US official: Licenses for companies wanting to trade with Huawei "coming soon"

04 November 2019
Over 260 US companies have applied for the trade licenses.

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PepperPot, 04 Nov 2019I'm happy about this because now everyone will know Huawei ... moreThey never really gave a damn about US market anyway since the end of 2017, why do you think that would matter for them now?

NotAnOpinion, 04 Nov 2019Do not get your hopes up. I know, just a wishful thinking. But it would be great if it actually happens.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2019No you didn't 'tell us' majority of people knew anyway Did not everyone knew this? OwO

I'm happy about this because now everyone will know Huawei will never outsell iPhone in America and if Huawei priced their phones similar to iPhone or if iPhone dropped their prices to match Huawei's, Huawei would barely sell anything.

Americans are vain. Their is nothing vain about owning a Huawei device. Their cameras aren't even top of the food chain anymore. Huawei doesn't have that brand presence. It's not an easy thing to come by. Ask Infiniti. They need to do something else to stand out and camera gimmicks and 5g infrastructure won't cut it for brand conscious Americans.

  • Anonymous

123, 04 Nov 2019told you :) soon mate30pro and all future phones will get ... moreNo you didn't 'tell us' majority of people knew anyway

  • 123

told you :)
soon mate30pro and all future phones will get again google services
and concour the mobile World :)
myslef want 5g mate30pro global version. best phone

Shui8, 04 Nov 2019So license will approved if the first phase of trade deal g... moreNon-telecom licenses will be restored. Huawei also buys furniture from the US.

  • six_tymes

gotta keep track of back doors somehow

Nick Tagataka, 04 Nov 2019It would be quite interesting if Google was one of those co... moreDo not get your hopes up.

I love reading US vs China comments and btw if Huawei gets Google it might become top smartphone company by the mid of 2021

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2019Says a lot about who is more reliant on who when "Over 260 ... moreLol so true, it just shows Trumpistan is a dictatorship.

Afra, 04 Nov 2019Harmony OS was a Tuuuuusssss!I would've loved to see a legitimate ecosystem, but I knew that Hongmeng OS was nothing more than a huge bluff and knee-jerk reaction. Why?

There are two major ecosystem competitors: Android and iOS. Where iOS has some shortcomings when it comes to features, software freedom, and anti-competitive practises. Android suffers from issues in privacy, security, and fragmentation. There is space in the market, and that space requires a third-runner to keep these two from getting worse, and actually innovating and competing.

So why hasn't the free market produced another third-runner to come and fill the vacancy? Well, because they lack in every fundamental category (hardware, software, partnership, financial). Before superphones like the iPhone 3GS and Google Nexus One, we had smartphones like the Nokia N95, Blackberry Torch, Palm Trio 750, and the HTC TyTN II. And it took actual innovation, software, partnerships, billions of dollars, and years until we saw an ecosystem rise such as iOS 3.0 or Android 2.1

On top of this, both iOS and Android managed to breakthrough that barrier, and setup new gold standard for an ecosystem in the form of Android 4.0.3 and iOS 7.1. There was a pretty good third-runner in the form of Windows10 Mobile, and has been the only other ecosystem to reach this level. However that ecosystem has been discontinued by MS, the major fault was that it was 5-7 years too late. And to make matters worse, the birth of Windows Phone came at the expense/death of the only other big ecosystem: OVI (Nokia's Symbian and Maemo).

And more impressive yet, the envelope was further elevated with better ecosystems in the form of Android 5.1 and iOS 11. We're still in this standard, as recent improvements have been much smaller than past improvements.

Yet, we will see an establishment of the modern ecosystem based on Android11 or Android12, and iOS14 or iOS15. That's when phones will advance a little bit further, and new features and interfaces will be properly baked in. That'll be in 2020 or 2021. So it's kind of impressive to see what Apple and Google have achieved. And there is no possible way for Huawei to craft a new ecosystem that rivals Android 4.0.3 (let alone better), and in the very limited time that they implied. It's definitely not possible to do so without using AOSP or maybe another existing (open ?) platform.

