Essential founder Andy Rubin shows tall and narrow upcoming phone with color shifting back

09 October 2019
It's one of the weirdest designs we've seen in a long time.

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  • s-pen pusher

Fayth, 09 Oct 2019all Sony's hater will be silenced in peaceno, not really. i bought the sony xperia 1 a few months ago because i wanted to see for myself about what they were saying with the 21:9 aspect ratio. yes, the screen was great because it was 4k, but the screen ratio is only good for social media or vertically scrolling apps, at least for my usage. i do not watch movies on my phone; i prefer to watch them on a proper tv screen. games are awful as well because, if you don't know it yet, game developers are still stuck on 16:9 aspect ratio and this makes the xperia 1 cut the bottom and top part of the games. i have since resold my xperia 1 and have had no regrets.

I think it won't have a keyboard except at times you need to enter things like passwords, pin code etc. Everything will be voice dictated. Cool. let's see.

How on Earth is this practical? How on Earth is it practical to watch video, type on or fit this thing in your pocket?

I see the next smartphone wars, with light saber smartphones.

  • Anonymous

Really hoped that this thing has an IR blaster to complete the look

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  • theStick

No comment...

This kinda seems like one of those "Nobody:" followed by "Essential:" moments. I found the original Essential phone to be pretty impressive and ahead of it's time so lets see what they come up with.

..... and about 7 people care.
The fact that this company is not already bankrupt is a miracle.

Looks like someone ran out of ideas and made this ,well good luck trying to keep up with the iphones and samsungs and onepluses and vivos ,lets see what that enique selling poit is

So this is what they come back with after years of silence ?
I hope they aren't serious and this is all just a marketing strategy.

  • Anonymous

No thanks I'm fine with my black remote controls at home

all Sony's hater will be silenced in peace

  • Anonymous

Chill out Andy, April is 5 months away

Everyone laughing at Sony's remote control phone.

Essential: Hold my beer.

  • adi

Just one question, WHY??

Just came across the wccftech comment section about that phone, someone posted that satire video about a tall iPhone. Hilarious .

When ex-founder of Android or a man with to much money in the pocket doesn't know on what to spend them, he is doing a weird phone which most likely nobody will buy.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen