All new iPhones have 4GB of RAM, AnTuTu listings reveal

13 September 2019
Also, 28% better performance compared to last year's XS-series.

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mark, 16 Sep 2019weeeee? the question here is it commercially available? can... moreDuh. Did you read my comment??? Have you read any related articles at all???? Its already out. Its just not wide spread. And many phones are already supportung it.
And within a year it will be more wide spread even if 8ts not yet which in turn nullifies your argument even if it wasnt available yet.

You are so arrogant.

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019A: I am in US, I own apple shares, they've lost 30 billion ... moreOkay

  • Note9 User

kalel, 14 Sep 2019Here in the UK the s9 was retailing for £900 on relea... moreYou said, "Here in the UK the s9 was retailing for £900 on release and it's comparable to the xs of last year...."

The problem with your argument is that it's inaccurate/ factual incorrect, or some might say BS.

Boronator pointed this out on 15 Sep 2019:
"Dude, I don't know from where you got your prices. I've checked the launch prices in UK of s9 and s9+ and 4 UK sites saying consistent "So now what about the price? The S9 will be £739 and the S9+ will be £869. So still cheaper than the iPhone X!"
So s9+ launch price was £870 and s9 £739. Even if you compared s9+ it had 128GB base storage and 6GB of RAM... And still cheaper than 1k. I don't know how the iPhone got better amoled display, when Samsung made it.".

You reply with "Yes prices vary and even now if u walk into any tesco mobile store, the price is still retailing at 780. Yes it can be had cheaper in other places but point is still valid for that price and only 4gb ram on Base model".

"Yes prices vary".
Lol, come on, no bonafide retailer would charge more than the launch price of £739 for the Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G960F 64GB.
Even the 256GB Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G960F/DS was only £846 at launch, so please provide proof of the S9 being £900 at launch, because it looks like you made it up to make the XS look good in your comparison, please tell the truth & back it up with facts, don't be blind biased.

Look, Tesco's sell the S9 for £499 Sim Free:≻_cmp=aff*awin*ghs**

So I could buy 2 S9's for £998 or buy 1 base model XS:
Samsung Galaxy S9 v's Apple iPhone XS

€1,000 for the Apple XS is eXce$$ive!
I got my Note9 8GB/512GB with an additional freebie bundled 512GB microSD for less than this a couple of months after launch (I waited for the reviews on XS Max & Mate 20 Pro before deciding), and now nearly a year later it's even better value:

Obviously I never worry about memory, but those paying £1,049/ £1,149 for 64GB (non expandable) of memory on the Pro/ Pro Max (respectively) will.
Clearly they're not worth it, nor do they merit the Pro moniker.
Maybe next year, we'll see?, meanwhile open your eyes & you'll see.

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kalel, 16 Sep 2019U come along to reply to my comments and now u want to chan... moreA: I am in US, I own apple shares, they've lost 30 billion or so in market cap since iphone launch, I am worried more about what is going on in NASDAQ than in some korean exchange
B: if a korean company is the cause that your shares are being devalued, despite launch of your moneymaker , you'd probably not like your investment too. I still appreciate the ipads and apple TV's revenue model though. If it wasn't for them, analysts had predicted anywhere between 12-15 percent drop in stock instead of 2-3 percent they had on September 13 and outlook for apple might change after their earning report for q4...

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019Again talking about ram, you act like s9 is only flagship a... moreU come along to reply to my comments and now u want to change the narrative to your liking I don't think so. That's only if I comment on your posts. I chose the s9 to compare and could have chosen any one device which I did. Yes I mentioned earlier s9 plus with 6gb ram so need to repeat what I already said. To some the price is the most important factor and to some it isn't. Like I said ur samsung shares aren't affected so u don't need to get negative :D

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kalel, 16 Sep 2019Don't worry ur samsung shares aren't affected. I never ment... moreAgain talking about ram, you act like s9 is only flagship available... there are tens of those in android land, all costing less than iphone, BTW s9+ had more ram anyways, so there was a model in s9 series with higher capacity RAM for multitasking. Compare phones based on price for once, that is most important metric people use to buy phones, that is why iphone will be sliding to single figures by 2020 and that is why iphone 11 is 699 to try stem that reverse tide

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019Now you compare devices based on year right? What load of b... moreDon't worry ur samsung shares aren't affected. I never mentioned the xs max and never implied anywhere it's inferior. And what u talking about I'm not comparing devices to fiscal years or calender years and comparing devices with same ram. The s9 with 4gb ram. Article is about ram. S9 still comparable to many newer devices and still running Android 9 like most newer devices

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kalel, 16 Sep 2019Xs was released same year as the s9. The s10 is comparable ... moreNow you compare devices based on year right? What load of bs is that? There was 6 month difference between launch of both devices, so it's also fair to compare it to device launched 6 months later. Taking fiscal year in account, both xs and s10 were launched in same year, And you conveniently ignore price of s9 at times of iPhone launch. iPhone xs was as costly as a freaking note 9 when it launched, not s9
You basically shafted users of costlier device (xs max) by saying it's inferior one, that's great, so you admit that apple ripped of guys paying 100 pounds more by selling them inferior displays they ordered from Samsung, cool

