OnePlus 7T Pro leaks in CAD-based renders, McLaren Edition too

30 August 2019
It's virtually indistinguishable from its predecessor in looks, aside from new color versions.

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  • Anonymous

I dont see why i should pay that much money when the competitors have excellent phones for half the price. Like MI9T.

  • SDcard

It needs to have a microSD card slot.

What a disappointing 7T pro upgrade
it's literally zero upgrade
Shame on one plus
every other T model had better specs & design
this is soo disappointing

  • Kress

Typical hypocratic OnePlus company - buy our new model every 3 months, give us your money, give.

  • Anonymous

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren edition? Get ready to spend more $$$

  • Kikuki Chamangga

They could've gone with a Music Edition wherein there's a quad DAC and a dedicated headphone jack designed for audiophiles.

Walter C. Dornez, 31 Aug 2019I'm pretty sure there are third party warranty services Well seems that you're kinda right. The seller I got it from offera a 60-day buyer protection, which is weird considering it says the following if you click the maybe (maybe it applies to countries outside of the EU)
"The seller must comply with other relevant legal requirements (warranty, return, etc.) that may be applicable depending on your location as buyer. For instance, in most EU countries you will generally have a 2-year legal conformity warranty and a 14-day free right to return (please note that in case of return, the buyer must bear the cost of returning the products to the seller)."

Thechillerdewd, 31 Aug 2019Well I guess it's the risk I'm willing to take. It's my 3rd... moreI'm pretty sure there are third party warranty services

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2019it doesn't come with a warranty thoWell I guess it's the risk I'm willing to take. It's my 3rd Oneplus after 5/6 and I never had aaany issues. I sold those phones to a friend amd also never encountered any issues... Sure it's a bit of a gamble but well worth it imo

wtf... are they nuts?

  • Anonymous

Thechillerdewd, 30 Aug 2019Or do as I did and order it on Aliexpress/Alibaba, way chea... moreit doesn't come with a warranty tho

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2019Buy frorm international oficial Oneplus websiteOr do as I did and order it on Aliexpress/Alibaba, way cheaper than the official website. I got my red op7 8/256gb for 530$ at launch, would have cost me 200 bucks more at a retailer in Switzerland.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2019I would really want to buy oneplus 7pro but unfortunately i... moreBuy frorm international oficial Oneplus website

  • Anonymous

It's not just the lack of big upgrades from the 7 Pro to the 7T Pro that's weird, but the fact that the 7T comparatively improved a lot. A big selling point of the 7 Pro over the 7 was that 90Hz display, and if the 7T has that and improved cameras, then gap just got closed only a few months after the split was even created. Anyone who would have chosen a 7 Pro a month ago would find themselves much more tempted to deal with FHD and a notch to save some money.

  • 7T Pro

Basically 7T Pro will be the first T model with the least new upgrades.
Been really looking forward to get 7T Pro, but as it seems it is really not worth it, knowing it will be even more expensive, yet so behind with the cameras and lack of important features like SD card slot, Wireless charging, kinda small battery for a very big phone and 90hz screen. Oh well, lets hope Pixel wont be a flop as 7T Pro, or anything else upcoming, since even cheaper phones now almost offer the same as OnePlus.

  • T Pro

T Pro the least upgrade to T model yet, overcloacked chip and battery upgrade that cant even be called as upgrade. Knowing that 855+ will eat battery way more it should have atleast 4300 or 4500 battery. Also for Pro version there should of been sensons upgrade from 48 to 64MP and other sensos, since even low end and mid range phones have better camera setup.
Basically 7T almost better option now than 7T Pro version. O simply buying 7 Pro for lower price, since 855+ is not worth to have lesser battery performance phone for bigger price.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2019I would really want to buy oneplus 7pro but unfortunately i... moreLet me guess you either live in australia or canada
Am I right?

  • Anonymous

I would really want to buy oneplus 7pro but unfortunately it's costs almost 900-1000 dollars in my country and I gave it up.
Anyways, the 7pro is really an all-rounder IMO, the battery performed quite well in spite of 90Hz refresh rate and in YouTube drain tests I've watched, it was only a lit bit behind Sammy's S10+ which I believe would be okay if 90Hz is not always on. So, the only improvement I really hoped for was maybe a forth camera (depth sensor possibly) to fill the gap between oneplus and the rest of the competition but I hope it improves with software update.

Apple sucks, 30 Aug 2019Do OnePlus 7T/7T pro models support wireless charging?Y'know what? That could just be it. They might just add the wireless charging on the 7T Pro, seeing as how it doesn't seem to offer any other apparent upgrades on the 7 Pro.

  • Apple sucks

Do OnePlus 7T/7T pro models support wireless charging?