You can no longer install Google apps on the Mate 30 Pro

02 October 2019
Long story short - it's unsafe so Huawei and Google no longer allow it.

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  • Anonymous

You can install Google play services in Huawei Mate 30 pro.
New method is available now on YouTube.

  • Adam

Love it huawei brand

WazzaG, 02 Oct 2019Because just about everyone else uses the now very much def... moreonce again there wouldn't be any expandable memory if not so what are you complaining for?
since getting my mate 20 pro I haven't even had the need for more storage because the base 128GB is plenty. you just need something to rant about.

Yeah... This story must be sponsored to further fight Huawei. Good job

  • Eddie

[deleted post]I like this. I really don't want Google apps on my phone

  • Anonymous

some one sale pre-install google play store mate 30 pro in ebay.

  • Jimbob

Welp this phone will get cheap super fast then..

  • Kami

Does it still worth if I get this phone?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2019So yes, Android is indeed too big to fail. It has an enormo... moreremember you can still install android apps anytime you want even not using the play store, the internet is so big to browse the apk files

[deleted post]I totally understand that Kim Jong Il who was responsible for the death of millions of his people due to his refusing international humanitarian aid on ideological grounds(just like Mao did during the great famine at the end of the Great Leap Forward) and his regime relying on being maintained through systematic corruption is totally infallible because:
" every country is or has made atrocities"
"No one should be blame the other"

Only somebody trolling on behalf of corrupt regimes such as this has the motive to make such statements.

[deleted post]nomercy @ SvB, who lied about "transparency" of the Xi regime(see:, first posted on Oct 3, about 41hrs ago, which was in the same hour as when: Ahlan/Kifu @ SvB was astroturfing on behalf of Huawei, the CCP's prized pet, while bashing Apple, on:, wielding multiple accounts upvoting each other and fabricating a consensus on Huawei's glory.
What a CONVENIENT COINCIDENCE that three communist trolls at the exact same location appear on this site at the exact same time and all magically gain multiple upvotes within minutes of posting!!!

  • Anonymous

mooox, 04 Oct 2019The number of Chinese manufacturers sells about 45% of the ... moreSo yes, Android is indeed too big to fail. It has an enormous user base and a very strong community of app developers. Wherever the users go, the developers follow. Didn't Windows Mobile and Windows Phone teach you anything?

  • Anonymous

mooox, 04 Oct 2019The number of Chinese manufacturers sells about 45% of the ... moreAndroid was doing well and on the rise way before all those generic Chinese smartphone companies started popping up. Other companies like LG, HTC, Sony, BlackBerry etc,. were doing great before the Chinese overtook them by flooding the market with a plethora of cheap low-end junk. And not all of those Chinese companies will convert either, some will stay with Android and not risk losing a ton of users and money, which it all boils down to. Samsung will stick with Android because no one will want to use Tizen, and all of the aforementioned companies will get popular again if some of the Chinese companies do decide to jump ship. Nobody wants to use a smartphone with very strange sounding names in the U.S. Outside of OnePlus I don't think I've even seen one single person using a Chinese smartphone here or heard anyone even utter any one of their names in public before lol.

  • Anonymous

mooox, 04 Oct 2019I think the Chinese are smarter than that. Generally, they... moreDon't you just love admission of guilt? At least you're truthful and direct about their crooked, corrupted, and conniving ways, which is more than I can say about most of the people here. If you can't beat 'em, steal and copy 'em!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Kay lol.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I'm curious to know where you get your news from, what are your sources? Or are you so smart that you don't need to stay up-to-date on current events? If that's so, then that explains a lot lol.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]"Let me get this right. What you're saying is that, you can't be faulted for something that SOMEONE else did in the past." Exactly, that's like China, and other surrounding Asian countries, blaming the current people of Japan for the atrocities their countrymen committed in WWII, which happened almost 75 years ago.

Google it, or use any search engine you like, and read about what they stole over the years, the list is too long to mention here. And every country has its fair share of drug addicts and fornicators, including countries in Asia and the Middle East. Singling out just one country to support your weak argument is, well, weak.

  • Anonymous

mooox, 04 Oct 2019US bullies the rest of the world just like how US perceives... moreDemand? Are they afraid of a little competition? Or do they want to take the easy way out everytime by pilfering other companies IP? China is a big country with a big population, it's too enticing for other companies not to do some kind of business over there and China knows it, which is one of the reasons why they employ these kind of underhanded tactics. And what does Iraq have anything to do with this? Why are you deflecting and avoiding the central issue here? BTW, the dollar is too strong, almost all central banks have huge reserves of it and important global resources, like oil, are based on it. It's not going anywhere, in fact it's growing stronger.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Actually most Americans don't believe anything the mainstream media says, or they take everything they say with a grain of salt. In fact over 60% of the American public don't trust the MSM at all. Do you enjoy stere0typing Americans, and Westerners in general, or do you like making stuff up as you go along to further your false narrative? Based on your previous comments you clearly have a strong bias against the Western world lol. Did one of them !nvade or exploit your country or something? V!ctim mentality isn't good fella, nor is it healthy.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You don't sound any smarter with that last sentence, it's so damn cr!ngeworthy! Anyway, he understood your comment just fine. Your main argument is that it's ok to steal IP today because people in the distant past stole something from you, or rather your @ncestors. If you can't see the fallacy here then I don't know what else to say. It's not a winning argument, but a very desperate one. You need to stop playing the sad and p@thetic v!ctim card and leave the past where it belongs, in the past.