Weekly poll: did Microsoft outsmart Android makers with the Surface Duo?

06 October 2019
It's not Microsoft's first Android phone and this is hardly the first dual screen device. So why did it create such a buzz?

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  • Wojtek

not sure I agree on first point... granted, android has huge ecosystem, but it would be more awesome to have native windows apps.

I think that with the push to more touch friendly applications on surface and neo developers with start 'spilling' apps to duo as well

what clever twist? might as well give the award to LG for this folding dual screens, but no, LG is dumb?

While the timing is sort of right (Google's already adding/polishing Android to include native support for screens having exotic form factors.) I fear it'll only add to Microsoft's woes if it doesn't get several things right.

The simple factor is, companies sell only those ten's of millions of phones that are focused on mass market needs and expectations, not the ones that are focused on a specific goal. Even gaming phones, being generally better than rest of their top-tier brethren, don't outsell regular flagships. And surface duo kind of screams productivity.

Plus an year from now, when there might be atleast 5-6 separate truly foldable devices on the market, having something with a big ugly black line in the center would come across as a cheap attempt to impersonate something it's not (a-la-ZTE axon M).

And let's not even get to the whole Bezel, camera, looks argument.

In any case, one year is a long time. Many things can change (even cancelled). And hence this poll is unnecessary for the time.

  • Anonymous

Do you need to open this up every time you get a call from somebody just to check, who it is from?

  • arg0

In 2011, Sony Tablet P failed exactly because the lack of software.
I wish Microsoft more luck with getting developers on board than they had with Windows Phone/Windows Mobile: despite the strong push and Universal Windows Platform (UWP), it failed because many developers lacked incentive to port - and, most importantly, maintain - their apps to the "third ecosystem".

  • gto

Microsoft is a failure windows is a failure and they Knowit and customers knows that thru end road experience, and now Microsoft loves Linux wonder why

  • Anonymous

Joe Dickson, 07 Oct 2019Only if ZTE outsmarted them with their flop foldable phone.ZTE outsmart them or actually ZTE just rip-off design from NEC Medias? they even copycat it even axon M had similar recessed back-panel


Anyone else expecting potato quality photos from this thing ? I fear it will be in the same ballpark as the ROG 1 & 2 ...

  • Anonymous

Zte does dual foldable display android phone

Microsoft does it
>oh my god it's so cool, this is innovation, b!#h3$!!!


The Duo is to wide in my opinion. It looks like it sports the same 3:2 aspect ratio which I love on my Surface Book, but I don't think it's the right choice for a phone. This would make the Duo over 80mm wide when closed.
I am more interested in the Neo, I can see my kid having such device as their first "laptop", very flexible and versatile for this generation

  • Blackidus

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2019You guys notice she took it out of her purse? How many of ... moreYes, because how many women actually have pockets on their pants?
My wife allways carries her phone in her purse and she has a Galaxy S9.

To me the Duo looks no bigger than any other flagship when it´s folded.

Only if ZTE outsmarted them with their flop foldable phone.

CrunchLife, 07 Oct 2019Duo is indeed something very refreshing in this saturated w... moreI'll take duo for the sake of all phone look the same. It more fun to do 2 thing same time

  • Anonymous

Long term 2 screens as one is not the way to go.

  • Anonymous

Without a rear camera the phone is already dead.

  • mikiti

Trollhammeren, 06 Oct 2019Prepare for an Android bloated with Microshit crap that no ... morelmao accurate af

Try Microsoft launcher for Android. It's been around for couple of years now. The features are really focused for productivity.

  • Anonymous

Nrlastest, 07 Oct 2019As the option you have to vote, it's not that clever. It's ... moreDuo vs X.
1. Duo is more durable.
2. Duo can stand on the table like a laptop and watch your videos.
3. X have bigger continuous screen when unfolded.
4. Both are relatively same size.
5. Both can be flipped 360 and use as a smartphone.
6. X have more cameras. But no front facing if you flip out.
7. Duo have no camera at the back.
8. Price, duo will be cheaper i believe.. no gimmicky flexible screen cost.

All in all, i think duo will be more price and feature acceptable to end consumer then X will be.

But duo need Google's Android help.. automate developer's process. If Google ignore it on the OS side.. it will flop badly. Just like Google's tablets.

  • dfv

while nice form factor, it is just another gimmick and has flaws too.
A very big problem the duo has is I am unable to use the phone whole it is folded and cannot leave it fold out like the mate X as it will damage the screen.

As the option you have to vote, it's not that clever. It's too big too have it on you pocket or to go on your ear with it. It's more for business options. Huawei,s foldable it's way far greater than any product that we know so far. Think about Microsoft in the huawei,s foldable...remember the best phone for us will be full screen outside which you can interact with any time in a day and an opening with full screen inside in which you can see your video or you can make your job/business.