Weekly poll: iPhone 11 family - hot or not

14 September 2019
Did Cupertino have a strong smartphone release this year or did the iPhone 11 family leave you disappointed in some way?

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Apple polls in this site are completely pointless. I don’t think Apple have ever won any. This site has too many Android users who just want to downvote Apple.

These phones are great and going to be best selling phones for next year no matter what haters say.

Yawn as usual! Malas Notch(e).

This poll is flawed. Since most smartphones are Android most of the readers will be Android users. I like it or I don't doesn't seem reasonable under this scenario.

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what i liked the most: their confidence in their ip68 rating. up to 4 meters.

AND: I get all pro features without having an oversized phones.

Anyone who is gonna say "iphone 11 will shake the market" or "iphone XR is the most sold phone wym" kind of things:

Imagine xiaomi, huawei, iphone and samsung; all got only 60 millions of units total

For example, if samsung with 29 models released this year had to make 60 million units, it couldnt get any single model go past 10 million units simply, because they have to make 29 models. Similar situation for xiaomi and huawei.

Apple, though, can easily make 20 million units for each model. And this, my friends, is the reason XR sold that much. Apple users didnt have many choices that why they went for the cheapest one. It wasnt a market shaking model with ultra-high specs that got everyones attention. It was the only choice left for people who wanted an iphone.

X41, 15 Sep 2019The only thing i like about new iPhone is the addition of t... moreThey did sell s10 trio in prism green actually

MarkusLeto, 15 Sep 2019The results. Faith in humanity restored.This site's poll is irrelevant , as these are the votes of the vocal minority also known as enthusiast especially seeing that this site is just basically India dominated with price sensitive folks

The millions that worship apple and don't even know what ram is will buy these phones in boatloads just the reality

GIF, 15 Sep 2019You will see soon, iPhone 11 will be most popular phone in ... moreWell I mean they are still only in third place of "smarphones sold worldwide" and there is a reason:
Samsung released:
10 A series phone and 5 A series spin-offs (for example: A10e)
4 M series phone with one spin-off
4 S series phone
4 Note series phone
1 Fold series phone

Meaning a total of 29 smartphones in a single year.

Apple released: 3 11 series smartphones

Those who buy Apple dont got much choice and thats why it is the most sold one. All attention is divided by 3 at max, not 29. Its not that it was great. Its just XR was their only option.

To be honest, I couldn't answer the poll honestly, because I really like the iPhone 11(at $699 it is pretty decent for most Apple upgraders), but not the Pro or the Pro Max.

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MarkusLeto, 15 Sep 2019The results. Faith in humanity restored.You will see soon, iPhone 11 will be most popular phone in the world same as iPhone Xr.

The results. Faith in humanity restored.

Annas, 15 Sep 2019"Quality of DSLR "....now they wont, UNLESS the DSLR stand ... moreThe phone cameras will catch up to a level of decent dslr camera. I was not implying that it will ever be supperior or exactly the same level.
But enough for avarage user to take some decent realistic looking photos with good quality.

I see should phrase my sentence better.

  • Annas

KebabSLO, 15 Sep 2019Not really. Phones have become a pocket sized cameras. Qua... more"Quality of DSLR "....now they wont, UNLESS the DSLR stand still in upgrades then yes
But i dont think the industry od DSLR will stand still from now on
Today a very good DSLR is 15 times better than the best smartphone
So...to overcome that "15 times" DSLR should stop now and smartphones will be as good as today DSLR maybe after 2035-2040, but again, i don't think DSLR industry and tech will push the STOP button now

Stop being fanboys and give apple credit when its due. They were willing to compromise especially with the base model. Y'all just scared because the iphone 11 is here to shake up the maarket just like the XR has done. Soon shamsung and OneMinus will have to step their game up.

Kingslayer, 15 Sep 2019The iPhone 11 trio is basically like the iPhone 7 duo. The ... moreExcept that moving from the 6S to the 7; you did notice getting better camera, better performance, and better battery life. Moving from the Xr/XS/Max to the 11/Pro/Max the upgrade in those areas seems much smaller.

Apple killed the Headphone Jack with the 7-variants, but in return finally gave them water resistance. I almost feel like that was a fair tradeoff, and Apple did it deliberately for that reason. With the iPhone 11-variants we aren't gaining any new feature, but we're certainly losing a feature: 3D Touch. So yeah, I think the comparisons between the two are pretty decent. That means for Q4-2020, we might expect the same notch design (ie iPhone 8) or we might expect a new form-factor (ie iPhone X).

I for one hope for a new form-factor, the current one is too ugly and impractical. Maybe the iPhone 12-variants will have fullscreen experience using a Cinema 21:9 aspect ratio and under-screen technology such as Vibrating Earpiece, Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, see-through Selfie Cam. And maybe also to eliminate the Camera Hump, introduce USB-C port and 5G Connectivity. A leap towards 120Hz panel should come sooner or later.

AnonD-803197, 15 Sep 2019Yeah because phones nowadays are nothing more, just communi... moreNot really.
Phones have become a pocket sized cameras. Quality of DSLR cameras can't compare much here, but it will reach that quality in few years.
P30 Pro for example is amazing with its x5 optical and x 50 hybrid zoom. Some incredible photos were made thanks to this technology.

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Shouls be bit more graceful like xperia 1 or xperia 5. No notch and minimalistic kinda design

  • AnonD-803197

hmm, 15 Sep 2019I prefer a middle class hardware compact with something und... moreYeah because phones nowadays are nothing more, just communication devices. There is much heft and wisdom behind your words.

The only thing i like about new iPhone is the addition of the green color. I don't know why samsung doesn't continue making emerald green

The iPhone 11 trio is basically like the iPhone 7 duo. The 3rd generation of essentially the same design. Apple will revamp the design again in 2021 and use that for 4 generations.