OnePlus 7T Pro leaks in CAD-based renders, McLaren Edition too

30 August 2019
It's virtually indistinguishable from its predecessor in looks, aside from new color versions.

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  • Dometalican

80 mAH...did OnePlus seriously not learn why the 7 Pro's Battery Life was underwhelming?

Even ROG 2 and Red Magic 3 knew to slap bigger batteries on their units and they have only Full HD displays.

Blutbad-fuchsbau, 30 Aug 2019That 80mah really makes a difference. Your phone could last... moreNice sarcasm.

Let's hope the 7T Pro has more under it's sleeves than what it's showing right now.

That 80mah really makes a difference. Your phone could last for at least a year without recharging, you could power your electric car and drive at least 50000 kilometres without recharging. Imagine it. The possibilities are endless. So glad Oneplus decided to add this awesome 80mah extra for the Oneplus 7T Pro!

Never really liked chinese phones but one+ 7pro looks like a great phone.

  • Mihail

7Tpro mean is better than regular 7pro ? Is a superior version ?