OnePlus 7T Pro leaks in CAD-based renders, McLaren Edition too

30 August 2019
It's virtually indistinguishable from its predecessor in looks, aside from new color versions.

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  • AnonD-874772

Doesn't really look different from the one plus 7 Pro.

  • is it ready

is it 5G UK ready?

artsu_67, 01 Sep 2019Own already the OnePlus 6T McLaren and l have been very hap... moreWishing sooner you will get a real McLaren ,then no need to upgrade on some cellphone which using the name of this famous brand for promotion.while it's just a mere cellphone yet oneplus is promoting it related with McLaren

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2019just put flat screen instead of the curve, and this phone w... moreFor the price, it should be there!

  • artsu_67

Own already the OnePlus 6T McLaren and l have been very happy with it. Oxygen OS is so clean and stable that none other. 7T pro McLaren will be my next upgrade from my 6T McLaren.

  • Komando

I hate curve screens.

  • tink

Kikuki Chamangga, 31 Aug 2019They could've gone with a Music Edition wherein there's a q... mores that were i was waiting for but its nonsense without headphone jack

  • Anonymous

just put flat screen instead of the curve, and this phone will be awesome.. specs are okay though, wireless charging, headphone jack and micro sd are optional

  • 1+ 7t pro

Battery size 4,080 only 80?? i'm hoping the the leakers made a typo and its 4,800. Hear hoping 🤞🤞🤞

  • Anonymous

Kress, 31 Aug 2019Typical hypocratic OnePlus company - buy our new model ever... moreWhat a silly thing to say. Do they release them every 3 months? When a company puts out a device, they are offering you it, not forcing you to buy it and making deductions from your wages. Getting almost as tired of this arguement as the "copying" nonsense I see all the time in the comments. Good lord people, talk specs, talk silly prices, lambast companies for trivial upgrades or features removed. Don't make tired arguements about copying this or that unless they are. Like if a company release a same design as a competitor released they year before. Does anyone think that Google would look at everything the new iPhones will bring to the table, and settles on the square camera housing as the item worth copying?

  • Anonymous

Kevin T, 31 Aug 2019What a disappointing 7T pro upgrade it's literally zero up... moreWell... When you already have probably the best phone of 2019, it may be very challenging to improve meaningfully on it after just a few months. So, you just follow your biannual refresh cycle as a marketing stunt. In the end of the day, the customer can still go for the original, non-T 7 Pro and even save a pretty penny, considering that most likely the release of the 7T Pro means that the non-T model will get a nice discount. So, it actually may be a win-win situation.

Pop-up camera = no buy.

Thechillerdewd, 31 Aug 2019Well seems that you're kinda right. The seller I got it fro... moreYeah, that's the warranty. In all honesty, you'll probably have better luck with the seller than OnePlus themselves

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 31 Aug 2019Can't OnePlus just add a headphone jack. There's clearly sp... moreBecause they "NEVER SETTLE", at least increasing their prices and lying about why they remove features like the audio jack due to the lack of space.... when we saw plenty of it in the teardown despite the wasted one in a pop-up mechanism. They are now an alleged PREMIUM brand so they must offer less at higher prices for have high profit margins. You know... NEVER SETTLE!!!

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2019OxygenOS, pure and simple. And why did you compare the Mi 9... moreIndeed, simply put: Oxygen OS

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2019I dont see why i should pay that much money when the compet... moreOxygenOS, pure and simple. And why did you compare the Mi 9T to the 7T series and not the Mi 9T Pro?

  • Anonymous

SDcard, 31 Aug 2019It needs to have a microSD card slot.Oh give it a rest. The last OnePlus smartphone that had a microSD card slot was the OnePlus X.

  • Anonymous

Wow, what an upgrade, especially its battery capacity lol. Why would someone spread more money to get the 7T Pro when the 7T has the same specs?

Can't OnePlus just add a headphone jack. There's clearly space for it. It's cheap to get parts from. It's cheap to manufacture one. I don't care if MKBHD says it costs millions to design a phone, let alone finding a space to add the jack. If their sister company, Vivo with their NEX 3 can do that, why not OnePlus?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2019OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren edition? Get ready to spend more $$$They wanted to go for the same price at which apple and Samsung was selling for their 7pro . But too afraid how the fans would take it. Now they can give an excuse "It's a McLaren Edition".