Weekly poll: did Microsoft outsmart Android makers with the Surface Duo?

06 October 2019
It's not Microsoft's first Android phone and this is hardly the first dual screen device. So why did it create such a buzz?

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ProJames-CHM, 06 Oct 2019It's awesome IMO. I hope they modified the Android UI so it... moreIt will use Microsoft Launcher. So a regular Android experience.

The more I watch the videos of this concept device, I wants to own both, the Neo and the Duo. But, those horrible bezels, though!

I really don't understand why people are hyped about this thing.

  • Gandalfdenvite

With no screen on the outside of the phone it needs to be opened to see who is calling or texting..., that is annoying!

  • Love the Community

I hope it uses Snapdragon SD865 and sold at $700 or less. Luckily, Microsoft is well aware and a bit knowledgeable with Android considering that they made a Microsoft Launcher for Android and an official reseller/retailer or whatever for Samsung Flagships (especially their Business variants.)

It's awesome IMO. I hope they modified the Android UI so it looks like Windows Phone because it had a better UI than stock Android (especially since Android Oreo)

Microsoft outsmarted Apple.

The structure of this device SCREAMS quality. I think this is a way to go for foldable device until we truly have flexible displays. Also, I like how Microsoft announced in a year advanced because that will give developers to get ready to make apps for foldable devices. It's a win/ win for Microsoft and Google's Android. I hope they make some tweaks before releasing this, like having an OLED display of LCD, and having slimmer bezels.

The poll responses are limited again. This is not clever as multiple companies have done duals screens with a hinge already, however... Microsoft seems to have put forward something that might actually be compelling to use.

I think its sh%t, Neo on the other hand is better than duo

  • Anonymous

There's a bias from this website against ZTE and nubia. You never mention nubia x as first dual display phone in most articles that include that topic but mention vivo nex dual. Now you never mention ZTE axon m is the original brand that came up with 2 screens foldable. Bias much, gsmarena?

Whackcar, 06 Oct 2019It is more cheaper and durable than foldables, but it is le... moreThis is what I am thinking... If Microsoft can set the price point for this to hit main stream users, they will hit it home with this. Only a small fraction of users are jumping on the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X band wagon, and with Huawei digging their own hole with US maker support, Microsoft has a huge opportunity here...

  • Anonymous

EskeRahn, 06 Oct 2019The idea is fine in it self, but making each half as big as... moreFully agree. This thing is fine but too wide to fit in any pants pocket

  • Anonymous

elbot1234, 06 Oct 2019just another future niche product, "normal" people dont wan... moreWe found the soul of the party everybody xD

  • Nice

This actually looks quite nice, and I think that it's an interesting idea that very well could take off. The Samsung foldable turned into a huge debacle, because foldable screens are just not ready yet - or perhaps Samsung is just too incompetent. We'll have to wait for Huawei's foldable device.

Most importantly, this won't have any horrible Windows garbage on it. With Android (hopefully Android 10), it will actually be usable, so this might become the best device they ever made, just because of that.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2019What's the difference between this and Sony Tablet P and ZT... moreThickness, screen ratio and Android version xD

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2019What's the difference between this and Sony Tablet P and ZT... moreYear, And price, and maybe skin of top on Android

  • Jimbob

Microsoft done their homework, definitely did it right with this device, makes the galaxy look like a joke

  • Anonymous

They copied zte axon m. Where's the positive here?

  • 46 xy

Please make it 5.5 inch 16:9 instead.
It should be pocketable.
My Tab is useless.