Weekly poll: did Microsoft outsmart Android makers with the Surface Duo?

06 October 2019
It's not Microsoft's first Android phone and this is hardly the first dual screen device. So why did it create such a buzz?

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  • D.

Today it may be usable mostly for people who use tablet or S10 Note with stylus for some work, often run multitasking or so as another possibility (handy device maybe). For average user not worth investment. Later, real foldables capable of ONE big screen will prevail. Leads to conclusion the sooner it appears the better for this device.

I've chosen second option but since do no work on handset I wouldn't buy today. 2 screens not necessary and not worth weight, battery drain, price etc. Unless 2 screens become more usable and this replaces usual (mid and low range) phones in the future.

The idea is fine in it self, but making each half as big as they do, sort of DESTROYS the idea, as it will not be one hand operable for more than a tiny fraction of the potential users. The screens are about 4:3, so each 5.6" screen is 85mm wide, and with a slight bezel on one side, the device FOLDED will be at the size of the extreme Blackberry Passport... But larger.

Had they made the same diagonal screens more elongated keeping the width of each half on the correct side of 70mm, it could have been a hit.

  • Anonymous

What's the difference between this and Sony Tablet P and ZTE Axon M ?

  • Anonymous

"The phone isn’t slated to come out until late next year, so it’s hardware configuration is yet to be decided."

Before they launch, many small tablet OEM (Teclast, Chuwi, Alldocube) will launch first. It's double tablet.

just another future niche product, "normal" people dont want to carry a heavy nintendo DS around, they only want a practical and simple phone for mundane selfies, stalk your crush in social media, flashy accesories for it and yadayadayada...

I think it's awesome, as long as it will be priced reasonably. I'd absolutely love a foldable phone, but I'd have to sell a kidney to afford one. Since this one's screen doesn't actually fold, it might be a great alternative if the price is right.

It is more cheaper and durable than foldables, but it is less ideal for multimedia or gaming due to the gap in-between the screens.

Overall i think it's a good design and will serve as a good alternative option for those who think foldables are not ready for prime time.

pls delete

Honestly, who runs around with such a device in the bag? Why do I need such a big screen, Youtube? The design of a PDA has already been cloned by other companies. In vain, it's just impractical. This is a gadget for the sofa, but please do not drop it

ZloiYuri, 06 Oct 2019Microsoft just can't do anything proper last 5 years. Compa... moreyup, sure, and vova will invent something better to replace it...

I do not think is about "outsmarting" somebody, it's simply an alternative solution, with its specifics and advantages. and, honestly, i'd very much like a full windows fledged surface duo, a pocketable surface neo.

  • T-rex

It is sad to see windows phone gone. Competition is always good and the end users had more choice. It would have been better to see it with the return of windows phone

  • ZloiYuri

Microsoft just can't do anything proper last 5 years. Company that worth to disappear.

I voted yes just to see what they are capable off and bring onto us.

  • Anonymous

I don't see a product page for Surface Duo on GSMA. Does that mean failure?