Microsoft announces Surface Duo - a foldable Android phone with two screens

02 October 2019
It's an Android device has two 5.6” screens and bezels that seem to come straight out of 2012.

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      • Josh
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      • 01 Mar 2020

      Mzedalis, 03 Jan 2020I waited for years and its powered by android? This is gonn... moreAs opposed to what? Windows? That would be a fail on a new mobile device, lol. What kind of mobile apps does MS have in its app store that anyone wants? Android is a sensible choice because at least then people will buy it.

      Microsoft is less concerned with you using Windows devices and more concerned with you using Microsoft services. This is because their business model has moved to the cloud.

      This is a smart move on their part.

        I waited for years and its powered by android? This is gonna bomb.

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          • zzzbz
          • gm@
          • 25 Nov 2019

          for me the weight of the product is extremely important... I hope it will not be too heavy, ideally less than 200g... The lighter it is, the easier it is to hold in a hand, and doesn't stretch out your pocket too much (hopefully it can fit in a shirt pocket).

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            • 14 Oct 2019

            This kind of phone is just what I had imagined, and hoping someone to produce.
            -Dual screen, close gap, reliable, high storage and lots of ram.

            No need Samsung fold which is too expensive and fragile
            ZTE Axon was a failure due to reliability and specification
            LG V50 the Gap between screens is too far.

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              • bJb
              • 14 Oct 2019

              Anonymous, 14 Oct 2019Bruh you cant even do simple things like Bluetooth contacts... moreThis microsoft is running Android. what are you talking about? this is Android phone

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                • Anonymous
                • 3DR
                • 14 Oct 2019

                Krish, 07 Oct 2019It is this kind of hate which is showing up in this post, w... moreBruh you cant even do simple things like Bluetooth contacts to another device. Windows OS was rubbish

                  • K
                  • Krish
                  • B1H
                  • 07 Oct 2019

                  It is this kind of hate which is showing up in this post, why windows phone became history. Windows Phone was the best mobile operating system, Period.

                  But due to this kind of hate with no reason, has kept developers away from making good applications for Windows Phone and we all ended up using IOS (too expensive) or Android (Not anywhere close to Windows Phone in terms of performance and beauty).
                  I can say this as I have used both. The kind of performance which Windows Phone 525 (1 GB RAM) gave, I don't get it on my current Android phone (3 GB RAM).

                  I think we should give Microsoft a fair chance to build and improve on these new set of devices. They are very good at it.

                    Anonymous, 04 Oct 2019A bit better? hahahahahahaha... This SURFACE is million lev... moreTry reading my comment again. I'm talking about its design, not function. Two very different things.

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                      • PA7
                      • 07 Oct 2019

                      For me, I like the feeling of mechanical engineering gear like this one rather than the failed fragile foldable screen ones.
                      This device seems reminds me of my 9210i and E90 communicators back in the days.

                      Oh well, but obviously only if the price is right.

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                        • Bewildered
                        • 39x
                        • 06 Oct 2019

                        stup1dm0nk3y, 06 Oct 2019@Bewildered you have no idea what you're talking about. ... moreI'm sorry that you are so limited you are barely capable of dealing with a partial point and crawling with that

                        Earlier this decade there were 4 Operating Systems now just 2 (for me no IOS)

                        Again if, if Windows Phone 10 was correctable e.g releasing say Windows Phone 12 to correct the issues of Windows Phone 10,Microsoft would have done it already

                        Samsung did not abandon phone manufacturing when the Note 7 batteries exploded
                        Microsoft with Windows Phone 8 were on a comeback trail, and had a couple of months where it was the number one selling Operating System

                        Microsoft had another incentive to fix the unfixable as Hewlett Packard had released a flagship WP 10 device

                        IOS is not Apple but a licensed Software the patents owned by Nokia, Gsmarena has written many articles on the $Billions Apple pays Nokia ( every device that runs IOS, Apple pays Nokia.

                        I am not particularly concerned re this phone, but if this is say a phenomenal hit Microsoft will pay Google to run Android, makes perfect sense use Android on phones avoidable if here is a wild guess not put out software that was crashing devices

                        So what colours do you think Microsoft should run with?

                          @Bewildered you have no idea what you're talking about.

                          Windows Phone was great. Being a rep for Nokia/Microsoft was hard work. However, all they had to do was support the android market, which they were working on and they would of been ok. However, this failed. The software itself ran fine.

                          This is a great concept. If they can get the price point and specs right they will sell quiet a lot. Cannot wait!

                            • B
                            • Bewildered
                            • 39x
                            • 06 Oct 2019

                            Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019I'm shocked at all the praise Microsoft is getting. These a... moreDespite beta testing Windows Phone 10 OS on Windows Phone 8 devices WP 10 crashed every device acting like malware, Microsoft still released I, installed on its flagship Lumia 950

                            So toxic was WP 10 Microsoft stopped selling Windows 10 devices, as this was adding to the complaints base

                            2 years later unfixable you cannot correct any device which has Windows Phone 10 running

                            Put simply if WP 10 could be fixed Microsoft would still be selling phones

                            So here we are with no third party apps
                            The 5Gb cloud storage linked to Google and ios
                            Microsoft selling a Android dual screen phone

                            Every devise Microsoft sells it will have to pay Google a licence fee to have Android installed

                            Having a phone OD like Windows Phone 8 working viable and problem free (no Third Party app )

                            The Surface phone touted for years run on Android..

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • 8as
                              • 06 Oct 2019

                              i think it would make more sense to sell only one half of this device. one 5.6" screen is enough as a phone

                                First gen, what can you expect. Software will be priority. at least you can expect something, not just dream.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 0p}
                                  • 04 Oct 2019

                                  Fayth, 03 Oct 2019and if you really read the article, Nex Medias is also 'tak... morehow about you compare between NEC Medias and ZTE Axon M? Even their back panel design are almost identical. There's a big difference between "copying" and "using the same inspiration". Anyone can come up with idea of using dual screen and foldable like a book, but if their design almost identical, can you call it coincidence?

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                                    • -DLS-
                                    • aj%
                                    • 04 Oct 2019

                                    Gauron, 03 Oct 2019This is not meant to be a phone first, that will be a featu... moreIt should have came with Windows or Linux if it were meant as a computing / other stuff device.

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                                      • AnonD-731363
                                      • SH3
                                      • 04 Oct 2019

                                      Ewwww seeing microsoft making android devices makes me sick even more than knowing there will be no more windows phone.

                                        Gauron, 03 Oct 2019This is not meant to be a phone first, that will be a featu... moreRead my comment again. I'm not asking for a bezelless design, but also not bezels from 2012. These bezels are unnecessarily big, or to put it differently, the screens could be bigger/taller.

                                        Generally speaking smartphones have already replaced tablets and laptops for a large amount of people, including me - apart from gaming in my case. I sold my dusty old laptop this summer, after not using it the past couple of years.

                                        This device houses two small screens (5.6" each) and using them as one is less than ideal with that massive divider in the middle. So split screen usage or single screen usage will be the most useful for it.

                                        I'd much rather take a smartphone with a larger screen, to replace a combo of smartphone, tablet and laptop. I currently have the Mi Mix 3, but what I really want is a more powerful version of the Mi Max 3. It's got a big screen suitable for just about anything, single task or split screen, at the same time it offers and un-interrupted fullscreen for video enjoyment and just like the Surface duo it's pocketable, unlike a typical tablet or laptop. And yes, it (Mi max 3) has plenty bezels for those worried about false touch, but still far from the amount of the surface duo.