Interview: Realme's Madhav Sheth talks Snapdragon 855, Realme XT and Realme OS

25 August 2019
Sheth tells us that the company doesn't believe in adding a feature to its product for the sake of marketing.

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i want realme with snapdragon 855 with display 6,5 inch in cheap price

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 27 Aug 2019Have you ever owned a Pixel or Nokia? They need a factory r... morei have nokia 5.1 plus and it don't need factory reset to get update every month.

  • Anonymous

ashish, 27 Aug 2019Totally agree. But we also exist who hate MIUI (other custom ROM)Every ROM has its share of lovers an haters. But if companies listen to opinions of minority community while ignoring mass market, they will submerge. It only works in politics, not business

  • AndroidUser666

Lol, this article reads so badly. Realme's CEO really needs to get a grip on what he's saying.
"What's the difference between a 710 and 855 in the real world?"
True, but it's also not about that. An 855 will breeze through anything today, and it'll remain competent for another year or two. A 710 will barely last through a single year of updates. Real-world usage depends on both the present and future.

"Stock Android has security issues."

Excuse me, but what? I know your customer base is super-casual who aren't technically inclined, but this is dangerously stupid just to promote ColorOS (which is absolute shite, btw). Any security fixes get fixed in stock android updates as well, or are you not aware of that?

"We can do better optimizations for camera and battery life."

Yeahhhh, let's not oversell your software capabilities with Google's. Camera optimizations are possible for Google because they have such a massive stockpile of data, and not even Google has managed to produce proper or substantial battery optimization. Apple can do it since they control both the hardware and software very tightly. Realme is nowhere close to that level of refinement and polish.

This whole article reeks of an incompetent CEO trying to bluff his way into the pockets of casual owners who don't know any better.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Abhijeet, 27 Aug 2019He said -"stock android is not stable os".Have you ever owned a Pixel or Nokia? They need a factory reset once a month to install the next update... x-x

  • ashish

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2019Nope. Even Indians prefer custom os. Xiaomi is top seller t... moreTotally agree. But we also exist who hate MIUI (other custom ROM)

  • ashish

We don't have many option for stock android phones, thats why these are top sellers. Like you can see now Mi A3 has SD 665 and Redmi Note 8 pro will have Helio G90T. Atleast they should have gone Helio G90T or SD 712.

Karthik, 26 Aug 2019Telephoto lens will be used by day to day user unlike macro... moreWell not to defend him. but in my personal opinion I'm alright with his decisions. Macro is more useful (to me) because we get the high detailed close up photos compared to slightly blurry but still nice zoom. Also I completely agree with him on the SD710. Tho he could use the 730. We don't need the 855. It's more expensive and most of its useful features are available on the SD710.

What I did notice was people want to pay less for more things. That is alright but they go to unrealistic demands. Like needing the 855 to play games despite every phone ever can play games nowadays. The lowest standard (for me) would be the SD801 or the SD425. Most phones now use the SD660/630/710/730/439 and they all can definetely play PUBG. Especially at low settings. On everyday use most people won't complain. I used to have a Z2 with an SD801 and I loved that phone even played PUBG and Asphalt. Any heavy games. Now every phone beats the performance of the SD801. So really people need to chill and be alright that they have a phone that can do what they want for the price. Currently my phone is the Xperia ZR. I play on PC but this phone is so compact and the performance is totally enough it really makes me wonder if people ever tried smaller phones because they are AWESOME.

  • Abhijeet

He said -"stock android is not stable os".

note to realme: please seriously consider using both snapdragon 730 and 735 soc's soon.

  • Gutz

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2019c,mon man, simply say Snapdragon 855+ smartphone is exclusi... moreHey BTW who said you pixel runs stock Android they use pixel experience when you compare everything to what stock android devices look like probably you won't ever every OEM adds there own features like wise pixel had camera they call it stock Android but not pure stock Android. Yes stock Android has lots of of bugs which will be hardware specific and sometimes bakes the device like any thing can even make them useless if had any doubt check the zenfone max series lineup with zenfone flagship and Lenovo k8 series even MI A series too.

  • Anonymous

Subhash, 25 Aug 2019Asian users? You mean Chinese people right coz Indians pref... moreNope. Even Indians prefer custom os. Xiaomi is top seller there, they use MIUI, Samsung is second, they've got one UI, realme oppo and vivo round up top 5 and they all use custom ui's.
Heck most of the world (America included) prefers custom UI. That stock wanking works only in tech circles. Normal people don't care which UI they use as long as it works

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2019Along with usability, advertisements baked in OS, bloatware... moreSo you're saying gapps are not bloatware?

cog, 26 Aug 2019The SD855 can eat the SD710 for breakfast so stop saying rubbish Can make a hole in ur pocket too..

  • cog

The SD855 can eat the SD710 for breakfast so stop saying rubbish

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2019Requesting GSMarena to do a comparative review of the vario... moreAlong with usability, advertisements baked in OS, bloatwares (non-removable), DUAL APPS FOR EVERY GOOGLE APPS.

Subhash, 25 Aug 2019Asian users? You mean Chinese people right coz Indians pref... moreNo, only tech savvy Indians prefer stock android to any skin who don't constitute a majority of smartphone buying Indians. Even they themselves prefer stock android with added features not barebones and if provided with choice of choosing well specced device or stock android, they choose a well specced device.

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2019The money is with the higher priced flagships. There's only... moreWell said

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2019This dude is just plain clueless talking about stock Androi... moreWell i think he meant the Xiaomi A series(I used the mi ai and my friend mi a2) it had a lot of bugs from day 1 and the updates to fix the bugs brought even more bugs, earlier i was using a lenovo k8 note with stock android,and fell in love with stock..Stock is still better but its going to be like mi a series,better don't go with stock

  • Karthik

Telephoto lens will be used by day to day user unlike macro. Be it personal, events, functions or nature photography. Macro is for very limited group of users. Normal users will never use it. Also SD 710 cannot be compared to 855 in any level. This guy seems to be a joke now. Hopefully this guy doesn't spoil all the rage Realme has garnered.