HTC hasn't given up on its smartphone business, plans a comeback

07 October 2019
It will focus on releasing high-end devices.

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  • AMOLED for HTC phone

HTC should look for AMOLED display also for their up coming smart phones.

truwalter, 22 May 2020htc is and has always been the best android smartphone comp... moreHonnestly no.
I run a phone company in my country and we sell many brands including HTC and i have to say they are not exceptional in quality in present era cheap xiaomi is dominating with its pricing and quality good enough to last 2-3 years with easy and after that time every teenager would buy new phone. Only people with age of 50+ will keep their devices until they die. or something like that.
Young people must impress the comunity where old people care more about family than new gadgets to spark among people they meet everyday.

  • truwalter

CptPower, 12 Oct 2019Honestly if the HTC keeps with their pricing their phones w... morehtc is and has always been the best android smartphone company just that they hardly advertise their product the way samsung and apple does

Honestly if the HTC keeps with their pricing their phones will be left in stores untouched.
Nobody will buy almost dead brand for a price of a brand new flagship from Samsung or Apple or Google.

  • Anonymous

Honestly if they just made the U12+ with latest specs, better front and back cameras, a proper audiophile grade headphone jack output and PROPER BUTTONS i'd buy it in a heartbeat.

don't add stupid notches/cut-outs or curved screens and keep the bezels so i can actually hold it landscape without accidental presses

  • AnonD-819322

Pabliell, 09 Oct 2019Glossy plastic is the worst. I don't get why they insist on... moreGlossy plastic has the same feeling as glass but more slippery and feels (obvs) less premium. Had it on my white GS2, wasn't a fan. At least glass feels cold.

  • Anonymous

There is nothing to research about... I forshadowed almost anything in the smartphone business.
Next big thing if you ask me? Prepare to have our phones to be much more fragile in years to come.
For now only the left and right side have an edge. Prepare to have it in every 4 corners

  • Krika

Just make a copy of the LG V30, with as good or better battery life, no curved screen, and updated cameras, and there is a winning phone right there. And yes, if they can make it 1-2mm shorter length that would be insanely good. But dont forget to make it as light, or lighter than the V30. Voila. All manufacturers should read this, its the best advice they will ever get.
The above can be done quite cheap, but can be sold for a high price.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2019HTC Sony and LG are still alive so don't say bye bye now. B... moreIn my place LG and HTC dead even though LG TVs dead. Sony still doing well with playstation and camera, but there TVs nope due to the bad software.

  • Anonymous

Boeing 747-400, 08 Oct 2019Sony and HTC have to come up with a plan to make a Strong c... moreHMD home of Nokia top brand lol.

  • Anonymous

LG, HTC and Sony good luck with phone business.

  • Anonymous

Bobby, 07 Oct 2019Bye bye HTC bye bye sony . I remember on 2013 when I tried ... moreHtc phones has some issue with touchscreen, there IPS one of the worst around compare to other IPS panels around, there phones has some random overheating issue don’t know if this HTC issue or snapdragon issue cause I noticed this issue even with mi9 snapdragon 855.

  • Anonymous

CEO, 08 Oct 2019HTC.... your CEO is stubborn. HTC Taiwan cant compete with ... moreGoogle.

AnonD-819322, 08 Oct 2019I despise glass/glossy plastic backs, the only reason is wi... moreGlossy plastic is the worst. I don't get why they insist on making it glossy. Plastic can be formed in any shape and texture, it requires basically same amount of work.
Who remembers Galaxy Note 3/4 faux leather plastic back? It was so grippy it was really hard to get the phone slip out of your hand.
But people will say plastic is not premium. Then why not replace it with real leather? That's premium and Huawei regularly makes some special editions with it, it looks really good.

I will be interested in buying a HTC phone with high end Snapdragon processor without the bells and whistles (like the Samsung Galaxy A90). And not interested in that squeeze gimmick or no physical buttons. Those two gimmicks prevented me from buying the HTC U12 or U11. Why fumble with those silly squeezes when I can just tap or hit a button? I want to buy a HTC phone because the other phones do not meet my requirements:
Samsung: don't like the curve display or edge screen and tall phones
Pixel: don't have micro-card SD expansion (very useful for crossing the border)
Sony: the latest phones are all tall and skinny phones, keyboard is smaller, harder to type
LG: Will buy LG V40 but is discontinued or sold out at B&H
Nokia: Nokia 9 has no micro-card SD expansion, Nokia 8 seems to be discontinued

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Love the Community, 08 Oct 2019Nokia 8 feels like real Nokia. Very durable, really nice 14... moreI could live with the bugs of my Nokia until it required monthly formatting... V-V

Ha ha...
They think they can resurrect their company by following Apple.

  • AnonD-819322

Bobby, 07 Oct 2019Bye bye HTC bye bye sony . I remember on 2013 when I tried ... moreSamsung's UI is still pretty bad bloatware-wise.

  • AnonD-819322

Yyyy, 08 Oct 2019I miss the time when I could toss my M8 anywhere without th... moreI despise glass/glossy plastic backs, the only reason is wireless charging. Manufacturers should make both metal and glass versions of their flagships, so people who value wireless charging get what they want, we'll get durability with a metal back.

  • Love the Community

acemang, 08 Oct 2019 my co-worker have a Nokia 8. I've and Htc u11, and i make ... moreNokia 8 feels like real Nokia. Very durable, really nice 1440p IPS LCD screen and typing seems normal at best. Even if it has bugs, I don't mind and I'll just accept and adapt. I'm not even gonna bother the bugs.

Well, 2 months ago, it was struck with a Ghost touch so strong that I became impatient on buying the RoG Phone 2 and instead grabbed the Tencent version of it. My fandom and wish for a complete flagship from HMD Nokia is dead.