Weekly poll: did Microsoft outsmart Android makers with the Surface Duo?

06 October 2019
It's not Microsoft's first Android phone and this is hardly the first dual screen device. So why did it create such a buzz?

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Anonymous, 08 Oct 2019I agree with you. If anything you can get more job done on... moreNope, iPadOS cannot still do it. It has USB-C, yes, file transfer, yes. It even has AV editing SW, but it still doesn't have a torrent client or a capable video encoding SW yet, AFAIK. So, iPadOS is still FAIL for me. Windows can handle Android apps through 3rd party SW, it can even handle Linux desktop environment now from within the OS; oh well, if you want Apple apps, you can use a virtual machine (sans Apple's crazy EULA, which is not supported). So, an iPad is still miles behind a Surface.

  • Anonymous

don't understand why Microsoft is using Google Android OS on the Surface Duo, i would of expected them to use the new OS WIndows 10X and emulate android apps via emulation.

Do you agree wouldn't that be a better approach?

  • Anonymous

Armorkingu, 08 Oct 2019Those voting "actually, it's not that clever" Let me see... moreWho you? The design police? It really is just 2 screens with a hinge. Sony has done it years ago so yes, it's not clever or original at all.

  • Amy

this isn't special or clever this has been done in like 2012

the gap makes it not an actual foldable but a dual screen thingie like the Lg one etc

  • Anonymous

arg0, 07 Oct 2019In 2011, Sony Tablet P failed exactly because the lack of s... moreDevelopers hadn't good options to earn money with Windows Phone 7 and 8 apps, that was the problem. Later, when Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile they even denied all third-party advertising networks, including Google's one. So, it's all about their mismanagement, nothing else.

Those voting "actually, it's not that clever"

Let me see YOUR designs.

gto, 07 Oct 2019Microsoft is a failure windows is a failure and they Knowit... moreYes, A trillion dollar failure company.

  • lol

I believe it is a different product than folding phones. It is a two screen device as oposed to one screen device. You will not watch videos having a split in the middle, but you will use the second screen to multitask or as a keyboard. It's smart, but a different thing.

  • rigurat

Surface Hardware + Android = Win(dows).

  • Anonymous

Lmao voters clearly not looking beyond "pretty looks" for their hardware.

Guess Microsoft is sucking at maintaining the mess of what is known as Windows 10 after firing the whole QA dept and making their own customers the beta testers themselves so they needed Android.

  • Anonymous

If it's as totally irrepairable as their "more glue than screw" Surface products....

  • Anonymous

Oncom, 08 Oct 2019Nobody cares about the operating system, it doesn't matter ... moreMS pays to have their apps on Android and iOS.
So if they had their own OS they wouldn't have to share profits.

  • Anonymous

mukhi, 07 Oct 2019The results look funny. Surface HW plus Android = Win...Are... moreI agree with you.
If anything you can get more job done on an ipad pro than this! Even for MS stuff.
Just more optimised and more powerful. Now with ipadOS where you can just use a bluetooth mouse and plug in USB sticks and transfer files, it really is like an awkward laptop.

Nobody cares about the operating system, it doesn't matter whether it's Android or IoS. What matters is the existence of Applications. So MS is smarter than Google and Apple in this regard. MS lets Android and IoS develop the hard part for free, and MS only needs to install their application and get the benefits.

Complete disaster, nothing new, horrible design, it is litterally few years overdue for sure

The fact that they made it an Android device, it a very clever thing from Microsoft. They didn't bring this Surface Duo with their own OS, meaning they are willing to put an open source software platform in the device, but keep their own hardware. Making the OS perform well and smooth enough to cooperate with Windows on the vast amount of desktops and laptops worldwide. Just like they did collaborating with Samsung, so all Samsung devices are pre loaded with Microsoft software. Good decision by Microsoft.

The results look funny. Surface HW plus Android = Win...Are you kidding me? What's so special in the Surface HW? NOTHING. Can Android accomplish the hardcore jobs (at least, a few) that Windows does? NONE. Can you do a 10 bit video encoding in Android? NO. Can you do MS office advanced functionality in Android? Heck, NO. Try doing an advanced photo/video editing in Android, you'll be a FAIL.
Windows can typically do everything, but phone. MS tried, failed, and now, they're trying to fool people showing that MS can help in handling mobile devices. Yes, dual screen is a safer bet than foldable, but so what? Samsung, Huawei, Sony or LG or... is capable of making similar dual screen HW, and they'll shortly show they can do better job than MS, but unless the Android developers are serious about the hardcore jobs that Windows does, we're still stuck with multiple devices for various tasks.

AnonD-889996, 07 Oct 2019Because it is Microsoft products.But it doesn't look that good at all.

  • Anonymous

dfv, 07 Oct 2019while nice form factor, it is just another gimmick and has ... moreWhy couldn't you keep it opened or unfolded it plans to have gorilla glass all the way around and on both sides? So, in theory you could keep it unfolded 24/7 and it'll be like any other phone on the market that has the screen out on display and doesn't get scratched. Unlike the Huawei Mate X which is potentially using a similar plastic flexible screen to Samsung Galaxy Fold (large screen) which has been known to be very fragile and prone to dust/dirt getting inside.

  • D.

...and guys carry some bags nowadays. :)

The clever twist is PR they made. But this is Microsoft, naturally they get attention.

This design could be an alternative to 'work' devices (assuming 2 screens not 1 large = not optimal for multimedia) if it came say year ago, not year later. By that time second gen foldables may be around the corner. And they'll take over when improve.
Having said that, Microsoft may either make device good, sell some and then evolve to foldable or change it's plans till then (as was already said below).

So, nice PR for now and we'll see if this design is still competitive in a year. Neo is something else.