Sony Xperia 8 announced with 21:9 screen, Snapdragon 630 SoC and dual cameras

07 October 2019
Sony's latest midranger will likely remain exclusive to Japan.

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Oh c'mon, for 500$ you could have putted at least a SD675 or 712 in that...

  • Love the Community

See that? IP65/68 with a headphone jack. It can be done so why not do that to their own flagships? I'm willing to pay extra $100 for a flagship just because of a jack.

  • Hyuga

Small batery and still pricey. There a lot smartphones you can got cheaper than xperia 8 with higher spec.

C'mon Sony ! Really ?? 630 ? Do you still have them in your closet and don't know what to do with them ? Nobody will buy this phone as it happened with Xperia 10. If you want good sales, at least make the Xperia 8 plus with 730 and 6GB of ram but with 630 ? Nobody will buy.

  • Love the Community

Xinito27, 07 Oct 2019Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 are good phones better than yoursXperia 1 and 5 are not that great. No headphone jack and didn't utilize Huawei's IMX600/IMX650 camera sensor since they own it so Sony should have the privilege to use their own invention. I want their flagship phone to have a flagship sensor with Quad Bayer, not that 12MP trash.

Compressed >40MP downsampled to >10MP is better than pure 1xMP.

  • Pedzio

2700 battery? What a joke

  • Anonymous

Honestly if they can bump the processor to 665 or 675 the price can be forgiven. Still expensive, but at least you got some niche phones with capable performances. But 630? Did they just clearing their stocks 630 from XA Series?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2019Yes. Let's compare a phone from late 2019 with one from 201... moreGold from a century ago still worth more than pile of crap from today

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2019Japanese must be rich if Sony can price their midranger so high. These phones go free with carriers

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2019Yes. Let's compare a phone from late 2019 with one from 201... moreAt $500 or less, you could still buy a Asus Zenfone 6 (2019) or a Lenovo Z6 Pro (2019) or a Mi 9T Pro (2019). All of which are better than the Sony phone in every single way.

Heck, if you have something against Chinese brands, even then you could go for Google Pixel 3a (2019) for $400 which is better than the Xperia 8 in every way.

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2019Why can't Sony make good phones anymore?Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 are good phones better than yours

I just dont understand Sony anymore.

Used to have a lot of their flagship phones, but defending this absurd specs device for the price is just ridiculous. Be rational.

  • Anonymous

Battery should be at least 3500mAh for the asking price...

Mobilemaster, 07 Oct 2019The only thing I really like about this device is the color... moreLower is better, but as for the actual numbers themselves it seems quite random.

  • Anonymous

Nishat, 07 Oct 2019Are You Kidding Me 505$ For SD630. I Can Buy K20 Pro. Bette... moreGo buy the k20 then as this phone wasn't made for you

  • Anonymous

shaf man, 07 Oct 2019Why does it cost so much with low specsbecause just like apple they give us quality hardware their display, battery, build quality all are top notch for usage of 4-5 years not like Chinese brands who's speakers, display and camera are going weak in 1 year usage because I have Xperia Z2 which is 4 year old and Still working fine and there is no single problem in that phone and I had MI A1 which I sold recently because it calling speaker become weak in 1 year so I can't here properly and also camera quality was also become worse in 1year


  • Anonymous

Namelesss, 07 Oct 2019What is going on with Sony? That amount of money could buy ... moreYes. Let's compare a phone from late 2019 with one from 2018. Do you people even think before writing or what?

  • Anonymous

Why can't Sony make good phones anymore?

  • Anonymous

Sony sony sony... Shame