US official: Licenses for companies wanting to trade with Huawei "coming soon"

04 November 2019
Over 260 US companies have applied for the trade licenses.

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  • 6wN
  • 04 Nov 2019

Threat? Security? Lol stop thinking about them unless you are a rich celebrity. Use you phone be it iPhone or Samsung or others without worrying too much. Because every company spies on you but use your phone normally as you do.

    When Google collects data and sell that data to the highest bidder,that's not a threat to a national security..absurd hipocricy

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      • 04 Nov 2019

      Kangal, 04 Nov 2019Best case scenario? China undergoes a major reform of laws... moreThere are companies in menlo park and mountain view doing the same. Pretty sure WW3 has not begin due to that

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        • 04 Nov 2019

        Harmony OS was a Tuuuuusssss!

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          • 04 Nov 2019

          Huawei should do all their best to bring back Google services to smart phones line up.only if they want to get more yields.

            Took long enough but finally, Google would lose a lot otherwise too.

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              • 04 Nov 2019

              Kangal, 04 Nov 2019Best case scenario? China undergoes a major reform of laws... moreJust listen to yourself, so the US isn't getting data from Google and others? You guys just hate China for no reason. I just wish China could get their own OS and other stuff and stop depending on the US, believe me they are working on something. Those guys are so smart

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                • 04 Nov 2019

                Kangal, 04 Nov 2019Best case scenario? China undergoes a major reform of laws... moreShh.... that’s not the anti-US, pro-China narrative that readers on this site like to hear.

                  So they wanna show us that world is need google so bad

                  We need more option, this is fakin ridiculous we only have 2 major os’s and all come from mamarica, propaganda!!

                    Best case scenario?
                    China undergoes a major reform of laws to allow its citizens and corporations to function independently of the ruling party. This means their government cannot seize Huawei's headquarters, instil staff members of their choosing, take data and information, or technology. And it cannot force Huawei to do certain actions it does not wish to participate in, such as spy on other countries. And it would mean that Huawei can license, lease and manufacture network equipment to the scrutiny and standards of its customers (other nations). Basically, you want each nation to have its own personal network infrastructure, so that they are not reliant on another nation or company, mainly for privacy and security reasons (but there are other good reasons as well).

                    Otherwise, none of this means anything.
                    Huawei can be on life-support from the Chinese economy, it can regain Google services, ARM chipset designs, and utilise American backed semi-conductor fabrications. They can be 100% functional and even start installing 5G Networks in North America and Europe. And things can look all fine and dandy. But that can change in an instant, when the Chinese ruling party decides to detain some employees, instil their own administrators, share their intellectual property, copy sensitive data and information, delete certain data and information, manipulate other data and information, and even allow traffic of its 5G Networks to their own infrastructure.

                    And if that happens, what are the implications?
                    Stock manipulations, trade secrets, high-level business deals, and unethical practices. Not to mention political collusion and military advantages. It's a slippery slope into ensuring a breakdown of relationships between China and other nations such as South Korea, Japan, Russia, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and practically all of Europe. Without exaggeration, it could be one of the pillars to start WW3.

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                      • Shui8
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                      • 04 Nov 2019

                      So license will approved if the first phase of trade deal goes smooth? So much about 'national security' concern eh?

                      If Google issue been lift up, I'm 100% sure my next phone will be Mate 40.

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                        • tVj
                        • 04 Nov 2019

                        At the end of the day, US just want more $$$

                          licenses are deception and everybody knows it, it will benefit only US companies to sell more, and Huawei will still be on entity list with all propaganda that comes with it.

                            It would be quite interesting if Google was one of those companies who are asking for this trade license and US govt. would grant them a permission to let Huawei use the Google Services again.

                              Can't come soon enough, they've produced some cracking good phones, only to be stifled by this ban.

                              I for one wouldn't mind having one, but without the Google stuff and android support I won't have one.

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                                • 04 Nov 2019

                                All because of Donals Chump his ego