because it has a much smaller sensor and raising ISO results in a poorer signal, not because their algorithm is too aggressive.

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2019Iphone and pixel have never been texture kings­­_20190720_152022.jpg­­ro_IMG_20190720_152049.jpg­l3_IMG_20190720_151854.jpg­IMG_0743.jpg
These four are of the same set. Pixel's again in a class of its own but iPXS is also notably better. It's gained a significant advantage (to all models except the Pixel) since introduction of SmartHDR.
Google was top for as long as I remember and I don't know what you're basing your statement on.

Well its not abad phone but P30, Mate 30, Rog2 and even Oneplus 7 pro are particulary better.

  • mario

Quality of this sample photos captured with Note10+ look terrible.
How can anyone says that this is the best camera on the phone market this moment?
Look at the trees.
I was thinking of replacing my Lumia 950 XL with Note10+, but Lumia is miles ahead in camera quality. Such a shame for Samsung.

Brazen Beef, 19 Aug 2019 moreTo my eyes, those samples alone looks mess on S10. It look sharper because of higher 12mp resolution & oversharpening added. Every edges creates halos, so a no go for me. P30 maybe a bit harsh on the noise reduction side, but details are still kept. If those two compared to a DSLR jpeg, P30 are the closer one in terms of details.

Welp maybe u & i got different takes on details. But i stand by my point, and that anandtech sample showing same results. Tell u what, try look at samples at indoor scene, Samsung details processing will become worsen.

  • Anonymous

IpsDisplay, 19 Aug 2019Is something wrong with your reasoning?? that exactly my point i... moreThey are also not the only source of any measurements and even just knowing about the different technologies and some of their advantages helps.
So yes.... the is something wrong with your reasoning.

  • Anonymous

Brazen Beef, 19 Aug 2019 moreIphone and pixel have never been texture kings

Now I just have to wait for 2 years for the phone to become affordable without breaking the bank.

  • someone

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2019If you zoom on any of these you can see that it was drawed with ... morewe get that you have a very bad taste ... don't expose your stupidity on internet .. lol .. stay home !!

  • Yea u know better

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2019If you zoom on any of these you can see that it was drawed with ... moreLooks like best phone of 2019 to me. People are different

Dazzler, 18 Aug 2019Wrong. Thats only applied on P20 Pro early software. https://... more­_20190720_152022.jpg­ro_IMG_20190720_152049.jpg
Looking at the center to minimize lens issues and focus on processing, the S10+ is still notably better, this stands for any texture appearing in that area, the stones, the roof, the leaves.
Perhaps it's better than P20P but they're barely catching up with Samsung much less Pixel and iPhone XS.

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2019Please show me any left testing, measurements, or comparisons th... moreIs something wrong with your reasoning?? that exactly my point if this site has less inclusion of display technology types

it is then therefore reasonable to doubt claims of quality

  • Anonymous

If you zoom on any of these you can see that it was drawed with a pencil. Btw, ugliest phone of 2019. I hope screen replacement with that extra rounded side is going to cost the same as for any oled iphone.

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2019Using RAW without manual mode is useless. HDR+ is recommended j... moreHDR+ has one of the best deghosting algorithms, I don't know why you say any motion results in ghosting because although they're sort of a hit and miss (as with any algorithm) I do get many keepers even with motion.
Don't know what you're talking about regarding manual because on my current settings in Gcam I could take it out and shoot. As it is all my settings on the composition interface are auto but I get impressive output.

  • haplo

Nick Tagataka, 18 Aug 2019I think GSMArena should also compare the indoor image quality be... moreYes! Indoor photo rating would be great, as for my use cases, that's among the most frequent shooting conditions. Plus indoor photos of moving objects, like kids...

My Xperia 1 makes better photos than this thing

  • ExtremeBoky

ouch... that Pixel thingy is vastly superior when it comes to depth perception. It's like looking at a dSLR photo. Nice!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2019Photographer told me once Samsung phones take photos from intagr... moreAmateur or professional photographer? I'm a photographer too, in a loosely defined sense.