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019"Samsung did make the oled screen but apple improved it fur... moreXs was released same year as the s9. The s10 is comparable to this year's iphone 11. Yes obviously the xs max is the better device but Bcuz u failed to read my previous posts, u fail to understand why the xs and s9 were mentioned and not the s9 plus and xs max.
Bcuz the topic wasn't originally about the display but about the ram. The s9 came with 4gb ram and the s9 plus came with 6gb ram. The display comments came later as someone else shifted from main topic about ram and moved onto the displays. So if u read the original comments then u would know why the s9 and xs were mentioned. Learn to read fully before commenting and not just shuffling through comments and cherry picking certain comments to attack

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 16 Sep 2019So tell me when did having a 4 smartphone a trend? Let alon... moreYou don't have the basic ability to understand people. I said I've "had" & "used" 4 phones. Your assumption is like, I'm using all 4 at once. Man, you seriously have some problem. You ask people with your annoying questions. You have no common sense to understand others. You're too negative! You say that you're a hybrid user and yet you praise iOS and Apple more. Can't help but laugh at your comments, but at the same time, feeling sorry for you.

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kalel, 16 Sep 2019Cant u read? U comment on my post but fail to read my previ... more"Samsung did make the oled screen but apple improved it further. Read every review especially on this website on the xs oled screen and it will state clearly that it's better than the oled screen on the s9 as apple added some improvements"

"The iPhone XS color accuracy is excellent - we measured an average DeltaE of 1.8 and a maximum deviation of 3. Few phones are as good or better than this, and most of them are in Samsung's ballpark" -GSMarena

"As I stated check the review the xs display was actually better"
"The review on this very website. I have used one and know display is amazing. Don't need to watch a video as I already know from experiencing it"

Again, Have a read on your own comments and see how out of touch they are with reality.
You say I am acting clever, but aren't you purposely ignoring xs max? That one is more expensive, so it should have better display... Or are you saying xs max is not the part of xs series as whole since it has inferior display to xs? You could get s9 for 650 or less by the time iphone was launched, so comparing launch prices is pointless. Both phones have different release cycles, if you are comparing xs with 6 month old phone, should I compare xs with s10 since the time frame between release was 6 months? So who's the one cherry picking now?

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019I referred xs max since it's more expensive. So you're sayi... moreCant u read? U comment on my post but fail to read my previous posts. If I'm comparing the s9, then I wouldn't compare it with the xs max but the xs as the whole thing was regarding 64gb Base storage which can be Compared with the s9 model. Next time read the whole thing before u act all clever

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019And what avout people that only bought one iphone and had a... moreThose people who bought an iphone with those issues can find a lot of third party repair centers. And will be able to repair their iphones in the matter of hours. And most of all. They're available anywhere! Meanwhile, on the android side. If you have an android smartphone such as Pocophone F1 for example. And after having it for 8 months. You've encountered some hardware problems along the way. Since you've only ordered it online. Where can you find a repairmen which could repair your un-familiar tech? Especially if they have to order some parts online and will take days for the parts to arrive?

  • Josh

iPhones are great on 4gigs of ram

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Why dont you tell me why you are purposefully saying things... moreDon't logically add up? Let me remind you that ios came first in 2007. And they were the first one to developed a perfect mobile UI. Android came along and have the same UI as the ios! You think I'm throwing out random accusations? Are you even reading online articles? Like these ones for example:

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019No. They said it was perfect as foolish defense in denial. ... moreThen tell me why a 256MB ram iphone manage to run apps almost a decade ago without any problems? Even the ipod touch 4th gen back then was everyones desire if they want an ios device but doesn't want to spent a fortune! How's that for a 256MB ram ios device?

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Buy a rog 2, you can't game on puny 3000 mah battery anyway... moreI would get the ROG phone 2 if it was available. Especially for a 512GB model that cost 10% less than a 512GB Iphone model. I don't have any problems with headphone jacks since I have 2 BT earbuds and one BT headphones. Batteries isn't a problem either since both my note 8 and my iphone 7 plus have powercase with a capacity of 7,000 mah.

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019If a person can afford to own 4, then why not? it's their m... moreSo tell me when did having a 4 smartphone a trend? Let alone 4 flagship smartphones? All I did was ask. And he mentioned having 4 android smartphones! Isn't he showing off?
And you think I represent ios? I represent BOTH devices since I'm a hybrid user! How about you? You think having to use one mobile OS is enough to suffice ones tech hungry user?

[deleted post]I'm an Android user and I'll have say iOS has one of if not the best RAM management. An iPhone with 3gb RAM will outperform a 4gb RAM Android in terms of RAM management. That 4gb is comparable to if not better than most 6gb RAM devices. 8gb RAM devices are overrated. Like you'll be playing fornite,pubg and elder scrolls blades concurrently.

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Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019I referred xs max since it's more expensive. So you're sayi... moreAnd 2. The only thing that's better than competition on xs is sunlight visibility, that too by less than 0.2 points compared to freaking Nokia 808. Anything else that's been verified? I'd like to know