HTC hasn't given up on its smartphone business, plans a comeback

07 October 2019
It will focus on releasing high-end devices.

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  • 08 Oct 2019

I miss the time when I could toss my M8 anywhere without the fear of breaking it. Now all phones come with fugly feminine glass back

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    • 08 Oct 2019

    HTC went downhill when they decided to follow the trend by getting rid of the 3.5mm jack and adopting the fugly glass back design. Basically gave up their best two features in audio quality and full metal industrial design

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      • 08 Oct 2019

      I own a U12+.
      Only battery and screen brightness are specs, i would like something more.
      The lack of support was the death stone for HTC.
      Please come back, but listen to consumers...

        TimApple, 08 Oct 2019I know right? I wish the manufacturers soon move on to 7"+ ... moreNo apparent reason? I'll give you one, that's crucial for all those complaining: one handed use. Can you use a 6.5" or bigger screen comfortably with one hand? I can't and that's why I don't want them.
        People only think that's bigger is better, because you can see more. Phones went to taller aspect ratios so it's still possible to hold them in one hand. But try using that giant screen with one hand only, I dare you to try, and not make some uncomfortable hand gymnastics. You simply can't.
        My "comfort zone" is everything below 6", but finding anything good at that size is almost impossible these days.

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          • 08 Oct 2019

          Sony and HTC have to come up with a plan to make a Strong comeback, like HMD, but better.

          If that happens within a few years, without a doubt in 5-6 years time they will be the top again, but by the time it happens, HMD is already at top 1 in the smartphone market.

            toukale, 07 Oct 2019If HTC devices were so good like some of you are saying, th... moreAgain, you are comparing Htc phones to crap oem brands. Htc went almost bankrupts because people like you that think it's the same. Htc marketing is the worst you can get. Huawei did it the right way, convincing everyone their phones are good. The only brands that can be compared to Htc phones are Apple, Samsung and Huawei and Sony to some extend. But really only Apple can compete in quality department. All flagships right now are all +1000$ so Htc can come back because they never could build cheap phones, since all major brands skyrocket their prices, Htc can comeback easy. My htc 10 is still brand new without a single mark or any signs of againg, without a case or glass protection. My htc u11 is in the same condition. Xiaomi can't practice their aggressive prices forever, here on the stores they opened they sell already +100€ more than on online shops. One plus, same, latest prices show they are very close to other premium brands. And those brands are really not competition to Htc devices. Only for kids that look at specs. Htc will not compete with those markets, if you are in one of them you can forget HTC. It will never be a huge brand like it was, but it will have it's niche clients. I'm only considering pixel phones because of the Htc legacy team. I'm only considering buying a new phone (pixel 4 or iphone 11pro) only because my girlfrinds cries a lot wanting my htc u11. it have an amazing camera even in today standards. It doesnt have 10 cameras that makes the score goes up. but what it does well. I prefer less and good that everything thing you can think about and do only ok, like most brands do. Only Apple do well in all fields.

              its sad to see HTC and Sony struggle in market.
              both used to be good and premium but dont know what stopping them to figure out their flaws.

                Love the Community, 07 Oct 2019Nokia 8 is a Grade A success to me. Ozo Microphones, Stella... more my co-worker have a Nokia 8. I've and Htc u11, and i make apps for a living, some times I ask his phone to test my apps, but every time i pick that phone i ask my self if this is real Nokia phone because it looks, crap, with crap screen quality, crap feel, worst typing experience and he cries a lot about little bugs that annoy him everyday. i doubt anyone with some cash in their pockets will repeat same mistake on buying a flagship Nokia again.

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                  • 08 Oct 2019

                  Have a great comeback HTC!!! I love your phones.

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                    • 08 Oct 2019

                    Bobby, 07 Oct 2019Bye bye HTC bye bye sony . I remember on 2013 when I tried ... moreHTC Sony and LG are still alive so don't say bye bye now. But competition is very strong. HTC may fail again and again.

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                      • 08 Oct 2019

                      hope they bring back the Flip-Clock widget

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                        • 08 Oct 2019

                        QC for HTC is horrible. First copy the wifi does not work. Second copy there is a huge area of dead pixels. How many copies does HTC want us to go through before we get a proper working phone?

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                          • 08 Oct 2019

                          HTC.... your CEO is stubborn. HTC Taiwan cant compete with Xiaomi, Huawei Of Mainland China. where did HTC find funds to be still making phones? Im really curious.

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                            • 08 Oct 2019

                            AdamBoy64, 08 Oct 2019When I think of HTC greats, I think of the Desire Z. What ... moreTrue.. a really really good phone.

                              Maybe if they release good valued devices with unique feature, ie $200 phone with decent IP rating or $200 phone with sd835/845 (yes, older SoC, but thats also mean its cheaper but still fast), or $200 with calibrated screen, HIGH QUALITY DAC, real stereo speaker, and 3.5mm jack

                              Btw, cheapest phone with sd835, 6/128 GB, is ratel phone, a failed to launched japanese phone, manufactured in korea, new but sold as ex-hand to avoid need of license, for $100 in indonesia. Quite a gamble but it runs all games on maxed or high with no dips

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                                • 08 Oct 2019

                                Pabliell, 07 Oct 20196.5"? Hell nah, we got plenty of those giants from China al... moreI know right? I wish the manufacturers soon move on to 7"+ devices. Note10+ at 6.8" and Nex 3 at 6.9" are almost there.
                                Bigger display is a better display and most people I've seen in real life share that sentiment. It's just that people online got so hung up at portable devices for no apparent reason.

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                                  • 08 Oct 2019

                                  HTC should release a phone with Vanilla Android or With a lite own customized Android version like Oxygen OS from OnePlus.
                                  And the price should be as low as possible to compete with other brands. Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and other companies offering more features at low price. Think about it HTC.
                                  Don’t compete with Apple and Samsung first. Compete with the Chinese brands by launching a flagship at affordable price. 👌🏽👍🏽

                                    When I think of HTC greats, I think of the Desire Z.
                                    What a device that was.

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                                      • 08 Oct 2019

                                      If HTC is planning a comeback by continuing their failing approach over the past decade or so, I have news for them.

                                        [deleted post]As I thought, you can't make an argument to countermine. If you can't put forth a good argument, then you start calling folks names.