You can no longer install Google apps on the Mate 30 Pro

02 October 2019
Long story short - it's unsafe so Huawei and Google no longer allow it.

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  • Modest Mind

China forces by law all international companies doing business in China to have a local Chinese partner and also to transfer the know-how to the local Chinese partner, thus stealing intellectual property of international companies. When Chinese companies do business in Germany or US or UK etc. they are treated the same a local companies and also are not forced to transfer know-how to the local partner in the host countries.

  • Modest Mind

This App coundn't have been developed without the help of Huawei to allow to make system settings modifications. This illegal behaviour of Huawei confirm that this company cannot be done business with! Huawei and all Chinese companies have been steeling intellectual property of all international companies doing business in China.

  • Anonymous

So mindless fanboys who said Google apps wouldnt be a problem on Mate 30 series, where are you now ? There is a reason this hasnt launched in Europe yet ! And probably never will

How are the users who downloaded lz play at risk?