If you're interested, behind Apple the distant third-competitor in ecosystem is Sailfish OS. And that open-source ecosystem is literally stitched together from scraps. From Linux Distros/Ubuntu Mobile/openSUSE-ARM/Tizen/Aurora/Mer/Nemo/MeeGo/Maemo/Moblin/ KaiOS/FirefoxOS/webOS, and I would say there's some elements of QNX/BBX somewhere in there as well (at least, shared developers). The only way that this third-runner ecosystem is going to advance further up to the levels of Android 4.0.3 or Android 5.1 is with serious money, partnerships, and work. As a hypothetical:
One of the higher devs in SailOS Team wins the Super Lottery. They use the entire funds to combine hardware as good as the ASUS RoG Phone 2, with the software of SailOS 3.2 but with all major bugs and annoying minor bugs fixed. Partnerships with other service companies was forged to include inside the new device. And the entire hardware, software, and ecosystem was thrown a fresh coat of paint and rebranded. Example; 2020 Colt Phone Zero, running the new ZerOS, and opening Apps like Zero Browser "Powered by Firefox". Other partnered services include: DuckDuckGo Search, Firefox Browser, OpenMaps navigation, VLC player, LibreOffice suite, Proton emails, Singal messages, Diaspora network, OwnCloud storage, Vimeo videos, Lutris games, etc etc. These service partnerships (and others) need to come from private, secure, and open-source origins, and be physically located in a neutral nation (like Switzerland, unlike North Korea). And after all that work, effort, rebranding, partnerships, and money spent... that could barely stand competing against Android or iOS phones in the market. So Huawei alone is an even less possibility to achieve that within the narrow timeframe. Though I suspect they will open a new shell-company like Honor, which will start developing on a Fork of Android like Amazon (or Nokia X), since Huawei themselves aren't allowed (Acer = Aliyun/YunOS/AliOS) to do that since Huawei signed the OHA contract back in 2009.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Nrlastest, 04 Nov 2019So if Huawei is coming back with all things, we can say bye... moreSamsung is still doing good, not seeing them go away anytime soon... Apple I see maybe in the future being forced to adopt Android if their user base keeps going down hill and more people convert! :S

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Dolanescu, 04 Nov 2019US Su**ks... but you disparate pray for google services... ... moreGoogle services is only required due to corporate greed... If the market was truthfully free more phones would come with Amazon, Blackberry or Microsoft services and less or even no Google ones... Due to how Google used their corporate might to crush all competitors we are now stuck with Google or Apple choice which is to be fair quite shit since both spy on their users!

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Took them long enough...

So if Huawei is coming back with all things, we can say bye bye Samsung, bye bye apple

  • Anonymous

Says a lot about who is more reliant on who when "Over 260 companies" have to pressure their own government to allow them to trade.

[deleted post]US Su**ks... but you disparate pray for google services...
How is this? Can you humiliate yourself and explain? :)))

Jobaz, 04 Nov 2019Just listen to yourself, so the US isn't getting data from ... moreDid I ever say it was good when USA does it?
I don't think you read my comment at all.

I'm not pro-USA or anti-China, and I don't live in either country. However, you have to realise that the world is more connected than ever before. So who controls the information can be in a place of power. Data isn't necessarily information, but I digress. I understand the need for bodies like the NSA or CIA, but there is a limit to how much the government spies on its own citizen, and how much it can spy on other nations citizens. So I'm calling out the likes of Cisco for doing the same thing as Huawei, two wrongs don't make a right.

Would you not wish that China surrendered their power to control companies?
So that companies can be independent, and they can do business freely, the way that most businesses are able to in the Western nations? To think otherwise seems either shortsighted or simply a cruel deal against Huawei's longterm prospects.

I hope Google services will be available for Huawei when Google will be available in China!
Only this is a fair deal!